CEP welcomes new President and Board Members

The voting members of CEP have elected a new Board, the vote took place on 5 October 2016 during the 12th General Assembly in Bucharest, Romania. At the General Assembly, the Board welcomed 6 new members, including a new President and 2 Vice-Predidents. The new Board represents Ireland, Belgium, Latvia, Italy, Spain,  Denmark, Netherlands, Jersey Channel Islands and Croatia.


CEP International Conference on Alternatives to Detention

On 6-7 October 2016, following the 12th CEP General Assembly on the 5th, CEP organised  a  international conference on one of its core business topics, namely “Alternatives to Detention”.

The event brought together different perspectives and concepts regarding “Alternatives to detention” from various European countries: Romania, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and Germany. Also relevant European Institutions such as the Council of Europe and the European Commission-DG Justice took part in the programme, as well as professors from the Universities of Lausanne, Bucharest, Glasgow, Greifswald, Ulster, Timisoara and The Netherlands.

The presentations of the plenary sessions and workshops are now online.


Looking forward to the World Congress on Probation 2017: Connecting Probation at a Regional and Global Level

The World Congress on Probation held in London in October 2013 was a landmark – the first global event focussed purely on probation. Delegates from more than 50 countries addressed with evident enthusiasm two underpinning aims set out by Marc Ceron, former CEP President – to make visible the diversity among different systems, cultures and backgrounds across the world, and to contribute to continuity and a sustainable global forum for the exchange of probation knowledge and expertise.

The second World Congress in Los Angeles in 2015 built fruitfully on the first. Themes included advancing evidence-based practices, administrative and policy innovations, and approaches to juvenile and family work incorporating holistic and strength-based approaches.

It goes without saying that the CEP looks forward keenly to learning from and with new networks, and eagerly anticipates the Third World Congress in Japan!


A trilateral agreement for further cooperation in the field of probation among the Baltic States

On 3rd August in Vilnius, Lithuania Mrs. Živilė Mikėnaitė (Director of Prison Department of the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania), Mr. Mihails Papsujevičs (Head of State Probation Service of Latvia), and Mr. Pritt Kama (Secretary General of the Prison Department of the Ministry of Justice of Estonia) signed a trilateral agreement to further cooperation in the field of probation among the Baltic States. 

The agreement foresees a closer cooperation among the Baltic countries in the fields of dissemination of research results, sharing of practical experience, as each county have their unique success stories.


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