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Introducing Calvary Supplier Central

As part of our efforts to streamline supply chain activity, Calvary is changing the way we engage with suppliers.

What is Calvary Supplier Central?

Calvary Supplier Central is an online portal which will replace paper based vendor on-boarding and supplier management processes.

The new portal allows suppliers to share company information with us so that the turnaround time for vendor approvals will be quicker.

Switching to Calvary Supplier Central will enable Calvary to conduct business with our suppliers in a more efficient way by allowing us to have access to up-to-date information regarding your key contact details, the products and services that you provide or any documents required for risk management and compliance purposes.

Calvary Supplier Central will allow you to manage critical documentation such as insurance certificates of currency, police checks and other information which we currently collect from you manually via email and verbal requests. Adopting this self-managed processes will generate efficiencies for both you and us.

What are the benefits fo you?

There are a number of benefits we see for suppliers, which include:

  • Contemporaneous and centralised system – documents will only need to be provided to Calvary once, instead of providing them separately when you transact with each Calvary facility
  • Calvary staff will have access to up-to-date information regarding suppliers’ key contacts, products and services provided and documents required for risk management and compliance
  • Better, more efficient communication with Calvary
  • Reminders for when renewal of compliance certificates, licenses or insurance policies are due will be sent out through this portal

When will I be able to use Calvary Supplier Central?

In Stage One, we will open up the portal to all suppliers who currently hold contracts with Calvary across either the hospital, aged care, community or National business units.

In this first stage, we will only ask you to validate and add your business information (company name, ABN, address, key contact details and email addresses) as well as to upload the following documents:

  • Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (if applicable)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • National Police Check (where required)

Further details on the timing and content of additional stages of release will be provided in the coming months.

What else will Calvary Supplier Central deliver?

Calvary Supplier Central is a fully automated solution for managing supplier compliance and e-sourcing. In the coming months, the portal will:

  • Act as a repository of all documents and correspondence relevant to contracts
  • Enable you to update your key business information such as banking details, registered business address, key contacts, etc.
  • Enable us to on-board new suppliers electronically, including subsidiaries of your company where applicable
  • Allow automated electronic quoting and tendering for low to medium value procurement activities
  • Communicate requirements for working at Calvary and other relevant information for doing business with us in a more seamless fashion

What are the next steps?

Within 24 hours of receiving this email, you will receive an email from do.not.reply@decisionmax.com.au with your login details.

Please refer to the attached Calvary Supplier Registration process which provides instructions on how to access the platform and complete your registration.

Should you have any questions, you can visit our website page at www.calvaryprocurement.org.au  or you may email the National Procurement Team at nationalprocurement@calvarycare.org.au with details of your enquiry and one of our team will be in touch.

W | www.calvaryprocurement.org.au

E | nationalprocurement@calvarycare.org.au


Kind regards,

Corey Bessi | Head of Procurement