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Beware of email Phishing scams

For Bp customers in Australia and New Zealand

We have received information regarding a possible malicious phishing email being sent to practices and their email contacts lists, purporting to be a Best Practice Software NZ invoice.  It is contained in the body of an email from “Bp Software” - billing@bpsoftware.co.nz - and a link to “View & Pay Invoice”.

If you receive an email from billing@bpsoftware.co.nz or any unfamiliar email disguising as Best Practice do not click on any links and delete it immediately.

A reminder to all Bp customers that invoices generated from New Zealand will come from messaging-service@post.xero.com.  The invoice is always included as an attachment to the email itself, which contains the company logo, address details etc (as well as included in the body of the email). If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 40 1111 in Australia or 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand.


Clinical reminders coming soon to Bp SMS

For Bp Premier users in Australia

There are numerous reasons why more and more practices around Australia are choosing to utilise our Bp SMS service.

The major benefits of SMS in Bp Premier Management include:

  • Integrates seamlessly into the Bp Premier Management Appointment module.
  • Simplifies Patient communications
  • Save time and money while greatly reducing the risk of “No-Show” appointments.
  • Patients can receive valuable appointment reminders direct to their mobile phone
  • Seamless two-way SMS allows Patients to confirm an appointment with a “YES” reply.
  • Simple workflows & templates to automate reminders

An integrated Bp SMS solution makes workflows easier, efficient and cost-effective for the practice and adds value to the patient through convenient reminders direct to their mobile phone.

Stay tuned for our Bp SMS features in an upcoming version of Bp Premier:

  • The ability to directly SMS patients from the Inbox
  • Follow-up of patient results will be made easier with the inclusion of our Bp SMS feature available in the Follow up Inbox
  • Reminders can now be sent to consented patients using Bp SMS
  • Utilities Search - utilise our fantastic inbuilt search tool to identify particular groups of patients and contact them securely using our Bp SMS service

And a reminder that Bp SMS is now also integrated into Version 6 of Bp Allied, and the Ruby version of Bp VIP.net.

Contact our Sales team for more information about Bp SMS or call the team on 1300 40 1111 in Australia and 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand.

Version 6 (V6) of Bp Allied Out Now!

For Bp Allied users in Australia and New Zealand

Version 6 (V6) of Bp Allied has been recently released, and if you missed attending one of our Masterclasses, you can still catch up at a time and place that suits you as we’ve made available the recording to our valued customers. 
You’ll find out about the fantastic new features contained within V6, such as:
• Private health claiming through our partnership with Tyro HealthPoint
• Integration with popular financial software Xero
• New messaging functionality with our very own Bp SMS
• Medicare and DVA claiming enhancements

You can access the Masterclass recording by visiting our Vimeo page.


Bp VIP. net News

For Bp VIP.net users in Australia and New Zealand

The Ruby version of Bp VIP.net has recently been released, and if you missed attending one of our Masterclasses, you can still catch up at a time and place that suits you as we’ve made available the recording to our valued customers. 

You’ll find out about the fantastic new features contained within Ruby, such as:

  • Enhanced functionality of the Financial Summary to allow you to run the Billed, Payments, Condensed and Item Analysis reports on screen.
  • Inclusion of an Invoice Column to allow you to track all modifications and redirections on an invoice using our brand-new Invoice Number format.
  • The new Bp SMS service – a very robust practice messaging service with reduced costs in sending messages to your patients
  • New Functionality in the Appointment book and the new Next Appointment Recall function and report.
  • Emailing using the Bp VIP.net email editor now has greater security and a report to see all sent emails through Bp VIP.net.
  • Changes and Enhancements to Financial Reporting in Bp VIP.net including a new Declines report where it is easy to see all declined batches and invoices.
  • A new adjustment option when receiving an overpayment on an invoice or batch.
  • Increased security around adding and modifying Allergy records
  • Enhanced Security Feature - Confidential Notes now contain a ‘Break Glass’ function and an audit report to view when the ‘break glass’ has been used.
  • New Ophthalmology Feature –The VA format can now be recorded per right eye, left eye or both.

