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Top Designer Vote - Theresa Neil, Austin TX

I spoke today at The University of Texas to a class of undergrads who are majoring in design. I shared my success story, starting as a lowly java developer then becoming Bill Scott's protege at Sabre, and eventually making the plunge as a consultant.

Nowadays I have a team of experts who work with me on some of the most exciting and challenging projects in the IT space. But I always attribute my success to the handful of start-ups who gave me a chance in my early days.

So imagine my suprise and delight to find out that some of these same start-ups have nominated me as a Top Designer for Business Insider.

If you think highly of the design services my team and I have provided you, please take a minute to send something like the message below to Megan Dickey  by the end of the week.

Thank you so much for your support!

Sincerely, Theresa


Sample letter from one of our local start-up clients:

Theresa Neil – Austin, TX

Two top selling O’Reilly Books:  “Designing Web Interfaces” and “Mobile Design  Pattern Gallery”

Expert on Three Screen Design; over 100+ product designs to her name

Clients:  Adobe, eBay/PayPal, Silvercar, AT&T but humble and entrepreneurial enough to want to work with early stage start-ups (like my firm).



Johnson & Johnson My Baby Today

She epitomizes that which is Austin Tech Scene – kick ass at what she does but doesn’t need to run around shouting about it; let’s her and her team’s work do the shouting.