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In this Issue - read about:

- Clinical reminders undergoing testing for Bp SMS
- New reporting tool for Aboriginal Medical Services
- Bp and Cubiko collaboration
- Electronic results roll out for BreastScreen NSW
- Bp VIP.net Tips and Tricks
- Bp Learning News – Remote Training & Free BeInTheKnow webinar series
- Spotlight on My Health Record – important information for your Practice

Clinical reminders undergoing testing for Bp SMS

For Bp Premier users in Australia

Testing is now underway for exciting new Bp SMS features in the upcoming version of Bp Premier – Indigo SPI.
Here’s just some of the extra features that will make Bp SMS even more valuable in your Practice:

• The ability to directly SMS patients from the Inbox
• Follow-up of patient results will be made easier with the inclusion of our Bp SMS feature available in the Follow up Inbox
• Reminders can now be sent to consented patients using Bp SMS
• Utilities Search - utilise our fantastic inbuilt search tool to identify particular groups of patients and contact them securely using our Bp SMS service

And a reminder that Bp SMS is now also integrated into Version 6 of Bp Allied, and the Ruby version of Bp VIP.net.
If you don’t already use Bp SMS, contact us now to find out how our integrated Bp SMS solution would make workflows easier, efficient and cost-effective for your practice, adding value to your patients through convenient reminders direct to their mobile phone.

Contact our Sales team for more information about Bp SMS or call the team on 1300 40 1111 in Australia and 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand.

New reporting tool for Aboriginal Medical Services

For Bp Premier users in Australia

Best Practice has completed the development of a direct load reporting tool for nKPI, HCP, and certain OSR data for our Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS). The new Bp Premier Reporting Tool is currently being tested by a number of our beta sites and will be available for the December 2018 reporting period. All AMS sites will be emailed instructions on installing and using the tool prior to the reporting date for the December 2018 reporting period.

The benefits of this tool include:

  • Reduce the time your staff spend on producing reports for your practice.
  • Send reports directly to the Federal Department of Health’s Health Data Portal.
  • Preview summary and detailed data before submitting the report through the easy-to-use wizard interface.

Sites need to be running Bp Premier Indigo or higher to install and run the reporting tool.
If you would like any further information about the new reporting tool, you can contact us and request more information.

Bp VIP.net Tips and Tricks

For Bp VIP.net users in Australia and New Zealand

Next Appointment Recall
The Next Appointment Recall function has been released with the Ruby release of Bp VIP.net. This feature enables Practices to create an appointment waiting list and run a report to see who is waiting for an appointment.

Place a patient on the Next Appointment Recall List
Ensure the correct patient is in the snap shot:

  1. Click the Next Appointment Recall button ( Alt+Spacebar) The Next Appointment Recall for …. Screen is displayed.
  2. Fill in a Date for the future appointment, Page Owner, Booking Type and enter any booking Notes.
  3. Click OK.
    The patient has been added to the Next Appointment Recall Report.
  4. Click Reports menu>Appointment Book Reports>Next Appointment Recall to view the report.

The Report is displayed with the list of all patients who have been added to the Next Appointment Recall.

The filters at the top of the report will allow you to run the report by different criteria.

• The Recalls Due From and to date fields will filter the report results by the ‘Date’ field when the patients were added to the Next Appointment Recall.

Current Patient: Only displays report results for the patient in the snapshot
Overdue Appointment Recalls Only: Displays results for patient recalls where the Date field has expired.
Resolved Appointment Recalls Only: Displays results for patients whose recall has been RESOLVED.

 5. Click the Run Report button to run the report.
The buttons at the bottom of the screen will allow you to:

• Send a BULK SMS reminder to patients displayed in the report to instruct them to ring and book an appointment
• Create a mail merge into an appointment reminder letter
• Print the list for manual management at the Practice.

Resolve the Next Appointment Recall
When a patient has booked their appointment, the Next Appointment Recall must be resolved.

  1. Click the Appointment History button (Ctrl+Spacebar) for the patient.
  2. Click the Show Next Appointment Recalls tick box at the bottom of the screen.

The Next Appointment Recall will display in Red in the List with no location or Stage.

3. Double click on the Red Next Appointment Recall to resolve it.

If you have resolved the appointment recall in error,

  1. Go to the Next Appointment Recall Report, select the Resolved Appointment Recalls tick box and run the report.
  2. Click the Next Appointment Recall button (Alt+Spacebar) to add the patient back onto the Next Appointment Recall.

Remote Training

For Australian users of Bp Premier, Bp VIP.net and Bp Allied and New Zealand users of Bp VIP.net

Bill Gates was coined several years ago as saying, “A rule of thumb is that a lousy process will consume ten times as many hours as the work itself requires.” The systematic examination and improvement of administrative processes can seem scary and overwhelming, particularly if you don’t know where to start. If you want to increase productivity in your Practice, this article is for you.

Do you find yourself thinking about any of the following scenarios or questions?

