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Welcome to the February edition of Evolve

Dear Coaches and Officials,

A major announcement this month was the extension of the reaccreditation period for all EA NCAS Coaches and NOAS Officials from two years to three. This change was prompted by member feedback requesting a more generous period for coaches and officials to complete their compulsory updates. It also brings EA into line with several other sports which use the NCAS and NOAS system. To find out what this means for you please visit the EA website

Until next month,

Gina Haddad,

Education Manager, Equestrian Australia

Reaccreditation period for coaches and officials extended

Equestrian Australia (EA) is pleased to announce the reaccreditation period for NCAS coaches and NOAS officials has been extended from two years to three. MORE Facebook Like ButtonTweet Button

Free Jumping Clinic and Werner Deeg Master Class

Members of all states are welcome to attend the FREE event. Visit the EA website to download an information pack.

2015 Coach Educator Sessions

The first Coach Educator Course for 2015 has been held in Adelaide with 12 candidates completing the two day course. A CE and SSTA (Skills Specific Training & Assessor) Course will be held in each state throughout 2015. Remaining 2015 course dates are available HERE Facebook Like ButtonTweet Button

FEI Refresher Course for Jumping Course Designers

An FEI Refresher Seminar will be held for Course Designers in Sydney from 10-12 April 2015.

The course will be hosted by FEI 4* Course Designers Werner Deeg (GER) and John Vallance (AUS) and will run in conjunction with the free jumping clinic hosted by Equestrian New South Wales. MORE Facebook Like ButtonTweet Button

Happy hooves, happy horse

We have all heard the old proverb “No hoof – No horse” and this statement could not be more accurate for today’s horse. Just like the skin, the appearance and integrity of the hoof is a reflection of the health, environment and nutritional state of the horse. MORE Facebook Like ButtonTweet Button

FEI Eventing Officials & Stewards Course

EA will be conducting an FEI Eventing Officials Course and an FEI Stewards Course in conjunction with the Melbourne International Horse Trials from 5-8th  June 2015. Eric Winter (GBR) has been appointed as the overall Course Director. The Eventing Officials course will be open for Eventing Course Designers, Technical Delegates and Dressage Judges. The Eventing Stewards Course will be open to National Eventing Stewards seeking promotion to FEI level 1 Eventing Steward, level 1 steward seeking transfer to level 2, and for FEI level 2 Eventing Steward for continuing their education MORE Facebook Like ButtonTweet Button

FEI Vaulting Stewards Course

EA will be hosting an FEI Vaulting Stewards Course on the 23rd – 25th  April in Sydney (NSW). The course, conducted by Frank Spadinger (AUT) is for promotion to FEI Level 1 and a refresher for existing FEI Level 1 and 2 Vaulting Stewards. Observers eg. Coaches and Event Organisers for professional development are welcome to attend. For more information click HERE Facebook Like ButtonTweet Button

Equestrian Australia thanks its program partners and national sponsors