Week 10 - Term 1

From all the staff

we wish you a happy and safe holiday

Term 1 has been very productive, with many events throughout the term. It has been wonderful to see our new students settle into the JPC community and our continuing students come back to with enthusiasm and contributing to our college.


I wish you all a restful and blessed Easter break and look forward to a new term starting on Monday 29 April.


Enjoy the holidays.



Holy Week Commemoration

This Sunday, as we begin our well-earned break from the rigors of Term 1, the Church enters into the holiest time of the liturgical calendar. Palm Sunday, in the words of Pope Francis, "is bittersweet, since there is both joy and sorrow as the Church recalls the cries acclaiming Christ as king during his entrance into Jerusalem, but which is accompanied by the solemn proclamation of his Passion and death.” The days leading from this Sunday to Easter Sunday reflect the gamut of human emotion, as we share in the journey of Jesus as he makes his way to the inevitability of the Cross.


In the human story of the suffering and brokenness of Jesus, our own lives are reflected. In the days ahead, we see in him the times when our trust is shattered by people we love; the times when we are misunderstood and can’t articulate our thoughts and feelings in ways that allow others to understand us. We see the injustice that is inflicted on so many in our world, and the times when our own ‘crosses’ seem an unbearable weight to carry.


We are also challenged by this experience to accept our own human frailty; to consider the times when we have not followed the greatest of all commandments – to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are called to the Cross to lay our burdens on a lonesome hill, in a faraway place, with the promise that the great sacrifice of God will echo as a sign of boundless love for each of us, no matter where our footsteps have traveled on this Lenten journey.


This afternoon our community gathered to bear witness to this great paradox of our faith, that God’s love is made known to us through Jesus’ willingness to suffer and to die for all of humanity’s frailty and failure. We watched the shepherd cry for his sacrificial lamb, as Mary and the women of Jerusalem cried for Jesus. We witnessed the disciples turn away in horror – terrified by the sight of their Lord being tortured, and fearing for their own lives. We listened in disbelief as soldiers and leaders failed to understand that it was God they had condemned.
And now, as we leave this place, we wait in vigil. May the days ahead be a time for each of us to share in the Passion of Jesus, as we look with hope to the Resurrection, and the promise of new life and rebirth in our hearts.


Mrs. Nicola Edghill
Leader of Learning and Wellbeing, Mission and Ministry

Dear Parents and Carers,

This is to update you regarding bus route and timetable changes that will be in place on 29 April 2019, the first day of Term 2. Please note that every bus route will have a new number/timetable and route.

You can check your child’s new timetable/route by referring to the following link below. This attachment provides a summary of all services for St John Paul II College, as well as details for each individual route/timetable.

You may also use ACTION’s website to find information on the new timetable. Use the following link to access this information . Please note that there is an “options” box to select preferences such as fewest interchanges, fastest route, combined walk & ride options etc. You may also ring ACTION on 13 17 10 if you are unable to access necessary information on the ACTION website.

Outdoor Education Camp

On Wednesday morning of week 8, bright and early, our year 9 and 10 Outdoor Ed students jumped on a bus bound for Broulee. The sun was shining and the students were buzzing with excitement. We arrived and set up camp, which was a breeze for some, and an ordeal for others. The students were responsible for all of their own camping gear, all of their meals and their own equipment. They were working in groups of four, and had to design their own meal plans and prepare their own food. Throughout the three days there were a lot of burnt sausages, two-minute noodles and rice bubbles. Others went all out and were enjoying some gourmet dining, including crispy chicken wraps and delux hamburgers!


Students participated in three main activities, including two surf lessons, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. We also walked around Broulee Island and had some time for recreational activities at the beach.

The two classes enjoyed themselves, giving every activity a go and showing a mature approach to the camp. Throughout the three days, we saw many students grow in resilience and develop their sense of responsibility for themselves and their belongings, a huge learning experience for some.


A big thank you to Miss Ashlee Turner and Mr. Daniel Burns  who made the camp run so smoothly and ensured everything went to plan!