  • Have my patients ever complained about a business process? Perhaps they’d accidentally received an incorrect reminder notice, or were recalled in for a reason that wasn’t clear to them
  • Does your Practice produce numerous errors or repeat the same errors?
  • Do you have a desire to want to know how your Practice can improve its efficiency so your Clinical staff can spend time on more valuable work?
  • Do you want to understand the correct end-to-end process across your clinic from how you open to your end of day procedure?
  • Do you have duplicated tasks across multiple areas?
  • Is my data clean? Is it free of duplicates? Does it have clean and clear reminder reasons? Do my reports pull the correct information for my requirements?

Let us help you take the step towards a more efficiently run Practice. Remote training can be highly customised to suit your Practice’s need, and with one flat fee per hour, it’s a very cost effective way of getting a lot of knowledge to a lot of people. With technology that allows us to see how your business operates, we are best placed to show you more efficient ways of doing things. All of our sessions are recorded and provided to you, should you wish to refresh at a later stage, or use as a training tool for new staff.

To find out more information or to book in a time slot, click here or contact the Product Training and Knowledge Team on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand today.

BeInTheKnow Webinars

For Bp Premier users in Australia

Our two-part BeInTheKnow webinar series - eHealth Take 2, is your practice still eHealth ready? - will conclude this month with the free one-hour webinar focusing on;
• What is the Practice Incentive Program - ePIP
• The ePIP 5 eligibility requirements
• Secure messaging delivery
• Electronic transfer of prescriptions
• Data cleansing and clinical coding
Sessions will be held:
• Tuesday 27th November at 2pm
• Wednesday 28th November at 9am
• Thursday 29th November at 1pm

To book in click here and join us to be eHealth ready with our webinar series!

BreastScreen NSW Electronic Results

For Bp Premier users in Australia

BreastScreen NSW is gradually rolling out the delivery of electronic results. Practices with compatible software should expect to receive a notification directly from BreastScreen NSW informing of the date from which electronic results will be enabled.
The pre-requisites to receive BreastScreen NSW results electronically include:
• use Bp Premier software; and
• have an open account with either HealthLink or Medical-Objects (free of charge); and
• be based in NSW or border sharing locations.
Once secure messaging from BreastScreen NSW is enabled at your practice, the following results will be delivered electronically to your software, and will no longer be delivered via post:
1. Normal Result: No evidence of breast cancer detected
2. Normal Result: No evidence of breast cancer detected, but a breast change was reported; GPs to follow up
3. Return to Assessment: Client to attend BreastScreen NSW Assessment Clinic
4. Assessment Outcome Report of clients who have NOT undergone biopsy.

Note: Assessment Outcome Reports for clients who have undergone biopsy or who require surgical management will continue to be delivered via post.
The electronic version of the result letter will contain the same information as the hardcopy letters you have been receiving. It will be sent to your inbox within the software for actioning.

Cubiko and Bp Premier set to revolutionise General Practice

For Bp Premier users in Australia

After announcing their joint venture partnership at the AAPM Conference in Canberra, leading Brisbane-based Data Analytics specialists ‘Aginic’ and award-winning general practice provider ‘Inala Primary Care’ have launched their latest product offering ‘Cubiko’, in collaboration with Bp Premier.

Cubiko is set to revolutionise the way General Practices across Australia are managed, creating operational and cost saving efficiencies across all facets of practice management.
By centralising data from practice management, accounting and rostering systems, Cubiko fills a need in the practice management market by consolidating data into a series of user-friendly, real-time interactive dashboards accessible to all members of the General Practice.

Team Bp has thrown our support behind Cubiko via a formal partnership arrangement due to be announced shortly. Best Practice and Cubiko will be working together to design a seamless access point from our Bp Premier product. This further extends Cubiko’s ability to save practices time and bring information to the people needing information to act. Such built in functionality means staff will not have to switch screens or remember to login to see what needs to be actioned to keep patients and practice owners happy. 
Cubiko is currently offering pilot access to the platform for 20 lead practices. Early adopters of the pilot program will join a community of practices actively engaged in refining Cubiko to improve Practice operations and profitability across the broader general practice community of Australia.

To apply for the Cubiko pilot, visit www.cubiko.com.au

Spotlight on My Health Record

Information you should know about Unauthorised access
Under the My Health Records Act, it is an offence for a person to collect, use, or disclose health information contained in a My Health Record if that activity is not authorised under the Act and the person knows the activity is not authorised, or is reckless as to whether it is authorised.  Penalties apply under the Act, including up to 600 penalty units ($126,000 for an individual and $630,000 for a body corporate), or up to two years’ imprisonment.

Accessing a My Health Record by mistake is not associated with a penalty under the My Health Records Act, but might constitute a privacy breach under the Privacy Act (1988 (Cwlth). Failure to notify the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) might incur a civil penalty of up to 100 penalty units ($18,000 for an individual and $90,000 for a body corporate).

The RACGP supports the OAIC’s preferred regulatory approach to facilitate voluntary compliance with privacy obligations and to work with entities to ensure best privacy practice and prevent privacy breaches. More details can be found here and resources, webinar and workshop information here.

Excerpt from RACGP Publication My Health Record: A brief guide for general practice