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Get 25% off New & Improved Food Startup Branding & User Research Courses Before 10.24
Learn how to create a standout brand with our expert-taught video tutorials and step-by-step templates. Sign up today to join our community of food entrepreneurs.

How User Research Helped HotSauce Expand from Restaurant Discovery to Mobile Payments
We're brimming with excitement to share our very 1st case study from our food startup branding bootcamp!

TFF Global Challenge Empowers Students to Disrupt Our Food System 
TFF's 2014 challenge will bring together students from universities around the world to prototype solutions for feeding the world in 2050. Sign up by Oct 31.

Join Us for a Food Tech Entrepreneur Storytelling Meetup
On October 23, we're partnering with Farmigo for a meetup like no other. Five food tech entrepreneurs will tell stories about why building community has been pivotal to their success, followed by networking, drinks + snacks. 

Ladies We Love: Danielle Gould, Founder of Food+Tech Connect
Our own Danielle Gould talks about the genesis of FTC and the challenges we've faced.

Food Tech Roundtable

Reinvent The Food Movement With Michael Pollan & Ali Partovi 10/22, 2PM ET
Our own Danielle Gould will be joining Michael Pollan, Ali Partovi, Peter Leyden, Debra Eschmeyer, Richard Salvador and David Friedberg for a Reinventors virtual roundtable to explore the tech world's potential role in a 21st-century food movement to promote a more sustainable and healthful American food system. Sign up to watch the roundtable here

Startup Resources

Here Is Why Investors Just Dished Out $6M to NYC Startup Food52 - Alley Watch
Founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs talk about what they’ve done to stir the pot, that brought investors so quickly to the table.

Coca-Cola Launches New Program To Recruit Startup Founders - FastCo.Design
It offers startups access to Coca-Cola's tremendous reach, and allows Coca-Cola to tap the ideas of independent entrepreneurs. 

Hopeful Harvest Offers Space to Grow for Good Startups - metromode
The largest fresh food rescue operation in the country, Forgotten Harvest, just launched a subsidiary that aims at growing the local food economy.


How to Use Technology to Turn Customers Into Loyalists - QSRWeb
Just because you have digital capabilities doesn't mean customers will come back. You must engage with them on their terms, one-to-one.

Restaurant Owners Get a Chance to Respond Quickly to Bad Reviews with New App - Startup Smart
SayBack is giving businesses the tools to monitor what’s been said about them online and respond before too much damage is done. 

Creating Custom Experiences for Diners - Swipely
Thanks to both changing guest expectations and developing technology, there’s even more room to grow.

Restaurants Poised to Accept Apple Pay - Nation's Restaurant News
Mobile payment system rolls out Monday at McDonald’s, Panera and  more. 


Plant-based Hamburger Leaves 'Blood' on the Plate - Marketplace
Impossible Foods is on a mission is to disrupt the $74 billion beef industry.

Small Business in the Spotlight... Food Startup G’nosh - The Guardian
Q&A with founder Charlotte Knight about her insipration, challenges, and advice for burgeoning startups. 

FoodEssentials Raises $1.5M ; Opens Chicago Office - Techli
The Series A round came from Mercury Fund out of an available $3 million offering. 


Meal-delivery Startup Plated Goes Mobile - Crain's New York
One of several players in the competitive space, Plated will launch a food truck to sell packages directly to consumers starting Oct. 20.

With ShopWings, Instacart Gets A Wink And A Clone From Rocket Internet - TechCrunch
The startup bills itself as an online supermarket that delivers daily goods from local grocery stores. It will launch in Munich and rapidly expand in the months ahead. 

Google Wants To Be Your Grocer as It Expands Express Delivery Service - The Street 
Watch this video for a closer look at Google's expanded shopping express service. 



If We End World Hunger, You’ll Have These Teenagers to Thank - Modern Farmer
They found that Rhizobia could be the silver bullet that increases the output of staple crops around the world, winning Google Science Fair last month.

CARANA Works to Develop Guyana’s Growing Potential; Launches AgFunder Campaign - AgFunder
The company wants to boost Guyana’s production potential and commercial viability by scaling sustainable farms, modernizing the industry and diversifying crops.

Sensors Increasingly Important for Mid-South Agriculture - The Farm Press
With the increasing use of precision technology in agriculture, electronic sensors, both soil moisture and crop monitoring, have become key tools.

Fungus Could Be the Key to Avoiding a Global Food Crisis - Wired
Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies has developed a seed treatment that allows crops like rice and corn to withstand severe droughts and extreme temperatures.


Could A Food Scanner Change How We Understand Diet and Health? - Fast Company
TellSpec is working on a handheld scanner that tells you what's in your food and adds diet to the developing map of health data. 

Can an App Help a Child Lose Weight? - SF Gate
While the market is flooded with weight-loss apps, Kurbo claims to be different because it’s based on practices from a program at Stanford University with a proven track record.

National Kidney Foundation launches interactive nutrition portal My Food Coach - Nephrology News & Issues
It allows people to customize meal plans based on food preferences and/or chronic conditions such as kidney disease and diabetes. 


11 Apps for Your Next Trip to the Farmers Market - Food Tank
Here are eleven apps that help increase the impact of each market visit for buyers and sellers alike.

Drop Gets Its First $2 Million In Seed To Prep For More Products To Come - TechCrunch
Led by Frontline Ventures and Innovation Works with participation from PCH and WI Harper Group, the round will be used to help build out the team and market the product.

New App Dishes 3D Pictures of Food - Gizmag
Dacuda based the app on its SLAM Scan 3D technology, which turns the iPhone into a 3D scanner.


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