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Equestrian WA

July 2, 2020

Equestrian WA’s Plan for EA’s Voluntary Administration

As communicated previously, Equestrian WA (EWA) together with the other States and Territories have proposed a united plan to identify the best structure for the Sport following administration, but what does this mean now?

  • The EWA Board requires the support of EWA members to ensure that Equestrian Australia (EA) restructure is needed for the best long term future which provides the best support of services needed for all.
  • EWA wants and has wanted for some time to change the operations of EA and the sports structure, and we now have the opportunity to do so, but a new whole of sport structure cannot be modelled in 21 days. We believe a time frame of 12 months is realistic.
  • Why 12 months, time is required to properly learn what the members, clubs, officials and coaches at all levels expect and need from EA and the State Branches. This requires a structured engagement with the membership.
  • Once services are identified, they need to be fully costed to ensure that any restructure is more efficient and provides the service members require.
  • The need to engage with the Departments of Sport in each State, EWA is very fortunate to receive $180,000pa from the Department of Local Government and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) to manage the sport in WA, if a National centralised structure is introduced this grant is at serious risk. So time is required to establish a model that maintains access to State Funding.
  • EWA has been invited to be part of a Sport reform project organised by DLGSC that includes 11 sports, SportWest and Sport Australia to share knowledge and offer support on sport reform. This project was the result of National sport restructures resulting in significate problems with WA Sporting organisation.
  • EWA operates the State Equestrian Centre (SEC), so the operating structure for the SEC would also need to be considered in any sport restructure.
  • WA, SA and TAS have a much smaller number of members compared to NSW, QLD and VIC; therefore, we must be all sufficiently represented in any national model.
  • The EWA individual discipline competitors are also minimal in number compared to other states, and we run the risk of being lost in a restructuring.
  • At the end of any reform process, constitutional changes will most likely be required. This also takes time.
  • EWA sports committees collect and distribute levies for each of our sports; this is a WA initiative and might be at risk.

Some observations of the current situation with EA:

  • EA was placed in administration by the EA Board this will incur enormous costs already over $220,000 at the end of June, this is members money that should have been spent on members, not the voluntary administrator.
  • The current system is democratic, members elect all State branch boards, and when the Branches vote on EA matters, the Board discuss and vote according to what they see as the best outcome for their members.
  • The State CEOs all work closely together and meet at least monthly to ensure alignment, shared knowledge and resources occur wherever practical.
  • In the past two years is has been the EA Board that that has been dysfunctional through individual Board members failing to be able to work together leading to resignations, the Branches have not been privy to the Board minutes or issues in recent times. They, therefore, have been unable to assist in dealing with the problems.
  • The EA Board placed EA in voluntary administration, so it appears strange that some suggest that the State branches are replaced by a more powerful EA when it is their dysfunction that has caused the problem and their practices that caused to the removal of Sport Australia funding.
  • EWA has elections for our Sport committees, Coaching committee and the Board, and we are representative and functional as are the other states.
  • Any restructure that is proposed in a short period would only represent the loudest and most vocal, we would like to ensure all have an opportunity to participate in reform.

Change at EA is required, and we need to identify what is broken and how best to fix it in a considered manner the EWA Board requires your support to ensure we can emerge with a better EA.

Chief Executive Officer

Equestrian Western Australia Inc.





The Board of Equestrian WA is committed to being an active party in the review of Equestrian Australia structure and is working hard to establish a strong consultative process that enables all of our members to be involved.

All State Branches have been trying to initiate such a review for some years, and we are very disappointed that the EA Board has been unable to focus on and work with us to achieve such a change.

Legally trained members of State Branch Boards have expressed concern about the process instigated by EA to place it in voluntary administration, and we are cautious of adding to the cost to members of the process by challenging it.

