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October 3, 2019


Dear Members of Equestrian Western Australia and friends of the State Equestrian Centre,

As you are aware, your Board and the CEO have been working hard to secure the long-term future of the State Equestrian Centre (SEC) without burdening our members with excessive membership fees or unreasonable hire charges for the use of the facility.

On Monday 23 September, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Mick Murray MLA signed-off on a significant assistance package to enable the SEC to continue operating under the management of EWA for the next two years.

In the past six months, the Department has undertaken a due diligence assessment on the governance and financial management of the Board and Equestrian WA – this report was very favourable and has led to this important next step in our process.

During the next two years, the structure of the management of the SEC will be reviewed along with the negotiation of the lease of the facilities from the City of Swan to ensure a sustainable future over the long term.

Whilst there is considerable infrastructure funding still required to ensure the long term future of the State Equestrian Centre, the news we are able to share today is a big step towards our goals to ensure that this invaluable asset for all equestrians remains one of the best in the country and is available to all to use whether for a recreational ride, local competition, state and national championship.

We look forward to the continued support of our members and the State and Federal Governments to put the full Asset Management Plan in place.

Ron Fleming
On behalf of the Equestrian Western Australia Board and CEO
28th September 2019


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A hot humid day. One rider. One horse. Both are exercising at a moderate level. Who is more likely to overheat?

It might surprise you to know that your horse gets hotter much faster than you and is more susceptible to the negative effects of heat stress.

Prof. Michael Lindinger, an animal and exercise physiologist at the University of Guelph, explains: “It only takes 17 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in hot, humid weather to raise a horse’s temperature to dangerous levels. That’s three to 10 times faster than in humans. Horses feel the heat much worse than we do.”

And the effects can be serious. If a horse’s body temperature shoots up from the normal 37 to 38 C to 41 C, temperatures within working muscles may be as high as 43 C, a temperature at which proteins in muscle begin to denature (cook). Horses suffering excessive heat stress may experience hypotension, colic and renal failure.

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Equestrian WA is committed to delivering educational experiences to our members and the community. With that said, we are now taking expressions of interest from interested individuals who would like to attend a 1-day First Aid Course.

Please fill in the EOI form here and advise your preferred date from the list of times that you would be interested in attending. More details will be confirmed, once we have gained enough interest.




Equestrian Australia has received an invitation from the Thailand Equestrian Federation (TEF) for riders to compete in borrowed a horse event in Bangkok from 17-20 November 2019. Equestrian Australia would like to invite members who meet the age category of 14 – 18 years of age this year, to indicate their interest to compete at these competitions. All interested riders will need to complete the Expressions of Interest form, to be considered. Further details can be found here.



Carl Hester MBE
"Through the Levels" Masterclass
Monday 14 October 2019

Only 2 weeks left until the Ultimate Master of Dressage, Carl Hester MBE, touches down in Perth for his renowned “Through the Levels” Masterclass at the State Equestrian Centre on Monday 14 October! How exciting! Don’t forget to grab your tickets from TryBooking before they sell out. 

We know it’s a ‘school night’, but don’t stress about dinner because we have it covered. There’ll be a range of food choices on offer both before and during the event, including Indian, Mexican and burgers, along with the all-important bar and a coffee van. Bring your wallet too, because there’ll be plenty of goodies for sale at the La Noir Saddleworld, Spooks Riding, Pimp My Pony and County Saddlery trade stalls. We’ll also be selling $5 raffle tickets, giving you the chance to win a PDS saddle from the Carl Hester Collection kindly donated by La Noir Saddleworld, and special event caps which are great for Carl to sign for only $20.

Gates open at 2.30pm before the masterclass class kicks off at 4.30pm. The evening concludes with an autograph session.
This event is proudly brought to you by Dressage WA, in conjunction with Leesa Murray and Piaffe. We would like to thank our generous event sponsors La Noir Saddleworld, Spooks Riding, Performance Vehicles Australia (Equi-trek) and Barbagallo Land Rover.

For more event information visit Dressage WA


Swan River Dressage 

  • 26-27 October 2019 - Spring Gala - 2 days of official classes - Dressage with Decorum Series Final



  • Brigadoon 2 ODE - 2nd/3rd Nov, classes from 3* to 65cm, including ARC classes







by Hayley Bettink

Hi to all my WA members back home, here is my story so far.

We arrived in São Paulo on Tuesday night after an 11 hour flight to Dubai and then 14 hours to Brazil. Wednesday was spent relaxing and recuperating being very jet lagged! Thursday we travelled out to a stable 45 minutes away from our hotel. I was lucky enough to try two beautiful horses. The first a delightful black mare with a fabulous uphill canter and a working attitude, she was the favourite!

The second horse a leggy bay gelding with great technique but a more difficult ride than the first. Tomorrow we are off to try more horses at two more stable before deciding on one to ride this weekend in the warm up competition, very excited to have started riding and have received our Australian uniforms!

