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An “Out-of-This World” Investment

What kind of investments have you made this year? Have you put your money into stocks or bonds, real estate or a business venture? Are you hoping for big returns – maybe 5%, 10%, or better? 

Incredibly, in God’s economy, we can expect a hundred-fold guaranteed return when we choose to invest in His Kingdom. One of His investment opportunities is Christian Education. In His word, God expresses His great desire for children to know of His love. We have a part to play in God’s long term goal to see these precious ones nurtured in the faith. 

When you invest in Christian Education, you enable our two schools, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School and Andrews Academy to give young people an education from God’s perspective. RMES is a place where parents, teachers, church, and community unite to bring children closer to God. Striving toward excellence, this diverse family of learners works with heads, hearts, and hands to nurture Christ-like characters. Andrews Academy’s goal is to continue this process during the high school years. By contributing to Christian Education (Line 3 on your tithe envelope), you will be partnering with others and sharing in a vision that God has for our children. The return on your investment will be “out-of-this-world”.

by Sue Rappette



[vol-uh n-teer]

  • Noun: a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

Do you ever feel so busy that you find it hard to keep up with your many family, work and social responsibilities? In this fast-paced society, deadlines come & go, and we often find it hard enough to make time for necessities. So when someone asks you to volunteer for a ministry at PMC, is your first reaction to flee, or "I wish I could, but . . ." 

There is something I have found that is counter-intuitive to the volunteer experience. When thinking about time and effort, it isn’t always a zero-sum gain.  Some people who are reticent to volunteer believe, “if I spend time volunteering, I will be so exhausted that I won’t have enough energy for work or home.” 

Here is the great news, Christ has a way of abundantly blessing our actions and multiplying the meager gifts of time that we have to offer. When we think we don’t have time, somehow it can become multiplied in a supernatural way that can only be done through divine intervention.  

I believe Christ blesses our time this way, not because the church needs so many workers, rather, because He needs me (and maybe you) to learn to let go of the things that keep us “busy”; to learn to give Him more of our time. One of the ways we can do this is by thinking and planning how we can serve in any of the many ministries of PMC.

If you have questions, don’t know who to contact, or already have some interest areas and would like some more information, feel free to email me at 

by Claudia Davisson 



“Not even J. R. R. Tolkien could dream up rings as precious as these.” So began the story of the Salvation Army red kettle outside Boston’s North Station a couple weeks ago. The  ringer hadn’t noticed that one of the passers-by had dropped into the kettle a letter with two objects tucked inside. When the charity emptied the kettle late that night, they found the letter, from a widow. Recalling her late husband as an especially giving soul (particularly during the holidays), the anonymous widow donated both her diamond engagement ring and wedding band. . . read more

By Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


PMC Christmas Breakfast

Bring your favorite holiday sweet rolls, and we'll provide the rest! Breakfast will be served between 9:00 and 10:00 am in the PMC Commons. 

If you would like to help serve, please call 471.3134

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