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Vol. 5: No. 7
August 3, 2016

Some members of the 2016 Czech English Camp team touring Praque before camp

Unity in Diversity

. . . so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.  Romans 12:5 (ESV)


"We were a diverse group — Californians, Texans, Mainers, Arizonians, New Englanders, teens, oldsters, married couples, singles, sports enthusiasts, singers, nurses, businessmen, homemakers, baristas, teachers, pastors, elders, lay people.  But as the Lord’s work unfolded before us, it was even more clear what united us — Christ, our Lord and Savior. . ." (excerpt from the testimonial of Christine Barnes, a member of the 2016 Czech English Camp team)

Enjoy the following samplings of the many testimonies of God’s grace exemplified in the OPC's short-term missions teams this summer.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Team Utah - Magna, UT 


Volunteers from OP churches in Michigan and California met in Utah to answer the call for help with building refurbishment projects at the OP church in the city of Magna.


English Camp - Czech Republic 


The English Camp team, sent by Bayview OPC (Chula Vista, CA), presented a fun family camp in the Czech Republic featuring day trips, sports, skits, and English lessons and discussions based on Scripture.


Testimonial: "I was able to see clearly how God’s grace and mercy is working in the hearts of American and Czech Christians whose lives have been changed by hearing the Word  . . ."  Christine Barnes


Schylie La Belle was invited to give a presentation to her church family on her experience as a member of the Czech English Camp team.  In two videos, she shares her reflections and prayer requests.


English for Kids - Quebec


English for Kids Bible Camps, an outreach to non-believing, French-speaking children in Quebec, were led by four teams of volunteers from OP and Canadian reformed churches.


Testimonial: "What I learned most powerfully during this year’s camp program was strong leadership skills with the Father’s love as my guide . . ."  Jordan Francoeur


Testimonial: "Because Quebec City has a large population of immigrants, English for Kids draws children from many different cultural and religious backgrounds . . ."  Ellen Boll


Testimonial: "It wasn’t until the camp started that I fully realized how little I was doing and how much the Lord was doing . . ."  Grace Todd


Daily newsletters helped to update all those supporting and praying for English for Kids!


Boardwalk Chapel - Wildwood, NJ 


Testimonial: "I’ve learned to rely on the strength of God to empower me to go out and share His truth . . ."  Alexandra Ramey


Susanna Buckley, Pro-Life Coordinator at the Boardwalk Chapel, explains her role and shares some of the materials designed to help her bring hope and truth to those seeking answers about abortion and life.


Video greetings from five members of the Volunteer Staff at the Boardwalk Chapel. 


Photos from a visit to the Chapel on July 11, 2016. 


STM Resources


Current Opportunities for Service

Visit to learn about opportunities for short-term service in Uganda, South Korea, Quebec, and the USA. Missionary Associates are needed in Asia, Quebec, and Uganda.


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In making such a need known, your church actually provides an opportunity for those who seek to share their time, gifts, and skills with others in the OPC!

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