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5 December 2014

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


You may have read this week about the proposal to stop cars driving up to the summit of Mt Eden. CEO of NZ Māori Tourism, Pania Tyson-Nathan was interviewed on Radio NZ about her thoughts on the proposal - listen here.


First ginseng crop ready for sale

he first harvest of ginseng grown by a King Country land incorporation goes on sale at an Auckland gift shop next week. Maraeroa C chief executive Glen Katu says it has taken eight years to get the Asian herb to the stage where the roots can be picked, dried and packaged into gift boxes.

There has also been extensive research into the market, which is mainly in China and Korea where ginseng is used in medicines, tea, as a food additive and in ointments. Mr Katu says Chinese experts have reacted positively to what Maraeroa C can grow under its pine forests, and it's an opportunity other Maori forest owners can take up. Read more.

Marae a sanctuary for those in need

During Ana Apatu's time as chief executive for the U-Turn Trust her base has been Te Aranga Marae in Flaxmere. She has met a number of people (both paid and unpaid) who keep the marae going. When she means keep the marae going, she means - being on call for tangi, working in the kitchen, maintaining the gardens and buildings, cooking for visitors, making sure everything is kept clean and in working order, responding to visitors who arrive hungry or simply in need of a cup of tea and someone to talk to. Read more here.


Triathlon inspiring active choices

A multisport festival which acts as a beacon of hope for Māori amid ailing health statistics has swelled in popularity again this year, an organiser says.

This weekend's IronMaori events in Napier are "packed to the brim", with hundreds more entrants than previous years.

IronMaori co-founder Heather Skipworth QSM said about 600 children and teenagers were registered for the Tamariki and Rangatahi events on Friday - 100 more than last year.

About 800 individuals were also signed up for Saturday's half IronMan event, which was an increase of 200. Read more.


Congratulations to Mataatua - The House That Came Home which was the Winner, Excellence in Small Business: Small Business Award in the Horizon Business Excellence Awards recently.


Graphic Novella series launched

KIWA® is producing a series of evocative graphic novellas in te reo Māori and English. They have been created in a contemporary format for those of the digital generation. The first story, Te Orokotīmatanga o te Ao retells the Māori creation story. The second, Te Wehenga o Ranginui rāua o Papatūānuku talks about the separation of Sky Father (Ranginui) and Earth Mother (Papatūānuku).The aim is to provide a succession of resources for fluent Māori language speakers and aspiring students of te reo Māori, but these stories are for all New Zealanders and visitors. The first title, Te Orokotīmatanga o te Ao, is now available for free while the second and subsequent titles will cost $1.29
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