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16 January 2015

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


Paddlers steer towards waka ama glory

Crowds heaved on the embankment and watched as paddlers dipped their blades into the water for the first time at the 2015 waka ama sprint nationals at Lake Karapiro.

Teams of 12 paddlers, all under the age of 10, kicked-off the week-long event in the full-sized double-hulled canoes as they ground through the flat water in front of thousands gathered in a tent city at the shore.

They were joined by their older peers as the week progressed with 10 age groups - intermediate, junior, open and masters divisions. Read more here.


Te Matatini 2015

Te Matatini will be held in Christchurch, at North Hagley Park, from 4-8 March. Te Pātuitanga – the Te Matatini 2015 governance group, the Waitaha Cultural Council, Te Matatini Society Inc team and executive members and Mana Whenua, Ngāi Tūāhuriri, are discussing the kaupapa and responsibilities that come with hosting the world's largest Māori event, Te Matatini 2015, in a five part web episode series. You can watch the first episode here.

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Top 10 things New Zealand does better than Australia

The Herald Sun in Victoria, Australia produced a list this week of the top 10 things that New Zealand does better than Australia. Enjoy!


Taste it: East Coast, where wisdom runs deep and the kaimoana's simply legendary

All up and down the East Coast, where high brown peaks plunge into dark blue ocean, the convergence of legend and water is constant.

At Whangara, the sleepy settlement that inspired Witi Ihimaera to write a Kiwi classic, Ngati Porou ancestor Paikea glided in on the back of a whale.

Mighty Mt Hikurangi, looming like a giant and set aglow in fiery orange by an East Cape dawn, is the resting place of the waka used by Māui to haul up the North Island.

The sacred Tākitimu canoe made landfall at several places from the cape to Mahia, while the statue of Captain James Cook at Turanga, now Gisborne, marks the point where another famous waka, the HMS Endeavour, arrived one day in October 1769.

Today, just up the coast at Tatapouri, Dean Savage is steering a boat across a blanket of light swells.

Dean thinks of the ocean as something of a church, demanding quiet and respect. Read more and view the video here.


.nz domain name changes – act now before your options expire

You may be aware that any person or business can now get shorter .nz domain names – for example, - in addition to all existing registration options like ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’.

You should already have heard from your provider about this change and what it means. We don’t want you to miss out on any special options available to you - options which will expire on 30 March 2015 - so read on for a reminder.

If you already have a website or email address ending with .nz, you could be able to register or reserve the shorter .nz version of your domain name before anyone else.

To see if you have preferential eligibility, talk to your .nz provider or visit the Domain Name Commission’s site, which also explains how you can go about registering or reserving the new kinds of domain names. Preferential eligibility expires 30 March 2015.

If you are eligible to register or reserve the shorter version of your name, you need to decide if you want to do so by 1pm, 30 March 2015.

If you don’t, then the shorter version of your domain name will become available for someone else to register. Even if this happens, though, your existing domain name will still be yours as long as it remains registered to you.