Why are JPC Staff wearing school Dresses?

Over 60 million girls around the world aren’t in school. Simply because they were born a girl.

Without an education a girl can be kept in the cycle of poverty, and struggle to earn an income or look after herself and her family.


Education can change everything. A girl's income increases by at least 10% for every year she stays in school. She'll get married later and have a smaller, healthier family when she’s ready. Her health, economic status, and future family all benefit.

14 JPC Staff members are participating in ‘Do it in a Dress’ during October and will be wearing a school dress once a week to raise funds.

If you would like to donate to the JPC team Doing it for the Girls please log on to

Early 2018 JPC hope to do an event that will benefit boys either in our community, Australia or abroad.

Staff news

We are delighted to announce that Mr and Mrs Robertson have had their baby – a beautiful girl.  Mother and daughter are doing very well.


In Mrs Robertson’s absence this term, I am very pleased to announce that Ms Elle Boller will be looking after Van Thuan with Mrs McLeod and that Ms Sarah Keane will be looking after the Performing Arts.  Mrs Allen will be joining the RE faculty during Term 4.


While Mr Robertson is away over the next six weeks, Ms Fleur Greaney will be looking after Vanier with Mrs McNamara and Ms Greaney will also be overseeing Physical Education and Health.  Mr Justin Pronin will be joining the PE & Health faculty during this time.  We will also welcome Mr Bradley Croker to the Physical Education and Health faculty in a few weeks’ time. 


Our Business Manager, Mr Keith Vardanega is away on leave during Term 4 and Mrs Kris Davis will be Acting Business Manager until his return.  She will be happy to meet with you to help you with any queries you have.  Acting in her place as Principal’s EA and Enrolment Officer, we welcome Mrs Natasha Bramham.


We are very pleased to welcome back Mrs Vicki Williams who enjoyed her term of leave during term 3.  Mr Dodd will be on leave for the first four weeks of Term 4 and Mrs Allana Masterson will take his classes during that time.

Casey Shops

This week we have received a complaint from a member of the public concerning the behaviour of St John Paul II students at Casey shops. Some of the concerning behaviour has included inappropriate language, disrespect for members of the general public and a disregard for the property in the Centre. There has also been a concern raised about students riding their bikes in a dangerous manner around the outside of the shops.

This type of behaviour is having a negative impact on the reputation of the school and could possibly be harming student’s prospects of part-time work as staff at the shops have had to intervene and ask students to stop their behaviour.

This complaint is very concerning and we are asking parents to support us in reiterating appropriate and respectful interactions at all times. We will be speaking to all the students regarding their behaviour outside of school and the importance of maintaining a good reputation for their own future prospects. We will also have staff checking the Casey shops after school to monitor the behaviour of JPC students.


Thank you for supporting JPC in making our interactions with the wider community as positive as possible.


Stephanie O’Meara and Rachel Francis-Davies
Assistant Principals

World Mental Health Week@ JPC!   
The Tree of Support


Today a group of Ferré students, led by Mikayla Bronsan in Year 7, created a “Tree of Support” where all JPC students and staff were encouraged to write a message of hope or support for people facing mental health challenges. Mikayla’s vision was to have anyone who was experiencing such issues to feel supported and cared for by our school community.


The Tree of Support” turned out to be a great success, with yellow and green leaves of encouragement on display for the last day of Mental Health Week.

Congratulations to Mikayla for her initiative, and the Ferré House for their support in such a worthwhile event.


Pictured is our Tree of Support, with (L-R) Albert David, Mikayla Brosnan, Harvey Hazlehurst and Christopher Nicholas. Thanks also to the rest of the Ferré Team who helped put

Term 4 School Fees

Term 4 School Fee Statements have now been emailed out. Please contact the office if you have not received yours.

Departing Families

We are aware that some families will be leaving St John Paul II College at the end of this year. To help us with staffing and class structure for 2018, we would appreciate knowing which children will not be returning next year. If your child/ren will not be returning, please advise via email as soon as possible.



Growth Mindset@JPC – How can parents help?

 (Session 1 of 6)

As you saw in the last Key Messages (Term 3 Week 10), the whole JPC learning community  is re-invigorating our approach to working with a Growth Mindset and parents can be involved!


Over the next 6 weeks, we will publish a series of challenges and information bulletins to assist you in understanding the concept of a great Growth Mindset and allowing you to support your child’s Growth Mindset development – who knows, it may help yours as well!


The material and ideas shown here are taken from the Mindset Kit website (link below).


“3 ways parents can instil a Growth Mindset”


Watch the 3-minute video:


The way parents talk about ability and learning can have powerful effects on their kids’ beliefs. Below are 3 ways parents can instil a growth mindset. And remember, developing a growth mindset in yourself and in your kids is a process that takes time. Have a growth mindset about developing a growth mindset!

• Recognise your own mindset: Be mindful of your own thinking and of the messages you send with your words and actions.

• Praise the process: Praising kids for being smart suggests that innate talent is the reason for success, while focusing on the process helps them see how their effort leads to success.

• Model learning from failure: When parents talk positively about making mistakes, kids start to think of mistakes as a natural part of the learning process.