This letter from the Equestrian Tasmania Board to its members summarises the situation and concerns of the Board of EWA and others – please take the time to read it and should you have any questions or comments please direct them to me via the CEO email address



Volunteer-run club canteens only serving takeaway food are not required to undertake this mandatory training outlined in the State of Emergency Direction (unless sit down service is provided). This will hopefully assist clubs in getting back up and running, and ensure volunteers, who are more important than ever to our clubs, can get straight back into their roles. That said – anyone interested in completing the course is welcome to do so, and this has been provided by the State Government free of charge.

With the latest easing of restrictions in Phase 4 by the WA Government, we have now reviewed and updated the following documents to support the gradual restart of the equestrian activities in WA.

We all want to get back to normal life as soon as possible. Ensuring our members, their friends and families remain safe and prepared is critical to achieving this.

One of the ways we can all play our part is to get the Australian Government's COVIDSafe app. While downloading the app is entirely voluntary, it has been highly recommended by both the Australian and WA Governments to assist our health professionals and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Equestrian WA is encouraging all members to consider downloading the app to help keep our community safer.

Off the Track WA - 09 and 10 July Educational Clinic

This school holiday clinic will be held on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 July at the State Equestrian Centre and is open to any rider with an off the track horse.

Entries are now open via the link below. Please note it is ONE cross country round per horse per day and you will need to enter the Thursday and Friday classes separately.




Our in-house cafe are coming out of hibernation and will be re-opening on Saturday 4th July, 9 am- 3 pm with new items on their menu! 


Dear Equestrian Western Australia members & State Equestrian Centre patrons,

We hear that there are a lot of questions that you have in regards to the State Equestrian Centre (SEC). You may have heard of the redevelopment proposal. Still, you might not have an understanding of how the centre works currently and how it may work in the future. You might have concerns about the maintenance of the property, and how it is used by riders such as yourself. You might be concerned about how the Equestrian Australia (EA) current situation affects the future of the SEC and the grounds.

Equestrian WA (EWA) is preparing a document of Frequently Asked Questions to be available shortly for all members and non-members who are interested in the future of the SEC.

If you would like to ask a question that you feel is of interest to the equestrian community to be answered, please click the link and submit your question there.



The State Equestrian Centre's "Park and Ride" facility will be open from Saturday, 27 June 2020 onwards. However, you are required to make a booking and also pay a small fee of $7.50. The fees charged are to use cover the essential costs of ground clean-up and maintenance for you and your horses' safety and comfort. Please note that the State Equestrian Centre grounds are not a public area as it a leased to Equestrian WA with full legal rights as the lessee by the CoS; therefore if you are caught riding without a booking on the grounds, you will be asked to leave immediately as you are trespassing on private property.



EA Offical Top Up Insurance for 2020/21 is now OPEN!

Do you require Officials Top-Up Insurance?

If you earn an income for officiating or officiate at non EA affiliated events, then yes, you should consider this.

This benefit to your Equestrian Australia Official affiliation, allows you to take out additional insurance which will cover you for:

  • Personal Accident;
  • Public & Products Liability; and
  • Professional Indemnity
    Whilst undertaking duties as an equestrian Official under your EA accreditation whilst you are earning an income or at non-affiliated events. Simply put, earning an income means you receive a payment for your services as an Official (Judge or Course Designer).

Click here to read more



From 1 July 2020, ASADA will cease to exist as an organisation and will merge into Sport Integrity Australia – this new agency will become Australia’s National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO).

Given this change, Equestrian Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy will be updated to ensure the anti-doping operations of Sport Integrity Australia are recognised.

To ensure that Sport Integrity Australia is the recognised entity for the current anti-doping policy from 1 July 2020, the attached variation document has been adopted and approved to replace all references to ASADA with references to Sport Integrity Australia.

To find out more click here



We are pleased to confirm that Public and Products Liability and Personal Accident insurance for individual members has been renewed from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

Under the Liability cover, EA members are insured for up to $20,000,000 at all times whilst engaged in non-income earning equestrian activities including your legal liability to compensate third parties for personal injury or property damage. An excess of $2,500 applies to each and every claim arising from third party property damage.

