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Dear friend of the Foundation,


To mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Children's Cancer Foundation is proud to announce that together with our charity partners we have committed more than $8.7 million in project funding through to 2024. This includes $1.3 million for a series of neuroblastoma clinical trials for children across Australia and linked translational studies for high-risk neuroblastoma.


We continue to fund essential in-hospital and family support programs, such as the Beaded Journey, art and music therapy and family counselling, as well as investing in a broad range of research projects that will ultimately improve and save the lives of children with cancer.


I encourage you to get involved and support children with cancer during September by raising awareness, hosting a fundraiser or donating to the Foundation.


Thank you for your support.


Aileen Boyd-Squires

Chief Executive

From One Parent to Another

"Whoa! What just happened? One minute you are in the middle of daily life, the next your child has been diagnosed with cancer." – Heather


Heather has three beautiful daughters – Zahra, Neve and Mia. In December 2014, Mia was diagnosed with Wilms' tumour. She was just two-and-a-half years old.


Now almost four years into their cancer journey, Heather has some advice for those navigating the days, weeks and months after a diagnosis. From one parent to another. Read more

Targeting Brain Cancers

Research funded by the Children’s Cancer Foundation has greatly increased understanding of the genetic changes that cause childhood brain cancers.


Advances in knowledge about specific tumours, have enabled researchers to suggest targeted treatment options to clinicians in real-time. Read more

To Our Supporters

We are astounded by the generosity of our community, from the individuals that go above and beyond to fundraise for the Foundation to the unwavering support we receive from our corporate partners. Thank you to all those who made our two recent fundraisers such a great success: The Million Dollar Lunch raised more than $2.5 million and our Run Melbourne team of 24 runners raised more than $30,000.

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