Week 3 - Term 4

Year 12 Success Stories...

We are very excited to be able to share some early successes that our Year 12 students have already achieved.

Daniel Cunneen is our First year 12 student to complete his ASBA. He has achieved a Certificate 2 in information, Digital Media and Technology and was highly praised for his outstanding work by the school in which he completed his ASBA.

Danijela Bodo has just completed her Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching and Management. She completed this Certificate while undertaking a Tertiary package.

Four students have received early offers from the University of Wollongong. We congratulate Madison Ozanne, Thomas Tran, Annie Jenkins and Subhi Senthilvel on their exciting news. Madison has been accepted into the Bachelor of Exercise Science,
Annie has been accepted into a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology), Thomas has been accepted into a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Subhi is going to undertake double degree, a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology).

                                                 Daniel                                                                                       Thomas, Madison, Subhiksha & Annie

Emily Lin has accepted a position with the Australian Defence Force as an Operational Intelligence Analyst.

“On Wednesday the 31st of October, I was offered a position in the Australian Defence Force for Air Force. I have been given the opportunity to serve as an Operational Intelligence Analyst and will be enlisting in March, 2019. I will be going to Wagga Wagga for three months for recruitment training and will then go to South Australia for employment training. I will have an Initial Period of Service for 6 years. My job involves; analysing intelligence from a variety of sources, conducting counterintelligence activities, preparing intelligence reports and much more. I have been working towards this for an extremely long time and am very happy that my hard work has paid off. I want to thank the school and my wonderful mentors for supporting me.”


We look forward to hearing further success stories from our Year 12 cohort as their final weeks with us draw to a close.


Catherine Rey

Sustainability Program

As part of the sustainability program at JPC and as a project for all student to be involved in we have teamed up with a local Charity called Roundabout to help them to sort and make their clothing packs!


Did you know that 9000 children are living in poverty in Canberra?

For those of you who don’t know, Roundabout Canberra re-homes baby essentials to families in need within our local community. Roundabout Canberra was established in February 2018 by a group of Canberra mums. They take donations of pre-loved baby and kid’s items and work with social services to support individuals and families experiencing hardship. Their aim is to reduce the strain on families in need and ensure that all babies have a safe start.


Roundabout Canberra provides essential baby items to individuals and families in need, including parents escaping domestic violence, refugees, families experiencing social disadvantage, or severe financial hardship as a result of chronic illness, death of the family breadwinner or loss of employment. They also support foster carers.


To date they have provided material assistance to over 210 local children, with the support of 35 social services.  Distributed over 200 clothing packs, 92 toy packs, 66 linen packs, 18 bassinets, 27 cots, 55 car seats, and 61 prams, plus hundreds of other baby essentials.


Take a look at their website for details about what they accept and when donations can be made -


How you can help us

You can help us by:

  • Volunteering at our storage space
  • Donating excellent quality baby items
  • Making a tax-deductible donation
  • Spreading the word about us!

If you would like any further information please feel free to email or contact them via their Facebook page or contact Mrs Chauntell McNamara at JPC.

The JPC Kitchen Garden

As the winter frosts ease and the spring weather has finally warmed up, the JPC Kitchen Garden is now fully weeded and planted with summer crops.

What is growing?
This season’s vegetables include pumpkins, zucchini, tromboncini (zucchini in interesting shapes!), carrots, capsicum, cucumber, eight types of tomatoes, eggplant, sweet corn, purple runner beans (to be planted once the sweet corn is tall enough to support the bean plants), chard, and various types of lettuce.

Herbs include rosemary, two types of thyme, oregano, three types of mint (Vietnamese, Moroccan and lemon balm), curly and flat parsley, dill, French tarragon, marjoram, basil, chives and fennel.

Plants that are going to seed (on purpose!) and so will be dug back into their beds include kale, lettuce, asparagus, kale, and silverbeet.

Broad beans and strawberries are just about ready to harvest, and the celery and spinach is being picked almost weekly as they regrow in the spring warmth.

Dotted through the garden are marigolds, as pest deterrents, and there is also a row of edible nasturtiums, and a patch of blue annuals to add colour and encourage the bees.


Compost and worm farms
Three new tumbling compost bins were filled with the weeds as they were pulled out, which are already breaking down. Veggie scraps from the canteen are added each day, and a new garden bed has been created with hay bales, which compost will go into as well – this bed will be for an autumn planting.

The two worm farms are in full production, and are placed outside the Food Tech classrooms. Both contain many happy and healthy worms, munching away at the food scraps and creating excellent worm juice/fertiliser.