Miss Fleur Greaney

Law & World in Conflict

On Wednesday of Week 10, Ms. Zorzi and Mr. Burns took their Year 9/10 Introduction to the Law and World in Conflict classes on a very exciting excursion. We all left during Period 1, and our classes had separated: Mr. Burns’ World in Conflict students had gone to the American Embassy while the Law students visited the Magistrates’ Court. The law students had the chance to sit through multiple court hearings and the World in Conflict students had learnt more about the USA and their relationship with Australia. We all met again at the Parliament House, where we went on a guided tour to see the House of Representatives and The Senate. There, we learnt everything about the two chambers, ceiling to floor. Our last destination was the High Court, where we went on a tour to see two of some of the most important courts in Australia. At Parliament House and the High Court, we all had the chance to participate in question times and extend our knowledge from experts who work there.

Overall, this excursion was a lovely experience for all of us students to get some real-life experiences in places most of us had never been to. Although our teachers had taught us most things in the topic of Law and Politics, going to these places and learning from the professionals was a great opportunity.


Prashamsa Koirala

Parliamentary Debating

Four of our senior students, Bronte Froome, Finn Salisbury, Stephen Sisavath-Norman and Georgia Wallace, represented JPC at the Year 11/12 Interschool Parliamentary Debating today at the Legislative Assembly. These students are seasoned campaigners in this forum and this was clearly evident in the quality of their responses and the questions they asked of the other teams. 

Taking the negative stance on the topic, ‘Australia should introduce a universal basic income’, the team was able to pose challenging questions to their opposition, and eventually the vote went their way. As the affirmative team in the topic, ‘Public transport to school should be free’, they presented a strong case to convince the chamber to vote for their argument. Debates were presided over by the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and they provided the students with valuable feedback on their performance. As always, Bronte, Finn, Stephen and Georgia were wonderful ambassadors for JPC.


Madeleine Harley
Leader of Learning - English

Arts Up Front


Visiting Actor Workshop

This week, Drama students in years 9 – 12 elected to attend an actor lead workshop! Olivia Simone, an international actor, lead an intensive improvisation workshop. Olivia has not only studied at NIDA, but also taught there. Following this, she worked with Bell Shakespeare company, touring Australia and working with young people. Olivia spoke openly about the highs and lows of life in the acting world – but with passion and inspiration for our young and aspiring actors.


Before even starting the workshop, students were inspired by her comments on the importance of working towards their goals. Drama and acting can lead to a myriad of careers, including acting, teaching and creating theatre – but having a Plan B can be in the same sphere. Make the dream come true and find purpose in what you are doing, whatever you are doing!


The two-hour session that Olivia ran was filled with her ‘favourite games’. The students whole-heartedly said “yes!” to these games. As Olivia suggested, “have fun – because if you’re not, why do it?” She focused on how these games form the foundation of the skills actors use. Creativity and yes!

The idea of extending offers for other actors and extending the reason we are storytelling plays a crucial role in improvisation. Students were forced to think on the spot, maintain character and contribute to the story being told all at once!

Learning how to be flexible on the stage, but remain entirely focused on the scene, was a challenge that Olivia guided them through, stopping and starting their scenes and offering them ways of extending the story and reinforcing how their characters might react. Living the character more and understanding who that character is in the world being created on stage was a sight to behold with over thirty enthusiastic, dramatic students engaging with all their energy!


Not only does improvisation rely on individual skill and focus, but the way students collaborated was also challenged and refined through the activities Olivia lead. Their ability to listen to each other and build off each other’s ideas was a work in progress as each activity built on the last…


The students jumped whole-heartedly into the games with the “say yes” attitude; their energy was palpable for the duration of the two periods. Olivia spoke fondly and with appreciation of the encouraging, supporting and loving community the students created. Chookas to our Drama students and a huge thank you to Olivia for spending her last teaching day in Australia, before returning to LA, with our students!


Miss Keane and Miss Allan
Drama Teachers

An interview with Rhys Toms: our very own music producer

What was the reason you went to LA?
Mainly for meetings and to work with other artists in the studio.


What do you enjoy most about working with other people in the studio?
It’s great to bounce ideas off other people and the positive vibes in the room are amazing.


