Photograph by © Todd Weinstein    

Zipangu NYC, is very pleased to be offering a factory tour of our primary American Designer and Manufacturer of Furniture, Products, and Accessories; Here in Brooklyn NY.

Factory Tour at Walter P. Sauer/Anthony Morris Design

Tour a 130 year old American Furniture and Millwork Factory in Brooklyn NY.

With Anthony Morris Design in house, you will see the full scope of high-end custom furniture and millwork manufacture at Walter P. Sauer:

1.         Design

2.         Shop Drawings and Mock-ups

3.         Veneering

4.         Machining, including traditional joinery, turning, shaping, and  fitting

5.         Assembly, including joinery, inlay, hardware preparation, carving, and                           fitting of other materials such as Glass, Metal, Stone, Fabrics, Skins,                               Composites, and Specialty Materials.

6.         Finishes, including French Polish, Lacquer, Polyurethanes, Gilding, and                        the development of new and specialty  finishes;  Semi-open-pore to Full                    High Polish, Hand Rubbed and Polished to the desired sheen

 7.        Custom design and fabrication of metal details and hardware


Join us to see a shop that operates as it was established by European Craftsmen; modeled after Italian and German Custom Furniture Shops as they operated in Europe prior to WWII.

Sauer occupies 21,000 square feet in the Greenpoint Section of Brooklyn.

With 30 plus Artisans and Craftspeople working within time honored traditions of woodworking and furniture making, we work with traditional tools, techniques and machinery, to create some of the most beautiful and accomplished work in the world today.

We welcome you to join us to learn about a full scope of Furniture Making from Design to Finish, as it still exists today in America, as it is Made In Brooklyn NY.

Anthony S. Morris

Walter  P.  Sauer

276 Greenpoint Avenue                                                                                                 Brooklyn, New York 11222                                                                                                             Tel. 718.937.0600                                                                                                                     Fax 718.482.9409                                                                                                                             

Come join in on  a factory tour at  Walter P. Sauer INC.  Brooklyn NY                             Hosted by Anthony Morris
May 16 (Mon)  17 (Tue) and 24 (Tue)  from 3:00pm  RSVP

Showroom Offerings:

Japanese Obi Fabrics: ZIPANGU

Custom furniture design: ANTHONY MORRIS

Custom Manufacture: WALTER P. SAUER


Art and Photography: TODD WEINSTEIN and ERNST HAAS