23 March 2020



Dear Parent and Carers,


I would first of all thank you for your patience and understanding as events evolve around the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand it is a confusing and uncertain time. I also want to acknowledge the incredible work that the staff at JPC are doing at the moment – teaching classes and at the same time working on remote learning so this is ready to roll out if the school closes.

Below is a letter from the Director of Catholic Education, Mr Ross Fox, regarding schools and how things will operate in ACT schools. I hope this gives you some clarity.


Our priority at JPC is:

  1. to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff, students and community
  2. to ensure continuity of learning as far as possible for all students
  3. to provide support to vulnerable students and families who need our assistance
  4. to provide a safe place for learning for the children of workers in essential roles that support the community and nation to function.

Therefore, our response is:

  1. St John Paul II College will remain open to students who need a safe place to continue their learning, as normal, from Tuesday 24 March until at least the end of Term 1, Thursday 9 April, as long as we can operate safely
  2. We support your right, as parents, to choose to keep your child at home. If you decide that you would like your child to remain at home could you take the opportunity to bring your child to school so they are able to clean out their locker and take home all their equipment
  3. We will offer a program of learning that can be accessed in school or remotely in preparation for a full transition to remote learning in Term 2 using only Moodle and the forums available on Moodle (other video conferencing, such as Zoom will only be used in Term 2. We are not in a position to live stream classes this term).

In order to ensure we can operate safely I would ask that you let me know, in writing (via email to, if you plan to keep your child at home until the end of Term 1, Thursday 9 April.


I will continue to keep you up-dated as new information comes to hand.

Please keep safe.




1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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