Who were some of the famous people you met with?
I met and worked with Starley who sings ‘Call on me’ which had over a billion views on Spotify. I met with some of the biggest song writers in the music industry.

How busy was the overall trip?
I was in LA for a week, and while I was there, you produced over 7 songs with singers and songwriters, had multiple meetings with people from Sound Cloud, the Grammys and other major companies.


What was the weirdest food you ate while you were there?
I went to a place where they served chicken and waffles. You think this is a strange combination but it was actually delicious.

Was is strange driving on the opposite side of the road?
It actually felt quite normal probably because I’ve been there a few times now. I personally didn’t drive but my manager drove me around.


Do you play an instrument?
Yes, I play piano, guitar, drums, ukulele and I’m in one of the co-curricular bands


What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that my musical career will get bigger in order for me to work in this industry full time. I hope to continue travelling and meet and work with more inspiring people.


Rhys Toms

Vocal group excursion to the Grove

On Wednesday 3rd April, the Intermediate and Senior Vocal Groups walked over for their termly performance at the Grove. I am so proud of the students as each year they become more confident in themselves and improve their ensemble skills.

The residents are always appreciative of us performing and our students are appreciative of the meet and greet afterwards. Everyone behaved beautifully and respectfully while we were there and I commend the students for this.

This performance really sums up all the hard work and effort that has been put into rehearsals this term.


Miss Robinson

Sports News




Congratulations to Year 10 student Maxwell Lyddiard who has been selected in the 18& Under ACT Baseball team.


He will be competing from 28/04/2019 – 04/05/2019 In Geelong.


Goodluck Maxwell!

Defence News

AIS Excursion
Last week some of our Defence students joined with Amaroo and Gold Creek Defence Students on a behind the scence tour of the AIS.  Making new friends and experiencing first hand the exceptional sporting facilities would have made for a fantastic day alone.  However, our students were treated to a front-row seat with two Invictus Games Gold Medalists who were very generous with their time, stories and honesty.


What an amazing experience! Going to the AIS with Vicki and some other defence students. I didn't expect how much fun and inspirational day this would be. Not only did I learn to play a new sport but I also learnt the importance of being a defence family from our amazing guest speakers Brigid and Ben who were Invictus games gold medalists. Their inspiring talk about how they have had to overcome physical and mental illnesses and how their family have played a huge roll in that healing process. Overall, it was an awesome day playing sports, seeing behind the scenes of the AIS and a talk from our guest speakers.
Tia Morris, Year 10


It was a great experience for me to be a mentor for younger students.  It was very inspiring to meet Brigid and Ben.  Talking to them showed me how strong they are and it gave me such inspiration to strive for things I want to achieve.  Overall, I really enjoyed the day and was able to take away many great memories.
Christian Alyward, Year 12


Defence Families Welcome Breakfast
We managed to squeeze our rescheduled Welcome Breakfast in just before end of term.  Tuesday morning greeted lots of our Defence Families who enjoyed some good company, a yummy breakfast and hopefully made some new connections in their JPC Defence community.  Thank you to everyone who came along.


ANZAC Day 2019
Thursday 25 April 2019 marks the 104th anniversary of the landing of Anzac troops at Gallipoli. JPC will hold our ANZAC Day Ceremony commencing at 13:30 on Wednesday, May 1st (Week 1).  Invitations to ADF Families were emailed this week. Please contact me if you have not received yours. All JPC Families are welcome to attend the event.


The Australian War Memorial will also host the Anzac Day National Ceremony. The Ceremony commences from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm.  There are still some general seating available for the Service.  Please use this link

DCO and Soldier On will be hosting a Mother’s Day Morning Tea on the 9th May 10 till 12. Keep an eye out for the opportunity to RSVP on Eventbrite at:

Open Arms (previously VVCS)
The Group Program calendar has been released for the first half of 2019. These programs are open to all personnel eligible for Open Arms services (age 18+).  The programs listed for Canberra are as follows:
Recovery from Trauma
28 May - 2 July 2019 - 2hr x 6-week workshop
(6.30pm – 8.30pm)
Operation Life - Safe Talk (suicide awareness) – This is a different program to the 2 day ASIST workshop - ½ Day workshop
28 May 2019
Stepping Out (for ADF personnel and partners within 12 months either side of transition out of the service) -2 Day workshop
6-7 June 2019.

