Wencon Repair News October 2016




Cylinder Liner damaged


Cylinder Liner cavitated

Cylinder Liner damaged, due to cooling water cavi-tation. Deepest cavity is app. 8-9mm.

Surface preparation before application

Surface sandblasted and degreased with WENCON Cleaner and ready for application.

WENCON Ceramic Cream

Cavities now filled with Ceramic Cream and finally one extra layer of 700µm Ceramic Cream applied. 


WENCON Tanker Kit

The demand for repair products for Tanker vessels has lead to a WENCON Tanker Kit. The Tanker Kit contains products for repairs on pipes, tanks, pumps, coolers, heating coils, etc. The Kit is targeted for Tanker vessels and enables a wide variety of repair solutions incl. applications in high humidity and high temperature surroundings. For more information, please contact our sales department



WENCON workshop training seminar

We are delighted, to present you to our new WENCON certified workshops below.

WENCON products must be applied correctly in order to obtain the best results and the training seminars are therefore held by experienced WENCON applicators. The WENCON training seminars allow the workshops to learn and perfect their application skills and to improve their application standard.

First part of a WENCON workshop training is the theoretical part followed by instructions in how to recognise galvanic corrosion, erosion, cavitation, wear or breakage. Next step is surface treatment, temperature conditions, general use and mix of WENCON products. Quality control, introduction to WENCON User Manual and WENCON website with tools for guidance to applications etc. are part of the training as well.


WENCON workshop training with Crosscomar S.L., Spain

Crosscomar S.L. is a reputable ship repair & marine service company, dedicated to offer an integral repair service, in all Spanish ports. Their headquarters are presently located at Algeciras and Tanger Med.

Their experienced workforce is ready for immediate mobilization and they complete the work when ships are at anchorage, alongside or on voyage reducing off-hire cost and other expenses incurred at shipyards.


Crosscomar, has now become a part of the Maritime Group of Companies, whose activities relate to all types of ship repair, maintenance, installation and conversion of international fleets worldwide.


WENCON workshop training in Italy with

- Jobson Italia, La Spezia
- T. Mariotti, S.p.A.,Genoa
- San Giorgio Del Porto S.p.A., Genoa

The training seminars were held at workshops locally and accomplished with great success. 

Through theoretical and practical training, the workshops are now educated to perform repair jobs, according to WENCON application standard.

For more information on WENCON workshops and partners see Wencon Partners


Marine Maintenance Service workshop training in NL

WENCON distributor and partner Repair Management Nederland BV has recently made agreements with three workshops in the Netherlands, to be WENCON certified workshop.  Marine Maintenance Service is one of them, and the training took place at their workshop in Farmsum, NL, where different repair methods were used.

"The training was very successful with a group of enthusiastic participants, which all passed the training with good success. Besides the engineers, two Superintendents from the Shipping company Wijnne & Barends were participating.

Six WENCON Service engineers are now part of the WENCON team, and ready to perform repair jobs. Marine Maintenance is also able to carry out other type of repair jobs on board. They are specialised in engine repair and overhaul jobs".

                                                                                           Ronald van Pinxteren, Repair Management, NL       


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