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Food Crowdfunding: From Acorn Crackers to a Food Museum
Crowdfunding is the go-to way for burgeoning food projects to test market viability, raise capital and cultivate loyalty. Here's our latest roundup of super innovative campaigns. 

How to Have a 100-Mile Thanksgiving [Infographic]
Sustainable America's graphic is full of tips to help you source local ingredients, minimize food waste and lower the carbon footprint of your Thanksgiving feast.

Lessons Learned from a Failed Food Tech Startup, Eric Schmidt Supports AgTech Startups + More
All of last week's juiciest food tech news and innovation stories in one nifty roundup.

Startup Resources

Inside the Mind of a Venture Capitalist - The Harbus
Simon Rothman, partner at Greylock, reveals his investment philosophy and discusses his investment in the delivery startup Sprig. 

Crowdfooding Launches to Help Match Food-focused Startups to Investors - Mobihealthnews
The service has created a database of accredited investors who have funded different types of food companies. 

The New Food Revolution is Open - Opensource.com
A movement of practitioners is emerging who are applying open source philosophy to food systems work.

Launched: The UK’s Generation of Food Entrée-preneurs - Bdaily 
The team behind Partridges and Shepherds Markets launched Startisans, a virtual and physical marketplace for food entrepreneurs. 


What to Expect from Food in 2015 - Supermarket News
Phil Lempert catalogs the biggest food retail trends of 2015, including the expansion of online grocery, the rise of fermented foods and the proliferation of nutrition labels. 

SPUD Offers Another Source of Organic Groceries Delivered to You - Edmonton Journal
Spud stands for Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery. The company carries all organic products, some local, most not, and nothing GMO

Online Grocers are Cashing in on India’s E-commerce Boom - Firstpost
More Indians are shopping for groceries online, helping e-tailers turn in profits while supermarkets are struggling.


Hampton Creek’s Data Scientists Team Up with Chefs to Find the Holy Grail of Plant Proteins - VentureBeat
An inside look at the startup's process for figuring out what could form the basis of a vegan equivalent of an egg.

Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs to Watch: From Bulgarian Yogurt and ‘Other Bean Hummus’ to Coffee Leaf Tea - FoodNavigator
FoodNavigator's latest roundup of standout food entrepreneurs. 


Fluc Raises $2.3 Million To Improve The Logistics Of Food Delivery In More Markets - TechCrunch
The funding came from Sherpa Ventures, WI Harper, Charlie Cheever and other angels and will be used to expand Fluc into new markets. 

Feastly, A Marketplace For Dining Experiences, Raises $1.25M - TechCrunch
The new seed round comes from The Westly Group. 

A Salad Chain’s Surprise Ingredient: Tech Money - The New York Times
Why is a venture capital firm led by online pioneers backing a farm-to-table salad chain?

Las Vegas Startup Lets You Buy Someone a Drink from Anywhere with Internet Connection - Vegas Inc
Download “It’s On Me” to your iPhone or iPad and you can instantly buy a friend food or drinks from your favorite joints in Las Vegas.

The Latest in Foodservice Tech: Robotic Bartenders - Nation's Restaurant News
Royal Caribbean’s new “smart” cruise ship features a Bionic Bar with robotic bartenders powered by technology company Makr Shakr.

Indonesia Restaurant Booking Platform Qraved Raises Another $1.3 Million, Will Launch in Bali - TechinAsia
The round was led by Convergence Accel and M&Y Growth Partners and will go towards accelerating expansion and product development.

Goldman Leads Group Investing in South Korean Online Food Service - Yahoo
Goldman invested 40 billion won into Woowa Brothers Corp, the country's largest online ordering service.

Restaurant Guide Zomato Launches Mobile Ads And Prepares To Move Into Payments - TechCrunch
Mobile accounts for more than half of the 30 million monthly visits it sees – that makes this move (potentially) very significant.


How Young Entrepreneurs are Innovating in Agriculture - The News Hub
From farming and online fruit and vegetable shops to apps and other tools for environmental sustainability, Italy's agriculture scene is seeing tremendous innovation. 

High-tech Farming Poised to Change the Way the World Eats - Mercury News
Silicon Valley is pushing its way into food production, from tech tycoons buying up farmland to startups selling field robots. 

Israeli Startup Moving U.S. HQ to St. Louis - St. Louis Business Journal
Kaiima Bio-Agritech's move is part of BioSTL's quest to lure more Israeli startups to the city as part of a new initiative called the St. Louis-Israel Innovation Connection. 

Food Diagnostics Company Sample6 Raises $2.5M - AgFunder
The funding came from founder and board member Tim Lu. The startup hopes to change the way the food industry tests for harmful bacteria in our food supply. 


FDA calorie-count Rules Force Changes from Grocers to Pizzerias - Chicago Tribune
New calorie count regulations will require more American businesses to post calorie information alongside most menu offerings. 

Data Mining Study Identifies Twitter as Lifeline for People with Coeliac Disease - Medical Express
A PhD student has used big data mining techniques to reveal a previously unobserved online network of people with the disease. 


The Downside of Eating Too Locally - The New York Times
A deep dive into why we also need to build strategic partnerships between affluent urban consumers and rural producers in low-income areas.

Google's latest: A Spoon That Steadies Tremors - SF Gate
The Liftware spoon senses how a hand is shaking and makes instant adjustments. In trials, it reduced shaking by an average of 76%.

The Backed Pack: A Smart Oven, a Finding Device, & a Sonic Wine Decanter - VentureBeat
Backerjack's run down of some of the most successful gadget crowdfunding campaigns. 

​The Future of Food: Crushed Bugs, Chemical Elixirs and Apps - CBS
What is the "next course" for humankind? A glass of a nutrition drink called "Soylent"? Along with some freeze-dried ice cream like the astronauts eat for dessert?

Simon Community App to Help Homeless Find Shelter and Food - BBC
A new smartphone app to help homeless people find hostels and food banks is being launched by Northern Ireland homeless charity. 


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