For more information on Group Programs, visit the websit Open Arms

Remember to get out and enjoy the beautiful autumn colours in Canberra over the school holidays. For lots of information about events in Canberra, visit the following webpages.  and


Safe travels for everyone travelling over the break and please remember to rsvp for our ANZAC Ceremony by Wednesday, April 24th.


Vicki Walsh
Defence School Mentor

Careers News Update

Work Experience Opportunity


Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)
The 2019 AIE Canberra Work Placement positions are now available…get in quick!

Work Experience Email Link - Students can select their preferred dates using the link below.


Availability - The list of dates on the form will be updated as positions fill up. Some weeks may be gone if students wait too long. These are the only weeks we are able to host students as staff will be unavailable in the other weeks.


Hours on AIE Campus
Students will be on campus from 10am - 4pm each day, Monday - Friday for the week they are with us. Some of the weeks do fall during public holidays. During these weeks the campus will only be open for 4 days. (AIE Home page)


Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Info Sessions | Canberra


Thursday 22 August | 7.00pm | ibis Styles Canberra
Thursday 17 October | 7.00pm | ibis Styles Canberra


If you would like to find out more information on our programs, please come along to one of our free information evenings listed below. Student Exchange Australia New Zealand holds free information evenings around Australia each year.

  • Come and meet our staff
  • Hear comprehensive information on all aspects of exchange
  • Listen to former exchange students talk about their experiences
  • Ask questions
  • Listen to questions asked by other students and parents
  •  Meet other students who are considering going on exchange

Find out more and register:


ACT Uni Scholarships


Please find a list of Uni’s in the ACT and their main Scholarships pages. There are many fantastic scholarships on offer. Please see Mr Pettit if you need a hand completing scholarships.

Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Australian National University (ANU)

Charles Sturt University (CSU)

University of Canberra (UOC)


Full copy of JPC Career News

Details and information on a range of other topics continue to be sent each week via the Careers Moodle Site  - JPC Career News – all back copies can be found there too.


As always don’t hesitate to contact me via email should you have any questions or want to make an appointment to discuss pathway options.


Mr Ian Pettit
Specialist Pathways Advisor (Careers)
Member of the Australian Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)

Attention Year 12 Tertiary Students - University Applications are Open NSW/ACT

This year the University Admissions Centre is trialing a new system of applications. They have opened the admissions earlier than in previous years. Normally this process would be established in August, but this year the admissions centre opened this week (3rd of April). It is important to note that not all universities will have all their courses available to be chosen at this point. Applications close on September 30 as in previous years. Please also be aware that the UAC Guides 2019-2020 have arrived at JPC and will be handed out next week. Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via email

From the College Office


Extra-Curricular Music Program

Payment for the extra-curricular Music Program is due prior to Term 2 commencing (Monday 29/4/2019). If payment is not paid by the commencement of Term 2, your child will be removed from the program.


Please make payment of $26 per term, payable via our preferred method Qkr!


If your child is not continuing the music program in Term 2, please email the office.


Thank you

Winter Uniform

A reminder that the Winter Uniform is to be worn during Term 2 & 3.


We have a large amount of second-hand uniform for sale. Please email the college office for further details.


Uniform Policy is available here


Bus passes for student's who travel on the QCity/Transborder buses are now available for collection from the College Office.

Bike Shed

Please note that all bikes/scooters left at the end of the day will be locked overnight in the bike shed.


Students need to padlock their bikes/scooters and though we will ensure the bike sheds are locked during the day and overnight we will not be responsible for any bikes/scooters left in the shed.


Thank you

Avoid the queue at Recess & Lunch by using Qkr!

Qkr is JPC's preferred

method of payment for most things including topping up your student account for the canteen.


The queues at recess and lunch are becoming very long and delaying students from getting their food.


So you don't have to stand in the long queue at the student office, upload your cash by 10am and your money will be in your account ready for recess.

Parish News

Please click on the Parish logo above to see the latest Parish Bulletin.

Community News

Click here to read the April edition of Catholic Voice

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