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Due to an unforeseen technical issue Pioneer Midweek was not sent out yesterday. Thankfully the problem has been resolved and we bring to you this week's e-Letter!  


Share Your Faith

Have you ever wanted to learn how to share your faith? Sharing my faith has been one of life’s best experiences. A few years ago, I was flying to Houston, Texas for my mother’s brain surgery. An older man sitting next to me on my flight started to make friendly conversation, one question led to another, and I began to share some of my story.

As I was getting off the plane a beautiful woman in a suit came up to me and told me that she heard my story and asked if I would like to catch a cab with her. In our 30-minute cab ride she shared that she was a Christian too and began to share about her relationship with her husband, their marital issues, and about their two boys. She told me that hearing my story encouraged her and that it reminded her that God is with her through this difficult time. She was the leading heart surgeon at MD Anderson and was flying back from being on Good Morning America.

God used my faith and story in an unexpected way. He wants to do that with each of us. This next weekend we will be having an event on how to share your faith and give bible studies on September 18th to the 20th.

  • The event begins on Friday and the food line opens at 4:30p.m., the seminar is 5-7p.m.
  • Saturday 3-5p.m.
  • Sunday, food line opens at 9:30a.m., and the outreach is at 10a.m.-12p.m

We will discuss how to share your story, how to have meaningful spiritual conversations, share Jesus, and give dynamic Bible studies. I believe you will be blessed by coming. To register, go to or call (269) 471-3543For more information contact Tabitha Umali at or call (269)-340-2031

by Tabitha Umali, Bible Worker Coordinator


R U A Refugee?

How do you steel yourself against the heart-rending refugee photographs that now wall-paper cyberspace? The lifeless body of 3 year old Alan Kurdi, lying face down in the wet sand, drowned along with his mother and brother in a desperate effort to cross the sea in a dinghy in order to flee the bloody Syrian mayhem. The emaciated Middle-eastern and North African men, women and children walking for miles and miles only to cling to a razor-edged chain-link fence hastily erected by Hungary to stem the massive overflow of fleeing refugees into their country. A nameless boy, sobbing loudly as he and his mother try to run from pursuing border guards, the only English the boy can sob, “Please, please, please.” . . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor

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