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13 February 2015

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


Kahungunu Regional Visit

Earlier this week, Māori tourism operators in Kahungunu (Hawke's Bay) were invited to meet with NZ Māori Tourism staff and other operators to hear Lesley Immink from TEC speak on Tourism Distribution Channels. For those who were unable to attend the meeting, or are interested in what Lesley had to say, you can read her presentation here.


Tai Tokerau Northland Regional Growth Study opportunities report

The Tai Tokerau Northland Regional Growth Study is an independent report commissioned by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), in conjunction with the region.

It identifies a number of sectors and commercial opportunities that have the potential to sustainably grow incomes, jobs and investment in the Northland region.The report is in depth, with the section on the visitor/tourism economy starting on page 45. If you're involved in the tourism sector in Tai Tokerau, we encourage you to read it.


'And what about a full length mirror?'

"As a woman who travels frequently and stays in hotels alone most of the time, I've often wondered why so few hotels show interest in the female traveller. All too often, I've found myself in a luxurious room, full of amenities such as shoehorns and bottle openers, and haven't been able to find a shower cap or cotton ball. There has been plenty of hanging space for shirts and plenty of those clamp hangers for suit pants, but not always enough long hanging space for dresses. 

Showers never seem to have enough shelves to store a face cleanser, let alone the other products a modern woman needs for beautification. And the positioning and lighting of bathroom mirrors often sends me in a rage. If a hotel room doesn't have a well-lit magnifying makeup mirror they get a fail from vain old me.  

And what about a full-length mirror? A power point for the hairdryer somewhere I can see what I'm doing? These are essentials, not optional extras." Read more here.


Taranaki: Under the mountain

"For the past 10 years I have had to listen to my colleague Dylan Cleaver bang on about Taranaki. And on. And on. To be honest, it became quite tiresome and I sometimes wondered if it would be better for the Son-of-the-'Naki to return to his heartland. I might even have suggested this to him.

But before I could completely dismiss his claims about the wonders of his homeland, it seemed reasonable to check out the place.

Unsure of our bearings and in need of advice, we went straight to Puke Ariki, the combined museum, gallery and information centre." Read more here.