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Raising money for Charity

Frederik Van Lierde, Ironman triathlon 2013 Worl Champion, is offering his one-and-only Stealth T1 Top for charity. Castelli's Benelux distributor Wolvenberg is auctioning it on Ebay. 

Click here to view the auction

Charitable Cause

Movie - Limmerik (Dutch with French subtitles)

The money goes to 'Respijthuis Limmerik - Pulderbos'. This is a shelter for kids with severe physical and chronical conditions. It offers them accomodation for a certain periode of time. This allows the parents to take a break and recharge batteries.

We're hoping to raise enough money so that Limmerik can create a big playground for this kids.

Why is this Castelli - Stealth T1 Top - a collectors item?

  1. It's from the Ironman triathlon 2013 World Champion
  2. He hand-signed it
  3. There's only one!
  4. The Stealth T1 Top is rewarded 'Most Innovative Race Gear of the Year ' by Triathlete Magazine 

Frederik Van Lierde's signed Stealth T1 Top

What is Music For Life?

This auction is set up under the umbrella of 'Music for Life'. This is an initiative of Belgian radio station 'Studio Brussel' to raise money for charity.


In the name of the kids and parents of Respijthuis Limmerik - Pulderbos, we thank you for interest in this auction. 

You're welcome to share it amongst your peers.
Here's the link again: http://goo.gl/VBJlMk 

Have a fantastic end of 2013 and shake some dust in 2014!

E-mail me: dodb@wolvenberg.com - Dimitri Op de Beeck

Wolvenberg - Castelli Distributor Benelux -Triathlon clothing partner of Frederik Van Lierde