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Winter-Spring News 2015

Hello ,

The sun is shining and the first signs of spring are here! Please get outside (while it lasts) and then come back in and enjoy this brief update from STREAM.


Celebrating 3 Years of Local Projects

Our 3 year anniversary is approaching so we thought we would share a map of our projects since the beginning. This is a great way to illustrate our "Local First" committment and our emphasis on building a diverse, mixed-use, and resilient future for Ithaca. As you can see, we LOVE working close to the core so please don't hesitate to give us a call or just stop by to chat about sustainability and the built environment. 

Adaptive Re-Use Proposal Submitted

We just submitted our final proposal for the adaptive re-use of the Old Library. With sound economics confirmed by our financier and overwhelming community support for responsible resource and energy conservation how can we go wrong? Well unfortunately, the county still hasn't made a decision. If you also support minimizing the impact to the historic neighborhood through adpative re-use please consider contacting your county legislator and signing the petition prepared by the Dewitt Park Civic Association.

Firelight Camps Expanding

The awesome folks at Firelight Camps (at La Tourelle) are busy planning the next phase of their successful glamping venture. STREAM is helping plan 15 luxury tents, expanded common tents, and a fully renovated bath house for this upcoming season.

Hillside Villa

On behalf of PPM Homes, we recently presented an initial concept sketch plan for our newest multi-family project in the city of Ithaca. This is a 4-building, 12-unit residential project built on one of the few vacant parcels within the city boundaries. The incredibly steep site poses both a challenge and opportunity to create a special place unlike any other. Imagine an "old world" feeling with central stairway providing access to individual units and a through block pedestrian connection.


STREAM is so excited to be recognized by our peers at this year's AIASNY Chapter Awards dinner. Along with Randall + West Planners, we won an Honorable Mention Award for our 2012 Ithaca Form-Based Code Demonstration Study. This is the project that kick started our current Form Ithaca initiative to help imagine a coordinated form-based code for both the City and Town of Ithaca. Congratulations to John Snyder Architects, Ann Beha Architects, Holt Architects and Grace Chiang Architects who were also recognized this year with awards.

Daily Commute - Architecture Series

This past winter we started a new Instagram series documenting the benefits of living and working in a diverse, walkable neighborhood. Follow streamcolab on Instagram as we continue with our daily commute landscape series this spring.

405 E. Marshall Street

308 E. Marshall Street

430 N. Cayuga Street

310 N. Cayuga Street

308 N. Cayuga Street

306 N. Cayuga Street


210 N. Cayuga Street

116 N. Cayuga Street

123 S. Cayuga Street

Forest Home Look Back

This is the living room of the 2012 addition we designed for a really cool stone cottage in Forest Home with REALLY cool owners - Robby, Rebecca, Alexei and Flanna. We are looking forward to the next phase in the coming months. Stay tuned!

On the Boards

We have some pretty cool stuff in the works but too early to share so here is a sampling from our Pinterest boards we use for inspiration.

Barn Living

Barn Living

Hip Bath

Light Industrial Bath

Loft Living

Contemporary Loft Living

Old World density

Urban Infill

Tiny Homes

Member of American Institute of Architects

Member of American Institute of Architects

Local First Ithaca Member

Local First Ithaca Member

Rev Ithaca Startup Works Member

Rev Ithaca Startup Works Member