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Vol. 5: No. 1
January 20, 2016

Focus On: Boardwalk Chapel

by David Nakhla

Sing to the Lord a new song . . . you who go down to the sea . . .  
Isaiah 42:10 (ESV)

Summer evening view from the Boardwalk Chapel

I like to refer to the ministry of the Boardwalk Chapel as one of the "gems of the OPC." Now approaching it’s 72nd summer of witness, the Chapel has been around almost as long as the OPC itself!  Its faithful service and consistent witness has been demonstrated summer after summer in the vacation destination of Wildwood, New Jersey.  

I have been particularly encouraged recently by how the Boardwalk Chapel seems to be growing into a significant training ground for short-term missions in the OPC, as we see participants from more and more presbyteries come to join in the labors of the Chapel.  Praise God not only for enabling the witness of the Boardwalk Chapel to endure for almost four generations, but even to grow in its service to the church over the years!  We trust and pray that this will continue for many years to come.

As you think about how you may serve in short-term missions in the summer of 2016 or 2017, won’t you give the Boardwalk Chapel serious consideration? Scroll down for a list of "Opportunities for Service at the Boardwalk Chapel."


In this issue:
Focus On: Boardwalk Chapel
OPC Receiving Gifts for Refugee Relief
English Camp Team is Filled for 2016
Team Praha is Filled for 2016

Current Opportunities for Service:
Opportunities for Service at the Boardwalk Chapel
Spring 2016: Skilled Workers Needed in Japan
Summer 2016: English for Kids (St-Georges, Quebec)
Summer 2016: English for Kids (Quebec City)
Teach English to University Students in Asia
Short-Term Service Opportunities in Brick, NJ
Help Refurbish Manse Apartment in Neon, KY
Help Refurbish Church Building in Magna, UT

Year-Round Opportunities for Service:
Year-Round Need for Short-Term Teachers in South Korea
Year-Round Opportunities for Service in Uganda
Year-Round Evangelism Opportunity in Quebec
Year-Round Evangelism Training in Key West, FL

STM Resources:
Can Your Church Use a Team?

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OPC Receiving Gifts for Refugee Relief

The Committee on Diaconal Ministries is currently exploring ways in which diaconal funds can be used to minister to victims of the worldwide refugee crisis. The CDM has reserve funds from which to draw for this purpose, but should you or your church also wish to participate, you are welcome to do so.


2014 English Camp Participants


English Camp Team is Filled for 2016!

Bayview OPC (Chula Vista, CA) is pleased to announce that they have filled their English Camp team for the summer of 2016! The team, which will serve in the Czech Republic, consists of 8 men and 14 women, aged from 18 to 67, from 11 OP churches in the Presbyteries of Southern California, New York & New England, and the South.


Prague, Czech Republic

Team Praha
is Filled for 2016!

The Youth Committee of the Presbytery of Southern California is pleased to announce that they have filled "Team Praha" for the summer of 2016!  The team, which will serve in the city of Prague, Czech Republic, consists of 4 men and 8 women, aged from 17 to 33, from the Presbyteries of Southern California and the Dakotas.


Current Opportunities: 


Spring 2016: Skilled Workers Needed in Japan

OPC Disaster Response is seeking skilled volunteers to join a work team to make repairs to the exterior of the Nozomi Center in Japan, a community relief center that OPC teams extensively renovated following the tsunami of 2011, and which continues to serve as an important beacon of hope and light in the area.


The work: Roofing, caulking, painting, and gutter repair.

April/May 2016

David Nakhla


Opportunities for Service
at the Boardwalk Chapel

The OPC's Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, New Jersey, offers opportunities for short-termers of various ages, skills, talents, and availability!

Spring Work Teams:
Individuals and church groups are encouraged to come help clean, repair, and spruce up the Chapel and its ancillary buildings during the month of May, before the busy summer season begins!

