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At the End of Our Road Trip

Our 2015 Summer Road Trip Sermon Series comes to an end this Sabbath, July 25!

The series has addressed singleness, divorce, marriage, dating and parenting with the objective of showing God's picture of family.

Have any of these presentations ignited some questions? You will have a chance to ask your pastors "live" on social media or the web this Sabbath!

You also have the option of asking your question via this week's online connect card:

Whenever we see ‪#‎GodsFamilyPicture‬ demonstrated in our lives this week, let's take a picture and post it on PMC's Facebook page using that hashtag.

Let's get ready for an interactive weekend service as we conclude this Summer's Road Trip and prepare for the new things God will do in our lives. Thanks for being part of this series. Have a great week.  

by Sabine Vatel, Pastor for Discipleship


Let's Register our GROW Groups for the Fall!

Starting next week on July 26, we will be able to sign up our 8, 10, or 12-week GROW Group via

Have an idea for a GROW Group you would like to lead between September 27 and December 13? If not, a few suggestions have been:

  • Healthy Relationships
  • Finances
  • Study on the Beatitudes
  • Learn Golf
  • Learn Self-defense

It's not too early to begin inviting and praying for people who will want to join you.

Thank you for helping us build a community where people grow through making meaningful connections with each other and with God. Questions? Please send them to

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