You can access the Bp Masterclass recordings by visiting our Vimeo page (click on the orange links below to access the recording you're interested in) or alternatively through our Knowledge Base, which can be accessed through the Help>Online Menu when you have upgraded to Bp VIP.net Ruby.

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Bp Allied Tips and Tricks

For Bp Allied users in Australia

DVA White Card Holders

Card Type and Disability (for White card holders) can now be entered against a Client. This means that when sending a DVA Claim, then DVA number is now validated before sending. In addition, if it is a White card, then Bp Allied will also check that a Disability description has been entered prior to sending the Claim.

These new fields need to be added to your layout. Read how to add these to your layout here or watch our video on this.

Bp VIP.net Tips and Tricks

For Bp VIP.net users in Australia and New Zealand

Your Site ID Number

Here at Bp, we use a system to record important information about your Practice and key contacts and to keep track of all customer interactions – two-way communication between us and you. To aid us to record your information, we have allocated a unique Site ID to every customer - it is in the form of BPS-nnnnn, where nnnnn is a number.   We’d really like you to know your Site ID and for you to also record your Site ID in your Bp VIP.net database.   Why?  It will be a really quick way for us to call up your details when you call in or email us. So the next time you call our Sales or Support Team, please ask the agent for your Site ID. 

Here’s how to record your Site ID in your Bp VIP.net database:

Select Help>About
Enter the number from your Site ID and click Close.

Window Menu

Sometimes when you have multiple screens open in Bp VIP.net a task may not be able to be completed as another screen is open in the ‘Background’. Click the Window menu to see all the screens that are open.
The screen in focus will be displayed with a tick.
Click on the other windows to display the screen again.


If your providers want to look at MIMS through Bp VIP.net without affecting the patient who is in the snapshot. Click on the Help>Mims menu to display the MIMS screen. In New Zealand to access New Zealand Formulary click on the Help>NZF Explorer.

In the Ruby version of Bp VIP.net be sure to look at the great new functionality of the Next Appointment Recall and the Next Appointment Recall Report.

Find instructions of how to use this new feature in the Knowledge Base. Select Administration>Appointment Book>Recall Appointments

If you have not updated your Bp VIP.net database to Ruby yet, please provide your IT with the System Requirements and the Bp VIP.net Ruby (v517) install and upgrade docs in the Ruby Knowledge base.

Be in the Know!

For Bp Premier users in Australia

Our popular Be in the Know sessions are continuing in October, with this month’s session – eHealth Take 2, is your practice still eHealth ready?

Part One of a Two part series, this free one hour webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the My Health Record (MHR) program
  • Knowing how to access information for Digital Health, PRODA & HPOS
  • Understanding the need to register your clinic for HPI-O & NASH certificates
  • Accessing information & registering your clinic for eHealth PIP
  • Accessing instructions to configure Bp for MHR
  • Accessing MHR records in Bp Premier
  • Importing & validating IHI numbers
  • Uploading a Shared Health Summary (SHS) & Event Summary (ES)
  • Knowing how to track number of uploaded SHS

Part One will be run in five identical sessions, to be held from Monday 8th October to Friday 12th October (see the website for times) and will also be recorded for use at any time in the future.
To book in click here​!

Ensure you keep your eyes open for the November edition of Evolution, as we will then open registrations for Part Two, covering topics such as Secure Messaging, Prescriptions, Data Cleansing and more.

Update on the Victorian SafeScript Project

For Bp Premier users in Victoria

The SafeScript project went live for doctors and pharmacists in the Western Victorian Primary Health Network area on 1st October 2018, and then will go live across the rest of the state early in 2019 before becoming mandatory in April 2020.

We are working hard to make sure that this important change to your clinical workflow is implemented as seamlessly as possible within our product. This change will be implemented directly within Bp Premier as part of our scheduled Indigo SP1 release expected to be available by the end of 2018.

Once you register and connect to SafeScript our integration with the real-time prescribing service will automatically check the SafeScript database for you and notify you of any relevant alerts for that patient.

