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Read all about it in this issue:

  • New phone options to make life easier
  • Bp Allied Version 7 ‘s imminent release
  • Contribute to our Allied Health strategy
  • Bp VIP.net for Ophthalmologists
  • Bp Premier Support News
  • Get the most out of Bp Premier with our Classroom sessions
  • Bp Premier Summit 2020 bookings opening soon

“Thank you for calling Best Practice Software”

When you phone Best Practice from next Monday (9th September) you’ll notice some changes designed to get you to the right person quickly and easily.

In Australia, the new Interactive Voice Response recording will begin by asking if you would like to speak to someone in:

  • Software Support (Option 1)
  • Sales and General Enquiries (Option 2)
  • Product Training (Option 3)
  • Commercial Partnership (Option 4)

If you choose Option 1 (Software Support) or Option 2 (Sales and General Enquiries) you will be asked which product you use:

  • Bp Premier (Option 1)
  • Bp Allied (Option 2)
  • Bp VIP.net (Option 3)
  • VIP Gold (Option 4)

If you’re phoning for Software Support, further options will include whether you are calling regarding:

  • an existing enquiry (Option 1)
  • or new enquiry (Option 2).

Further options for Sales and General Enquiries will include whether you are:

  • an existing customer (Option 1)
  • or interested in finding out more the product (Option 2).

If you choose Option 3 (Product Training) or Option 4 (Commercial Partnerships) it will go straight through to someone who can help you.

Similar options will be available for our New Zealand callers.

Please keep this handy and distribute to any of your team members who call us.

Bp Allied Version 7 News

For all users of Bp Allied

Best Practice Software’s allied health software, Bp Allied, new release, Version 7, is undergoing final testing.

Bp Allied Version 7 showcases many new features for allied health professionals – from sole practitioners through to large multi-discipline or multi-location Allied Health Practices.

Bp’s General Manager Innovation and Development John Rayfield said there were many new features designed to improve Practice efficiencies and workflows to provide better experiences for both practices and their clients. 

“With a focus on integration with industry vendors, we have also built an integration with Physitrack” John said. “Physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, podiatrists and other related disciplines will be able to access video-based physical prescription and education information which can be sent directly to clients’ computers or smart phones” added John.

For larger practices, we have introduced “appointment book groupings”.  “Practices will now have the ability to group practitioner calendars by location or specialty or whatever grouping is going to work for them to manage bookings efficiently” added John.

Major features of Bp Allied Version 7

  • Physitrack integration provides access to video-based physical prescription and education information, which can be sent straight to clients’ computer or smartphone. Ideal for Physios, Exercise Physiologists + more
  • Appointment book groupings: group practitioner calendars, by location or speciality or any other grouping
  • Referrals management: now caters for indefinite referrals and also provides warnings for duration based referrals.
  • Email templates: the ability to create email templates to use when sending letters and invoices.

Bp Allied Version 7 is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Contribute your voice to our Allied Health strategy

Are you a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or a similar Allied Health discipline? Do you want to help shape our future?

You might have heard about our new generation cloud product currently under development.  Providing an exceptional solution for Allied health Practices is a major milestone on our path to General Practice and Specialist products. 

Your input will be critical as we look to incorporate all the best elements from our current family of products as well as the latest technologies.

Our team is well under way and we are looking for our Allied health customers to get involved to help shape the product as we build it.

We are interested in your thoughts on what information you collect and how this information should be presented in your workflows.  Currently we are looking to engage with the “Physical disciplines” e.g. Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Exercise Physiology, Chiropractic, Massage and other forms of body work.

We have created a short survey that we’d really appreciate you taking the time to fill out. While you can remain anonymous, it would be helpful if you could include your name and email, particularly if you have additional or different information requirements that need clarification.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback in our survey here. We really appreciate it!

Bp VIP.net News

Here’s what our valued customers say

“Our upgrade to Ruby was well supported by Best Practice with access to Masterclass video presentations and documentation focusing on areas that had significant changes.  All staff reviewed these prior to the upgrade focusing on the areas that would affect them the most.   A target date was set and the upgrade was a seamless process.  The changes improved many areas within the program, particularly in the financials with invoice numbering capturing modifications and redirections.   Our practice upgraded to Ruby in July 2018 and have not regretted moving forward with this upgrade”.

