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4 Key Considerations for Bringing a Project's Story to Life


At RVi, we believe that good design is rooted in the context of a place. An important hallmark of our design process involves uncovering the context of a project and translating it into an authentic story that resonates with users. The story informs everything about the project – from planning and design to branding and promotion of the space.  Here are 4 places we like to start when trying to uncover the stories waiting to be told.

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Take a 3-D Tour of the New Teravista Splash Park

Construction is almost complete on the new 12-acre Splash Park coming to the Teravista master planned community in Georgetown, Texas.  You can get a sneak peak of this exciting new amenity via the animated flythrough, created by RVi’s in-house Lumion team for developer Newland Communities.

Splash Park is much more than a standard splash pad, offering three main areas for play and exploration.  The aquatic section of the park features a towering spider that blasts webs of water over 2,000 s.f., making for a colossal spider battle. Those who might be feeling less adventurous will enjoy the dragonfly mural and flowering water features. Low flow heads and recirculating water minimize water waste in the splash pad while maintaining water quality. The Splash Park is located at the high point of the site, offering a perfect vantage point of the Contemplative Trailhead across the park.

The Contemplative Trailhead offers subtle orientation cues via paving features that display the cardinal directions (N,S,E and W) as well as an overlook to an existing pond. Plantings were thoughtfully selected to attract butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds. 

The third area is Explorer Park, which features an eye-catching Explorer Dome with a 12+ ft. web of play to pique the curiosity of adults and children alike.  The Explorer Dome offers an array of webs and challenges that create a new adventure on every visit.

All three areas of the park are linked with 1/3 mile fitness loop trail, where visitors will find three strength training stations on a convenient circuit. The entire park is designed to minimize water use and blend in with the surrounding native vegetation.  With many exciting areas for fitness, recreation, and relaxation, the Splash Park will be a wonderful asset to Teravista and to the greater Georgetown parks system.

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RVi: Wandering Where the Wifi is Weak


RVi is always happy to see employees using their vacation time for travel and exploration. You will regularly find RViers traipsing around the country on long holiday weekends or flocking to different continents for several weeks of adventure throughout the year. Often, with a new-found perspective and and a bit of relaxation, we are better able to contribute to our work and become our best selves.

To salute those who have journeyed in 2017, we have compiled this year's travel highlights.

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