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The final ‘Commit to Coaching’ four day intensive course was a great success with a number of trainees successfully completing their personal coaching goals. The group lessons challenged some trainees, particularly in the areas of moving them around the arena safely and setting up their exercises in order to achieve their lesson goals. Overall, the trainee’s enthusiasm and support of each other throughout the course was very impressive. The response from those offering to be volunteer ‘demo’ riders was amazing with 35 riders giving up their time to ride for the trainees over the four days. Their riding standard was excellent and gave the trainees ample opportunity to develop their coaching skills. Some of the riders came each day. We couldn’t have managed without them.

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Entries have now closed for the ARCA Spring Challenge being hosted by Orange Grove ARC. Even if you haven't entered, we invite you to come and enjoy watching some dressage. There will be tests from Preparatory to Medium, plus Freestyles at all levels, Pas de Deux and the Quadrille! It promises to be an enjoyable day with a healthy canteen and coffee van onsite. See you there!

Upcoming Events



Auditor/Fence Sitter places are still available for BELINDA BOLSENBROEK’S WA MASTERCLASS (Rider places are all filled.)

Auditor fee $65

Join us to watch Belinda work with her WA Masterclass Students on Friday 25 October 2019 at Sunninghill Equestrian Center (Indoor arena) in Stoneville.

As  part  of  the  clinic,  auditors  will  receive  group  tuition  over  a  series  of  lectures,  which  cover  the  concepts  and  theories  that  underlie  Belinda’s  training  methods.

Lecture  topics  covered  include  a  variety  of  subjects,  including:

  • Theories and  biomechanical  knowledge  underlying  Belinda’s  training  methods
  • Diagrams detailing  the  purpose  and  correct  performance  of  dressage  exercises
  • The steps  of  training  in  logical  order  of  progression   –  The  concepts  and  uses  of  natural  horsemanship  and  liberty  work
  • Common training  mistakes  to  avoid
  • History and  evolution  of  horsemanship  from  ancient  Greek/Roman  times  to  the  present

All  clinic  participants  are  encouraged  to  ask  questions  during  both  theoretical  and  practical  sessions,  though  please  bear  in  mind  not  to  be  disruptive  to  other  riding  participants  lessons.

Auditor tickets are available here:


Where:  Sunninghill Equestrian Centre, 3010 Riley rd Stoneville
When:  Sat 19 & Sun 20 Oct 2019
Auditor/Fence Sitter positions still available (Rider positions are all filled)

Kassie Southwell is a coach in both equine and rider biomechanics. Kassie follows classical principles that address both the rider and horse to ensure soundness and correct biomechanics and function of the horse. In her one on one coaching sessions, riders will work through understanding the balance and precision of the seat and how the horse moves beneath the rider. Exercises will be prescribed and worked through to improve the horse’s musculoskeletal imbalances and restrictions with the movement therapy, aiming at correcting spinal alignment in lateral motion. Lateral exercises are discussed as to how they work and why they are important in developing the horse’s strength, coordination, suppleness and soundness and how to make them correctly so that they are improving the horses body and mind. 

Riders can also explore the art form of in hand work which is another wonderful tool and skill that can help both a rider and horse develop an understanding of the exercises while giving the horse a chance to discover balance without a rider above. In hand also offers the handler the skill of training the eye to see what is correct and what is not and how and when to make the subtle corrections to help the horse maintain balance and alignment. Horses that are often highly strung or 'hot' benefit greatly from in hand work.
Clinics are suitable for all horse and rider levels, all breeds and all disciplines. Green and young horses welcome.

Limited positions available.

Clinic format; Practical Participants will receive three one on one sessions with Kassie over the course of the two days. Two theory components are held over the two days totalling two and a half hours of theory.
Auditors will be privy to watching and listening to lessons as well as the theory components.

Auditor/Fence sitter fee - $60 a day or $100 for both days
BYO Lunch.

Topics covered include but not limited to:

  • Spinal Alignment – How it creates balance, settles the horses mind, creates symmetry & straightness.
  • Neurological connections and pathways
  • Forward and Open and why we create it.
  • Longitudinal Bend and how it influences posture
  • Transverse Rotations and how it influences posture and strengthens the horse.
  • 3 Main Junction points & why it is important to ensure they are supported correctly when in motion
  • The Nuchal Ligament
  • Indicators, what to look for?
  • Restrictions and how we discover them and then help them through therapy in motion.
  • Rider Biomechanics and the influence our seat has.
  • Rider Aids
  • Connection & Partnership
  • Equine Biomechanics
  • Identifying Functional and Dysfunctional movement
  • Creating Functional Movement to improve horses performance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Common ailments and how we can help
  • Correct alignments in lateral work and how it improves the horses ability for all disciplines
  • Harmonious Training
  • True Collection and how it is created
  • The exercises we use in motion to help our horses health and wellbeing.
  • Straightness Training
  • Before & Afters
  • The 'short cuts' and what to avoid.

Tickets: or email:

Accommodation, camping and overnight agistment bookings contact Sunninghill: 0407 384 794

EWA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Department of Sport and LotteryWest.

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