With the weather heating up for summer, we hope to be harvesting before the end of the school year – and lots of veggies will be ready to eat in the canteen in the new school year.

Happy gardening!


Mrs Sally Mordike
Sustainability Technology class support

How to Responsibly Donate

Date: 25-Oct-18            Author: Tanya Lewis

Winter is gone, it’s time to fling open the cupboards, sort, organise, declutter and responsibly donate unwanted items.

Clutter builds up in pockets around the home, the entrance area with umbrellas, coats and hats, kitchen with crock pots and winter recipe books cluttering the bench tops, woolly jumpers and jackets left hanging on the backs of chairs.

A spring fling is just what the doctor ordered, guaranteed to put a spring in your step without costing the earth.

Did you know?

It takes between 7000-8000 litres of water to produce a single pair of jeans* & emits 23.5kg of carbon emissions!!! So why not donate unwanted items for others to enjoy and help reduce waste

Tips to responsibly donate

When it comes donating there are a few things to consider:

  1. Ask what’s hot NOW - As always, it’s best to ask a charity what they require now, charities like any retailer are in business to sell stock; donating winter clothing in summer is less likely to sell, whereas outdoor summer furniture and summer clothes are more likely to sell.
  2. Is it good enough to sell? - While sorting and decluttering check your items are fit for purpose and good enough to sell, let’s not pass our clutter onto someone else. Don’t expect charities to repair any broken items; anything dirty, worn or soiled will not be accepted. In fact, charities spend over $13 million a year disposing of unsaleable items.**Remember what you consider clutter, someone may consider an absolute treasure and would love to have it in their home.
  3. How to responsibly donate - Pack quality items in sturdy bags or boxes and abide by the charity drop off rules, contributions left outside of a bin or shop is considered illegal dumping. Illegal dumping poses a safety hazard and attracts scavengers that rummage through damaging and stealing your valuable contributions.
  4. Get involved - National Recycling Week's Buy It Back Day is on Saturday, November 17th encourages us to buy second hand or recycled products. So, whether you're donating or purchasing you are helping the environment by keeping valuable resources out of landfill.

For more information about Buy It Back Day visit:

NCSS Challenge 2018

More than 20,000 students from around the world participated in the NCSS Challenge 2018. They competed for 5 weeks, learning to code by solving interesting and engaging problems. At JPC, the challenge was taken-up by 11 students ranging from Year 8 to Year 12. It is wonderful to recognise the work and achievements of these students involved and as they have learned valuable programming skills, displayed fantastic team-work and really enjoyed the competition.


Computer science skills are critical, whether you want to cure cancer, solve global warming or unlock the secrets of the universe. It’s really good to see our students making a positive start at a young age, and we hope their successes may encourage more students to take up coding.


Mr Segaran

Diwali celebration at JPC

Next Tuesday is Diwali. Diwali is celebrated by Hindus and it is the most important holiday of the year. The festival gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that is lighted outside people’s homes to symbolise the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness. At JPC, we wanted to create an artwork to symbolise this auspicious day by using Rangoli. Rangoli is an art form, originating from the Indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on the floor or the ground using materials such as coloured rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals. The students involved have done a fantastic job to create a Rangoli design symbolising a peacock.


We wish everyone a Happy Diwali!


Mr Segaran


Sports News


Clyde Rauter Shield

On Tuesday our 7/8 and 9/10 boys travelled to Southwell Park in Lyneham to play in the Canberra Raiders Clyde Rauter Shield. The conditions were hot however both teams played some fantastic football against some very tough opposition.


The 7/8’s managed a win, draw and two narrow losses after being struck with multiple injuries in the first game. The team rallied well and there were some really strong performances from all players notably, Patrick Hubbard, Sam Hall, Noah Marcantonio, Tyran Hacker and Jesse Pumpa who finished with some very athletic tries.

The 9/10 team were also struck with a few injuries early in the day however managed to snatch a win and went down narrowly in their other matches. William Kirk, Ethan Small, Harry Hannaford and Gage King all played strongly as did the other players in the team.


Overall in hot conditions, all players represented the College well and will definitely take a lot out of the carnival leading into next year.