Next week: a Family Challenge: Practicing Process Praise



Year 9/10 Law Excursion

On Wednesday 11th October, the year 9/10 Law class went on an excursion to the ACT Magistrates Court, Parliament House and the High Court. They have been studying key aspects of our legal system such as how laws are made in Parliament and through the Judicial system. Luckily, we were able to catch a glimpse of the High Court in sitting – they were discussing the citizenship debate!

Sports Wrap.....



Darby Langdown and Nicholas Bodo (Year 8, Kennedy) went to Osaka, Japan in the recent school holidays, as part of the Australian Coerver Academy's Under 14s soccer team tour.

The boys were selected for the Coerver International Touring program back in January as a result of their performance at the summer performance camp. The team was made up of students from all over Australia. This is the second international tour these boys have been on with the Coerver Academy. Congratulations to Darby and Nicholas on their achievement.



Over the school holidays, Harry Costelloe (Year 10, Maathai) competed in the Australian Taekwondo Nationals in Bendigo where he won Gold! Harry is the 15-17 Years Australian National Champion for 2017. This is an extraordinary achievement for Harry, who has dedicated himself to training both locally and internationally in taekwondo. JPC congratulates Harry on his outstanding efforts.

JPC Cheerleaders

JPC Cheerleaders will be attending Scholastic Nationals in Sydney this weekend.

The cheerleaders have had a great lead up too this weekends National event with both the level 1 and 2 teams achieving first place positions at the final Canberra competition of the year,  last term. JPC also took out 4 th place overall out of all the cheerleading teams in Canberra and surrounding areas. This is a huge accomplishment as Canberra boasts some great competitive All Star teams.
Team members include :

Abigail Hurditch, Anna - Thanh Ebdon, Aspen McMullen, Ashlee Bedford, Anika Ginnivan, Brianna Ross, Charlie Atman, Georgia Gladman, Erica Alarcon, Emily Watt, Jessica Cousins, Jenna MCCArthy, Hannah Dawson, Giselle Harte, Isabel Henden, Jordan Skirtic, Keira Van Putten, Jasmin Bolton, Kimberley Bryan, Kiara Petriella, Madeline Moore, Madi Ozanne, Keeley Owen, India Grummett, Meika Drain, Mia Pennay, Olivia Henssen, Natalie Villarreal, Rebecca Rose, Sequoia Felizardo, Samantha Dawson, Somer Gellatly, Shae Bright, Shaelagh Sutherland, Tara Foster, Taylah Grocott, Zoe Platt


All the cheerleaders  have worked exceptionally hard through out the year and we wish them the best of luck.

Don’t miss out on seeing

our very own Mrs O’Shea performing in ‘Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’.


After fifteen years in exile for a crime he didn’t commit, Sweeney Todd returns to London with the help of a young sailor, Anthony. He soon discovers that his wife is dead and his daughter, Johanna, is in the hands of the evil Judge Turpin. With the help of Mrs Lovett, Todd opens a barber shop above her unsuccessful meat pie store with the hope of luring in the Judge for his murderous revenge. Todd’s lust for vengeance becomes so powerful that he turns his razor against the unsuspecting public of London – but then there is the problem of how to dispose of the bodies. Even though times are hard, Mrs Lovett’s meat pies become a raging success thanks to the help of a ‘special new ingredient’. Everything is looking up for the pair; all Todd needs to do now is to convince the Judge to sit in his chair…

Mental Health Awareness

Chris van Reyk has been a volunteer in Mental Health since around 2003, including presenting as part of Mental Illness Education Australia (MIE ) at schools in the ACT and Qld and have been long concerned at the lack of information for parents on this significant issue affecting  youth.  While there are websites such as Beyond Blue, Chris has found that information from people with a lived experience have a profound effect on the audience and these presentations are meant to supplement those already delivered to schools.

Bus Service Changes

Changes to the Transport Canberra Bus Network, Saturday 7 October 2017

On Saturday 7 October 2017, Transport Canberra will be introducing a revised network and timetable. This change is the first of a series of improvements towards an integrated public transport system in 2018 with the introduction of light rail to the nation’s capital.

This information including new timetables and maps are now available for parents and students to view on the Transport Canberra website –

Calling all Musicians

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a professional musician, travelling the world, performing your music to thousands of people?

The first step is right in front of you! Sign up to be a part of our school band program. We cover all musical genres and want to give you the pathway to succeed in music! Whether you have a group of friends or it’s just yourself, sign up and get started! Applications can be found at the Student office. Any further information please email Aron Lyon at

Instrumental Music

Learning music can help students’ self-confidence, self-discipline and team work. Music helps students progress in other important learning areas such as Maths and English. Indeed, countries with a strong focus on music education tend to have higher scores in literacy and numeracy. Engaging music programs have been shown to help with attendance and can be particularly beneficial for students who are not achieving well in school.

All of this evidence for music’s extrinsic benefits make a strong case for music education, but should not overshadow the sheer joy people experience making music, nor the value of the artform itself.


Positions are currently available in our Instrumental Music Program. We offer Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Strings, Woodwind and Piano. Applications can be collected at the Student Office. If you have any other questions please email me at


1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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