The insurance is effective at the point your State Branch confirms your membership details and payment.

The Personal Accident cover provides protection 24 hours, 7 days a week in respect of all hazards which a member is exposed to whilst engaged in non-income earning equestrian activities, excluding travel to and from such activities except for travel directly to and from events and club activities where that club holds the EA Club Insurance.

Click here to read full article



We are pleased to announce that 2020/21 EA Club Insurance Renewals will open Monday 29 June 2020.

As this is a very short timeframe to re-renew your Club insurance, we can confirm that until 31 July 2020, insurance coverage is included for all Clubs currently insured through the EA insurance program. Please note, if a Club has not renewed by 31 July, they will no longer be an insured Club.

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This guideline aims to provide an operational framework to support members, in facilitating a healthy and safe return to all equestrian activities as soon as reasonably practical. A resumption of various equestrian activities will be in accordance with Australian and International regulatory requirements, along with Equestrian Australia (EA’s) COVID-19 Risk Response and Recovery Plan 2020 (18.05.2020). All of these processes have been developed with the best interests of all participants, their families and communities in mind.

‘Complacency and simply not disclosing any illness are the key factors likely to disrupt our sport. Remember, the spread of COVID-19 is preventable, provided we all take responsibility and be accountable for our own actions’.

The guideline can be found on our dedicated COVID-19 page.



EA Coach registration for 2020/21 is now OPEN!

To register, please visit MyEA.

All current accredited EA coaches will have received an email with detail of the 2020/21 registration process, what’s new, what to expect in 2020/21 and a review of the year that was.

If you have any questions, please contact the EA office on



We are pleased to announce that 2020/21 EA Coach registration will open Monday 29 June 2020.

We understand that this is a very short time frame to re-renew your coach accreditation so we will be extending all current coach registrations to 31 July 2020 – this includes extending insurance cover for all coaches who are insured through the EA Coach Insurance Program. Please note, if a coach has not registered by 31 July, they will no longer be an insured, accredited EA coach.

Click here to read full article




The Show Horse WA Committee is pleased to announce the Judges’ Panel for the 2020 HORSE OF THE YEAR on SEPTEMBER 12/13.


These judges were randomly selected by the Equestrian Australia National office.

Workouts for the following classes are now available!

Please note that camping facilities can also be booked via the booking link too.






The EA Dressage Committee (EADC) and Equestrian Australia (EA) wishes to notify our members that the continuing COVID19 pandemic has led us to confirm the cancellation of the 2020 Australian Dressage Championships.

The EADC would like to thank the keen, hard-working volunteers who have put in so much effort over the past months to revive the event. We set a deadline of end of June, however we always knew the challenge they were facing might prove too much, and we know you will understand and thank them as well.

Read more here





As of the 1st July EA Jumping Rules will follow FEI Jumping Rules per hind boots, saddlery and spurs.

There is a short video available which has been made by Horse Sport Ireland which can be seen HERE , it clearly explains hind boots and spurs allowed or not allowed now and next year which is also applicable for all EA competitions.



Thursday 9th July 2020, 7 pm.

If you wish to attend, send your RSVPs to Amy Kippin at





Information about the SPRING CHALLENGE will be released in the coming weeks. To stay up to date, make sure you click GOING on the event page on Facebook!


The Spring ARCA Challenge, hosted by Brookleigh ARC, IS still going ahead! Held on the 18th October, it's time to re-learn those dressage tests and dust off your CD player for the Freestyles, Pas De Deux and Quadrille! More information to come, so keep an eye on our Facebook page.


  • 16 August - Moora Horsemens Association - Dressage and Showjumping Training Day
  • 6 September - Gidgegannup Equestrian Association - Showjumping Day

EWA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Sport and LotteryWest.

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