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Winter News 2013

Hello !

As you may have heard, I launched my new venture in July of 2012. Now with the start of 2013 upon us, I would like to take a moment to officially introduce STREAM Collaborative Architecture + Landscape Architecture to a wider network of friends, colleagues, and collaborators through this newsletter.

In today's age of social networking I hope you will forgive me for automatically including you in this introduction but I promise I won't fill your inbox with more than a couple messages per year to keep you informed of the variety of projects I'm working on. For more frequent updates please "Like" STREAM on Facebook.Facebook Like Button

Take a minute to check out some of the exciting work below and feel free to pop in to see me at my new studio space.

All the best for the New Year!


What is STREAM Collaborative?

My vision is to build an interdisciplinary design practice that uses both traditional graphics and new digital techniques to work rigorously and effectively with clients as well as other collaborators (architects, designers, engineers) to realize simple and cost effective buildings and landscapes made from natural and durable materials.

Belle Sherman Cottages Taking Shape

Belle Sherman Cottages Model Home

While working with Trowbridge Wolf Michaels Landscape Architects I was the lead designer for the site plan of this new residential development in Belle Sherman. Through STREAM I'm continuing to provide architectural design and construction administration for the build out of each home. Three of the 19 detached single family homes are now complete and work continues on the design of the 10 attached townhouses. For more information you can check out http://belleshermancottages.com  Facebook Like Button

The Gourd Workshop at Ecovillage Underway

The Gourd Workshop at Ecovillage

The Gourd Workshop is the first commercial building in the newly designated commercial zone within the Ecovillage property. The project is being built by Graham Ottoson, gourd artist and resident of Ecovillage. Graham's business, Hands on Gourds, has outgrown her basement workshop and will soon fill a new space dedicated to growing, drying, carving, and displaying her functional artwork.

The insulated concrete form foundation, salvaged 2x10 floor joists, 2x6 T&G floor deck, and double staggered exterior wall studs are in place and we're anticipating a Spring ribbon cutting! You can follow the progess of the construction on Facebook. Facebook Like Button

How do you merge these into a single home?


These are just a few of the images I've collected on Pinterest to help inspire a new lake house I'm designing. How I blend the seemingly divergent tastes of the client into a single cohesive home is an exciting part of the process. Stay tuned for more...


Looking Back: Holly Creek Phase 1 Complete

Holly Creek

This photo was taken at the October 2012 ribbon cutting of the first phase of the Holly Creek Townhouses. This is a 22 unit affordable housing development built by Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services. Claudia Brenner was the architect for the townhouses and I handled the Town of Ithaca site plan review, variance appeals, site layout, grading and planting design back in 2009 while working for Trowbridge Wolf Michaels. TG Miller Engineers provided the stormwater and utility design. 


Many of you have asked how I came up with the name. Well...there are actually several reasons/meanings for the name but let me just start with the basic definitions, which resonate with my design philosophy and work ethic. You can ask me about the other meanings the next time I see you...

STREAM /streem/ verb

  1. to move or proceed continuously like a flowing stream, as a procession.

Collaborative /kə-la-bə-rā-tiv/ noun

  1. an entity working jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor


Noah Demarest is Licensed and Registered Architect and Registered Landscape Architect in the State of NY as well as a LEED Accredited Professional.

STREAM is a Local First business, member of the Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneur Network (SEEN), and the Ithaca Green Building Alliance (IGBA).

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Ithaca Green Building Alliance