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Discipleship 101

I was part of a prayer group last week in which a gentleman opened his heart about reaching people for Christ. He was earnest. He was tired of keeping his spiritual experience to himself, but there was one problem. “Who will I reach?” He asked. Does the idea of evangelizing conjure up feelings of bewilderment for you, too? Not all of us are called to preach, knock on doors, or walk up to strangers, but all of us are called to witness. We have a God story to tell and when we are disciples, we live that story for all to see. Diedrich Bonhoefferʼs quote on discipleship jolted me the first time I read it: “Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.”

Discipleship doesn’t happen in isolation. We need God and each other. Relationships take time, can be messy, feel risky, and cause disruption. So where do we start? By praying for God to open our eyes to notice people, especially those within our social circle.

The first time I was invited to an evangelistic meeting, I jumped at the chance because Pastor Louis had helped my family get settled in a new town. I didnʼt know any other teenagers and was eager to meet new people. Adventist research reveals that 80% of people say that an acquaintance or relatives are the reason they join our Church (research from Sahlin, Monte. Friendship Evangelism). Guess what the second reason is? Small Groups. Two thirds of people who become Jesus followers say a Small Group loved them in. Building a culture of Grow Groups at PMC is not about a program. It’s about building connections that open us up for the mission we’ve been given: “Go and make disciples” Please join us. 

by Sabine Vatel, Discipleship and GROW Group Pastor


Thousand Man March

 Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.  –Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and in light of recent events in our country it is now time, more than ever, to band together as one to increase awareness about the issues that certain communities in our country face. Poverty, mass incarceration, and fatherlessness are all veritable problems in the black community. The Thousand Man March is an event planned by Greater Young Men, a movement started by young men with the intent of inspiring change in today’s society. 

The goal of this peaceful march is to proclaim the need to break the cycles that enslave a large portion of African Americans.

The Thousand Man March will take place on Monday, January 19 at 2:oo p.m. Anyone and everyone who shares the desire to see our nation transformed and start living up to the ideals of justice, equality, fairness and respect for all humanity is invited to take part. Fathers and young men are especially welcome. 

More information about The Thousand Man March can be found here

by Rebecca Coleman, Pioneer Midweek Editor


GROW Group Feature

Reach the World - Next Door

While Satan incites men to brutalize others and blame their misery on a loving God, the hand of Omnipotence turns the suffering of nearly 45 million of the world’s forcibly displaced people into a blessing – and a means of fulfilling the prophecy of Matthew 24:14!

The members of the Reach the World - Next Door GROW Group learn of the strategic opportunity to share God’s end time message with refugee Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and, Animists. Members combine the four discipleship aspects of CONNECT • GROW • SERVE • GO  by establishing friendships, and visiting homes with food, clothes, toys, and prayer. 

We encourage you to join this or another GROW Group. Check out the new GROW Group catalog in two weeks!

by Don Starlin, GROW Group Leader


Shouldn't We Be Asking?

I don’t want to sound like the Apostle Paul, who couldn’t resist reminding his shipmates, “I told you so!” (see Acts 27:21). But last Sabbath in “Why I Believe We’re Running Out of Time,” we wondered together whether bloody terrorist attacks like the one in Paris can be the catalyst for setting our civilization up for strong, coercive, authoritarian control of the masses—as both Daniel 12 and Revelation 13 portend will happen just before the return of Christ. . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


Around the World: Tasty & Healthy Plant-based Meals

Jazz up your meals with an international flair. Watch a lively cooking demonstration. Ask a dietician your health questions. 

  • What: Berrien Springs Supper Club
  • When: Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Neighbor to Neighbor Community Center

01/28 Italian, 02/25 Mexican, 03/25  Indian, 04/29 Asian

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