Donate Items:
The Boardwalk Chapel didn't get everything on its Christmas Wish List -- Check it out and see if you can contribute any of the items needed!

Summer Staff Openings:
The Chapel is well along in meeting its need for men and women to fill Volunteer Staff and Leadership positions for the 12-week summer season of 2016, but they would welcome additional applications from YOUNG MEN who play the GUITAR or DRUMS! 

End of Summer Staff Openings:
Summer Staff members sometime need to depart before the 12-week season ends, which creates openings in August for additional staff who are available to serve through Labor Day or beyond!   

Ministry Team Opportunities:
The church groups, music groups, and youth groups that serve for a week at a time at the Chapel are vital to its ministry! The weekly schedule is already FULL for 2016, but applications are now being accepted for the summer of 2017 - particularly from churches that have never visited before, or have not been to the Chapel for a few years! 

Fall Youth Group Opportunities:
The Chapel is now offering weekend visits to youth groups during the month of September! Evening concerts have been scheduled and evangelism training may be available, too! 

Boardwalk Chapel Newsletters:
Stay up-to-date with the Chapel's informative and attractive Newsletters! 

Rev. Jim Zozzaro
Ms. Elizabeth Horst

Visit the Boardwalk Chapel's Website:


Summer 2016: "English for Kids" 
St-Georges, Quebec

Apply now to join the team from the Presbytery of New York and New England in its 8th year of helping to conduct a Bible-centered, English-immersion day camp for French-speaking children in St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec:

  • July 2-9, 2016

Individuals or groups are welcome to apply.

Mrs. Olivia Durham


Summer 2016: "English for Kids"
Quebec City

Apply now to help St-Marc's Reformed Church in Quebec City conduct its annual Bible-centered, English-immersion day camps for local French-speaking children:

  • June 27-July 1, 2016
  • July 4-July 8, 2016
  • July 11-15, 2016

Individuals or groups are welcome to apply.

Young men with camping experience are also needed to help lead a Bible-centered, English-immersion camping trip for teens:

  • July 25-29, 2016 (Teen Camp)

Rev. Ben Westerveld


Teach English to University Students in Asia

There are exciting opportunities to teach English at the university level in Asia for several months this summer (starting June 25, 2016) or full-time during the next school year (starting September 2016 or February 2017).  Invest in the lives of students who are uniquely positioned to impact this region of the world!

Details regarding the qualifications and degree of commitment required for summer or full-time service, including raising one's own support, can be obtained from Rev. Douglas Clawson.  They are also outlined at 


Rev. Douglas Clawson
Associate General Secretary
Committee on Foreign Missions


One such project will be to winterize the loft apartment above the garage at the church's new manse. They plan to make the loft available to traveling pastors, furloughing missionaries, and short-term missions teams for up to a few weeks at a time.


Short-Term Service Opportunities in Brick, NJ

Faith Bible Church in Brick, New Jersey, plans to offer service opportunities on the central New Jersey coast from spring through fall, for those who wish to share their time and skills within the denomination, by providing work projects for skilled and unskilled volunteers as well as local evangelistic outreach projects. Stay tuned for more details!

Mr. Charlie Farrell 


Help Refurbish Manse Apartment in Neon, KY

Over the past several years, the congregation of Neon Reformed Presbyterian Church, an OP church plant in Neon, Kentucky, has received help from skilled volunteers as they seek to refurbish the store-front building in which the church meets and the pastor's family lives.

Work remaining in the manse/apartment:

  • Laminated wood flooring needs to be installed in the front rooms
  • The master bathroom needs to be rebuilt

Rev. Jay Bennett


Help Refurbish Church Building
in Magna, UT

OPC Pastor Jason Wallace of Christ Presbyterian Church in Magna, Utah, outside Salt Lake City, has established quite a presence in witnessing to the local Mormon community, especially by way of his weekly, local call-in TV show that has drawn visitors to the church.  Here's an opportunity to participate in this important work - by helping the congregation complete renovations to their church building!