Mr Whatman

'Arts Up Front'




This term at JPC there are multiple musical events going on. We have the Tuesday tunes performances each week which are now occurring on the terrace so we can enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

We had the Mass last week for Feast Day in which the Vocal Group, Liturgy Band and Tech Crew lead the music. Next week we have the Vocal Group performing with the Holy Spirit choir for their Remembrance Day Ceremony, next Thursday the Tech Crew and Junior Rock Band are supporting the Mother Teresa Talent Quest. Last Saturday night, the Liturgy Band performed at the mass concert at Holy Spirit Church. In week 8 this term we will be holding a Solo’s night for all those students who get instrumental lessons here at the College. On Monday 19th November the JPC music students will perform an original song written for JPC at the year 12 certification, we will then lead the music at both the year 10 and year 12 Mass’s, and of course in week 9 there is the talent quest, in which we will go out with a bang! Also, we’ve had two classes of 9/10 music students this year, one in each semester, and we’ve just had our first cohort of year 11 Music students who are performing solo and ensemble pieces for their assessment; keep an eye out for them at Tuesday tunes in the next few weeks!

This year there has been added music ensembles in the co-curricular department; the Guitar/Ukulele Club have been developing their skills and will perform at Tuesday tunes next week, and the new Jazz Band have been rehearsing after school on Wednesday’s, they will be performing at Tuesday tunes in week 6. The Concert Bands have grown from one band, to three, with a junior, intermediate and senior Concert Band this year. The Concert Band will feature at Tuesday tunes in week 5 playing songs such as ‘Havana’, ‘YMCA’, and ‘Mama Mia’. The Vocal Group is now split into junior and senior with almost 40 students involved, this will become junior, intermediate and senior when we have new year 7’s next year.


It has been a wild and crazy ride in the music department this year at JPC, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. A huge thank you to Aron Lyon and Helen Trajkoski for all their amazing support with the music program this year, and of course our students who we obviously couldn’t do without, what an amazing list of achievements you have made this year. Congratulations!!!


Miss Sharon Robinson

Recordings of

The Greatest Show: A Vaudeville

Ladies and Gents - this is the moment you've waiting for!


Drum roll please... It is with great excitement that we are able to share the video recordings of this year’s College Production!


Students and families involved are able to access these from The Greatest Show’s Moodle page. If you wish to download these, and keep as a version for yourself, right clip on the clip and select "Download Video as". It is wonderful to relive the journey and memories of the Musical.


We hope you enjoy the show (again!)

Defence News

I had the pleasure of escorting two Defence Students to Parliament House where the Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison, together with Mr Kerry Stokes AC and Dr Brendan Nelson AO, announced their new plans for the Australian War Memorial. Plans include increasing the size of the ANZAC Hall to over double its current size, and, most significantly, creating quiet reflection spaces for veterans and patrons. Throughout the changes, the AWM will remain true to the vision of the AWM's founder, Mr Charles Bean, by continuing to tell the stories of service, sacrifice, courage and values which have defined us as a Nation.

Lest we Forget.

Vicki Walsh, DTM

On the 1st of November, Vicki Walsh the Defence Transition Mentor took two senior defence students to a presentation at Parliament House. At this presentation, they revealed the new plans to further develop the Australian War Memorial. Plans are to expand the AWM so that adequate space is attained for new additions to the memorial. The presentation highlighted the necessity to develop the AWM so that we can appreciate current serving members of the Defence Force, as well as those who have made sacrifices for Australia.

Leigh Coulter, Year 12

Students Not Returning to JPC for 2019

If you know your child/children are not returning to JPC in 2019 and you have not notified the college office, please send us an email as soon as possible.

(Year 10 & 12 Students do not need to email)


Email -


Thank you


The Spirit Junior Youth Group, for young people at school in years 5-6 meet at Holy Spirit Parish, Amaroo on weeks 1,3,5,7 and 9 of the school term at 5pm. This group is a way for young people to come together and learn a bit more about their faith. Contact or 0403425239 for more information.

The Spirit Youth Group, for young people at school in years 7-12 meet after the 5:30pm Mass at Holy Spirit Parish, Amaroo on weeks 1,3,5,7 and 9 of the school term. This group is a way for high school students to come together learn about the Church and continue to deepen their faith. Contact or 0403425239

Young Adults Mass and Gathering: Are you 18-35+ years old and is interested in growing your faith and forming friendships with other like-minded people? If the answer was yes, then contact Theivani and Frances on ! Our Mass and Gathering is every six weeks!

Year 11 and 12 Meningococcal ACWY Immunisation Catch Up Clinics

Recently the ACT Health School Health Team visited your school/college to offer the free Meningococcal ACWY vaccine to all Year 11 and 12 students.


If any Year 11 and 12 students missed this opportunity, they can still receive this free vaccine by phoning the Community Health Intake line on 6207 9977, and booking into one of the Meningococcal ACWY Immunisation Catch Up Clinics being offered at the City Health Centre in December 2018.


For further information please visit:

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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