Jennie Rossetto - Practice Manager
Launceston Eye Institute

We love to hear from existing users, especially those who have upgraded to Ruby SP1 and are enjoying the significant performance improvements and further enhancements.

We also love to hear from those who are looking to streamline their Practice.

If you’re an Ophthalmologist looking for Practice Management Software that will benefit your Practice, we’d love to talk to you. Email us soon and we can go through the process and how we can assist you all the way. 

Bp Premier Support News

For Australian Users of Bp Premier

On 23rd November 2018, a notification was sent to our customers advising of potential errors being generated for limited report types. In essence the notification covered 2 scenarios in which these errors can be generated and subsequent steps that can be taken to minimise the generation of said errors.

We would like to take this opportunity to provide a refresher on the issues, an update regarding resolution of these issues and appropriate next steps that our customers can take.

Potential Issue 1:

This applies to users of Bp Premier on all versions from Lava up to and including Jade.

Users may experience issue with duplicate payments showing on payment reports if multiple people perform a ‘Check for Payments’ simultaneously or if a user double clicks rather than single clicking on the 'Check for Payments' button.

Potential Issue 2:

This applies to users of Bp Premier on Lava and Indigo.

Users may experience an error (Subquery returned more than 1 value) when running Services - By Account Type (Grouped by item) Reports and similar reports.

This error may be caused by performing multiple service adjustments within Online claiming. This issue can occur when a Medicare item has been adjusted or resent multiple times, and a batch that contains that item is reset via Bp Premier’s 'Get Processing report' function. This error could also occur if the same invoice is updated simultaneously on two or more screens.
Further information on these issues can be found by clicking here.


Since this issue was first reported, we have not only worked to minimise the risk of these issues occurring, but have also spent many hours reconciling impacted reports and continue to do so. With that said, we highly recommend that customers invest time and effort in upgrading their version of Bp Premier to JADE SP1, when released this month. This will assist with minimising the continuation of these errors and avoid the protracted time reconciling impacted reports and dealing with any negative ramifications.

Bp Classroom coming to a capital city near you for the final times this year

For Australian users of Bp Premier

We’re going from one side of this great nation to the other – as we travel to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney before the end of the year to help our Bp Premier users get the most from their software.

We’ll be running our highly regarded Group Training sessions so our users can find out how to utilise the exciting new features of Bp Premier JADE.  Book in now – spots are filling fast!

Clinical Essentials – 9am till 4.30pm – learn about Clinical module essentials

  • Perth - 10th September
  • Melbourne - 22nd October
  • Brisbane - 12th November
  • Sydney - 26th November

Find out more and register here.

Management Essentials - 9am till 4.30pm – learn about Management module essentials

  • Perth - 11th September
  • Melbourne – 23rd October
  • Brisbane – 13th November
  • Sydney – 27th November

Find out more and register here.

Advanced Management - 9am till 4.30pm – useful for Practice Managers and Owners

  • Perth - 12th September (Course full, join waiting list)
  • Melbourne – 24th October
  • Brisbane – 14th November
  • Sydney – 28th November

Find out more and register here.

Bp Comms – 8.30am till 1pm – learn about seamless and secure communications

  • Perth - 13th September
  • Melbourne – 25th October
  • Brisbane – 15th November
  • Sydney 29th November

Find out more and register here

Looking forward to seeing you at a Bp Classroom session soon. For more information on our many training options click here.

Get set to shine at Bp Premier Summit 2020

For Australian users of Bp Premier

We’re excited!  Bookings will soon be open for our Bp Premer Summit 2020, being held 22nd to 24th May at The Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre at South Bank in Brisbane.

Look out for your invitation to shine bright at a unique conference experience – with lots of fun – at Bp Premier Summit 2020.

At our 6th Bp Summit we believe we’ve excelled ourselves, packing in a wealth of experience, new skills and new ideas from inspiring speakers.  And you’ll still have time to unwind and catch up with colleagues – and take a cruise of the Brisbane River on super yacht Yot Club!!

Keep up to date by checking out the website here and registering your interest to attend. We’ll then send out your personal invitation very soon!