The church was very encouraged to receive a hard-working team from Faith OPC (Long Beach, CA) this past summer, but additional help is still needed!

Rev. D. Jason Wallace


Year-Round Opportunities 


The Missionary Training Institute in Yeosu, South Korea, is seeking short-term teachers for missionaries and missionary candidates from South Korea and other nearby countries.

MTI was founded in 1983 by OP missionaries Dr. Young J. Son and his wife Mary Lou.

MTI Website:

Mihyang Choi-Yoon


Year-Round Need
for Short-Term Teachers in South Korea

English as a Second Language (ESL):

  • Some background in ESL helpful but not required
  • Curriculum, meals, and housing provided
  • Teach for one or more 10-week school terms

Specialty Teachers:

  • Stay for 2-3 weeks within one of four school terms
  • Meals and housing provided
  • Experts in the following topics sought: Theology, Missiology, Missionary member-care, Writing, Speech

Year-Round Opportunities for Service in Uganda

The Orthodox Presbyterian Uganda Missions (OPUM) is the largest mission station in the OPC, and is ripe with opportunities for short-term mission work year-round!  

With an operating medical clinic, a farm project, the Karamoja Education Outreach project (KEO), and village evangelism, not to mention the continual construction projects including well-drilling, there are many ways for a short-term visitor to serve on this field.


Visit OPUM's excellent website for an application form and an extensive and carefully detailed visitor’s handbook which is must-reading for anyone interested in serving in this remote region of the world. 

Mrs. Sunshine Okken
Karamoja, Uganda


​Quebec City is a beautiful place to visit in any season!

Rev. Ben Westerveld


Year-Round Evangelism Opportunity in Quebec

OPC Missionary Rev. Ben Westerveld invites you to come join in a "Cafe Anglais" (English Cafe) in the parks and malls of Quebec City.  Since the mother tongue of most of the citizens of Quebec is French, they welcome any opportunity to practice English with real Anglophones (those whose mother tongue is English). This type of outreach can provide opportunities to share the gospel and the Reformed faith! 


Rev. Bill Welzien, Pastor of Keys Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Key West, Florida, who has presented the gospel three times a week for over 20 years in an engaging open-air style during the popular Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, invites your group to come and receive classroom training and practical experience in evangelism.  

Grow in your ability to speak with boldness about the eternal hope that is in you!


Year-Round Evangelism Training in Key West, Florida 

A great idea for a winter activity for your youth group!

This opportunity is available year-round, and is made very affordable by Keys Evangelistic Ministries, which provides housing for up to 12 people in its four-bedroom dormitory, where teams are welcome to stay for a week at a time. 

Rev. Bill Welzien



Individuals able to teach English at the university level (must have at least a Bachelor's degree) to start in September 2016 or February 2017. Minimum commitment of one year.  

An individual (particularly a young man) able to speak French (or interested in learning to speak French) to assist in the outreach and discipleship ministries of St. Marc's Reformed Church.


Missionary Associate Openings

A missionary associate (MA) is an individual who is appointed by the Committee on Foreign Missions to labor on an OP foreign mission field without cost to the committee. There is an application process, and terms of service are generally 3 months to 2 years.

Rev. Douglas Clawson
General Secretary,
Committee on
Foreign Missions



Two individuals to assist our missionary families in Mbale with homeschooling and more.

Two individuals to participate in the Karamoja Education Outreach (KEO) program.

Skilled individuals to assist our missionary deacons.


STM Resources


Can Your Church Use a Team?

Is there a project that your church could undertake if it had the help of volunteers from another OP church or presbytery? For example:

  • Need help with Vacation Bible School?
  • Need help with community outreach?
  • ​Need help making improvements to your church building?

In making such a need known, your church actually provides an opportunity for those who seek to share their time, gifts, and skills with others in the OPC!


We can help you get the word out and look for a team!  Contact us at for further information, or click below to complete a form to request a team to help your church!



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