In preparation for this exciting initiative practices can:

  • Register for SafeScript using your AHPRA number 
  • Update your software to our Indigo SP1 release when available
  • Activate SafeScript following your upgrade to Indigo SP1, training material and free webinars will be available to support this initiative during our release process

Further information on the SafeScript project can be found on the Victorian Government website available here.

Bp supports Gidget Foundation Australia

Gidget Foundation Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides programs to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents.

Gidget was the nickname of a vibrant young mother who tragically took her own life while suffering postnatal depression. She hid her suffering from even her loving family and friends. Together, they created the Gidget Foundation Australia determined that what happened to Gidget would not happen to others.

Nearly 1 in 5 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers will experience perinatal depression and anxiety that is often hidden and not fully understood.

The Foundation relies on the generous support of companies such as Bp. Michaela Durrant, Program Manager at the Gidget Foundation said, “this support enables Gidget Foundation Australia to focus our funding on enabling families experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety across Australia to access fully funded psychological support.”

For more information visit www.gidgetfoundation.org.au

Bp Allied specialists popular at APS Congress

Our Bp Allied Specialists Mel and Paul attended the Australian Psychology Society Congress at the Sydney International Conference Centre over four fantastic days in the final week of September. The event showcased Psychology across Australia from a range of different specialisation areas.

With the release of Version 6 of our Bp Allied product, delegates had the chance to explore the enhancement and functionalities in Bp Allied’s V6 update. Entrants had the chance to enter Bp’s competition to win a Google Home Mini. The winner of the competition will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information on how to upgrade to the Bp Allied V6 release visit our website www.bpsoftware.net or give our friendly team a call on 1300 40 1111 in Australia and 0800 40 1111 in New Zealand.

Best Practice founders attend Smile Operations Australia Ball

Our CEO & Best Practice founders Dr. Frank and Lorraine Pyefinch attended the Operation Smile Australia charity ball in Brisbane last weekend to support children suffering from craniofacial conditions.

The event was a special opportunity for Frank and Lorraine to meet and greet the children from around the world who had directly benefitted from the volunteer surgery provided by the charity. 
Pictured is Dr. Pyefinch with Anshuman from India, who had undergone several major facial surgeries and is a success story from the amazing generosity provided by the non-for-profit organisation and its volunteer surgeons.

“It was amazing to meet the amazing children this charity supports, it’s a very worthy cause” said Dr Pyefinch.

Operation Smile believes every child deserves exceptional surgical care and drives a network of medical professionals who help aid their surgery. To donate to Operation Smile, click here

Spotlight on the MSIA Stakeholder Forum

Best Practice software is a member of the Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA) with co-founder Lorraine Pyefinch serving as member of the Executive. The MSIA works to enable a vibrant medical industry and promote the value of technology to improve health outcomes.  We recently had several team members attend the Stakeholder Forum in Brisbane.  Some of their interesting observations are listed below:

  • The audience showed great interest in the impending launch of the new Medicare web services and developer portal.  This was accompanied by healthy discussion around the need for consistency and clarity around the interpretation of Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) items.  Stephen Kelly of the Department of Human Services acknowledged the forums’ concerns and agreed that this has been an historical issue which needs continued work in future.
  • Interoperability was a core theme throughout many of the presentations and discussions during the day.   Related to this are a variety of improvements originating from live hospital safety and quality dashboards.  Speakers outlined the ways in which tangible benefits are being delivered in terms of patient outcomes and staff productivity.
  • Discharge summaries came up a few times with the representatives in the room coming from many perspectives and continuing to look to improve this critical piece of “handover of care”.
  • Queensland leadership in Digital Health:  Fantastic case studies were put forward on the achievements of both Metro North and Metro South Health and Hospital Services.  Dr Clair Sullivan and Dr Stephen Ayre provided insight into myriad achievements made possible with both technology and effective engagement with stakeholders.
  • Historically health has collected lots of data, specifically in paper patient files but it doesn’t become useful information until it is processed, structured or presented in a meaningful way.

For more information visit the MSIA website.