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February 27, 2018

Fast & Full Life App. earns 10% more than paper!

Effective February 15, 2018, first year commission rates for life insurance sales submitted using the Fast & Full Life App are up to 5% higher compared to paper applications, which means advisors can earn 10% more first year commission with the Fast & Full Life App vs paper. With features like eContract Delivery and PAD-on-Approval, the Fast & Full Life App allows advisors to reach more clients, and settle policies faster. Learn more.

Underwriting introduces a new optional authorization for genetic information

Empire Life is excited to share that effective immediately, we have introduced a new authorization to allow the release of genetic test results to us. Clients now have the option to submit this form, giving us permission to use their genetic test results to assess their insurability. This consent is optional and is not a condition of Empire Life providing or continuing insurance coverage.

Please note that Empire Life does not require individuals to undergo any form of genetic testing in order to assess their insurability. In addition to this, clients are not obligated to disclose any genetic test results if they do not wish to do so. Read information circular 2018-04 for more information.

Earn a $50 Bonus this RRSP Season for your 1st Fast & Full Investment App.

Maximize your time during the busy RRSP Season. The Empire Life Fast & Full® Investment Application can make your RRSP season simple, fast and easy. 

Submit your first Fast & Full Investment Application between February 1 and June 29 and receive a $50 bonus on your next commission payment from Empire Life. Learn more

Premium rate decreases for Solution 20 term life insurance

Competitive pricing with new initial premium rates for Solution 20. Effective February 15, 2018, initial premium rates for Solution 20 have been reduced by an average of 3.2%, which should significantly improve overall initial premium rankings when compared to comparable products. Learn more.

2017 year-end distributions for Empire Life Investments mutual funds

Visit the Empire Life Investments website for the 2017 year-end mutual fund distributions. They are based on income and capital gains earned by the Funds in the taxation year to December 15, 2017.

CLHIA Guideline G19: An important message to advisors

Recently the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) released Guideline G19 “Compensation Disclosure in Group Benefits & Group Retirement Services” to the industry, to establish industry standards for the disclosure of compensation for Group Benefits and Group Retirement Services. This will come into effect in January 2019.

The CLHIA has provided information regarding the guideline and where advisors can gain more knowledge and guidance in the attached letter. It is important that advisors who sell these types of products familiarize themselves with these requirements and we urge you to read the communication below from the CLHIA. Learn more.

Senior Portfolio Manager Jennifer Law voted “Canadian TopGun Investment Mind”

Jennifer Law, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities, was recognized once again as “Canadian TopGun Investment Mind” by Brendan Wood International for 2018. The TopGun Club recognizes and supports individual professional members whose 'game changer' performance is rated in the top decile (out of a field of 650+ candidates) globally by their constituent counter parties, shareholders and customers. Jennifer is the manager of the Empire Life Small Cap Equity GIF as well as the equity portion of the Empire Life Monthly Income GIF and Empire Life Monthly Income Mutual Fund. With Jennifer’s impressive track record and expertise we are proud that she has been recognized for this award and to have her on the Investments Team.

To find out more about our funds please contact your Empire Life sales team.

Did you miss our CIO Conference Call?

Missed our CIO Conference Call “Thrive even as market volatility makes a comeback” or would you like to listen again? The replay and summary notes are now available.

Ian Hardacre and our panel of portfolio managers discuss how to navigate a possible return of normal volatility when the markets return to a more mature phase of the cycle. Replay and summary.

Give your Clients Proven 5 Star Performance

With its tactically managed blend of equities and fixed income, combined with 1st quartile performance, Asset Allocation fund deserves to play on the first line of your clients' portfolios. Download PDF.

Hybrid Solution 100 2018 Premium and Values Declaration

Each January we determine the Interest Rate Range used to set the premiums for Hybrid Solution 100 coverage.

Read information circular 2018-06 for more information.