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December 22, 2015

General News

Online Horse Registrations

Equestrian Victoria has now added an option for members to register horses online. This is a simple and quick way to have your horse registered. Your horse registration will still be approved by the office before the registration is completed. This horse registration option is now added to our website. Please go to our website, selected how to register a horse and follow the link, or select the link below.
Please Note: You must have Java to complete this application.

To Register Online Please Click Here

Medication Control Program

Big end for a big year for the Equestrian Victoria Medication Control Program.

November / December were a very busy two months for the dedicated team of EA Horse Swabbing Stewards that volunteer their time to swab horses throughout Victoria. Thirty three horses were tested at nine shows across Victoria. This brings the total of horses tested for 2015 at affiliated shows to one hundred and twenty. At this time and subject to the final testing results being announced, all tests have returned negative (clear) results.

In line with the Equestrian Australia National Medication Control System and Swabbing Policy horses ridden or driven in EA competition must not compete under the influence of prohibited medications.

Medication control sampling (swabbing) is compulsory at the following events/occasions:

  • All FEI events.
  • All National Championships or equivalent
  • All State Championships or equivalent 
  • Upon any horse that dies/ has to be euthanised at an EA National Championship Competition
  • For all classes with prize money totalling more than $2,000 or with a first prize of $1,000 or more 

As well as the above events our stewards also tested horses at selected Victorian Agricultural shows, including an innovative program for the Wimmera Shows.  As well, we also tested at the All Welsh Show in Tatura.

Under the EA policy the minimum number of horses to be tested at mandatory events (see above) is 3% of the total number of horses entered or a minimum of three.  The Ego Sunsense Australasian Show Horse and Rider Championships conducted by Show Horse Victoria at Werribee Park NEC early December far exceeded their minimum quota, testing eleven horses over two days.

The responsibility for funding swabbing is borne by the Organising Committee of the event, and they pay for the testing costs at the Racing Forensics Laboratory in Sydney and the cost of a testing veterinarian.  It can be a considerable financial outlay but Equestrian Victoria and affiliated clubs are committed to providing a level playing field for all competitors. 

The Program is administered independently by an EV appointed Branch Medication Control Officer who reports directly to the National Medication Control Officer, the recently appointed Dr. Denis Goulding.  If you have any queries about the Program or would like your event to take part, contact the BMCO

Chairman's Chat

It is twelve months since the new board came together and it has been a massive year. Amongst some of the jobs were an overhaul of administration and financial procedures, reporting in all areas, resolution of five pieces of pending or threatened litigation, social media policy and media policy drafting and rewriting, communication on all levels starting with our own Board and committees and extending to both the EA Board and staff and also to our own members and equestrian groups. A constant process of revising, tweaking, listening to feedback and adjusting has resulted in the development and refinement in many areas. The Hendra debate was a very time consuming subject for many months and you may have seen the release this week from the EA Hendra Working Committee.

The year is finishing with a bang and EV hosted two enormously successful events in December.
The Ego Sun Sense Australasian Show Horse & Rider Championships were a spectacular success and Indoor 1 looked absolutely amazing. This year was the 30-year anniversary of this event and it is a tribute to the hard working committee led by Mitch Fox and Sue Mckay that it enjoyed the success it did.
Our best wishes go to the wounded Show Horse members especially Helen Heagney and we wish her a speedy and full recovery. Helen has been a tower of support to Mitch in his first year of chair and the whole committee has really kicked some goals. Not all states still have a Show Horse Committee let alone one that is stable, strong and co-hesive. Congratulations for conquering that mountain.

The Saddleworld Dressage Festival was wonderfully successful and a very friendly affair. Although the wind tested everyone for the first day we were very lucky the 40+ degree weekend came one week later. Marli Plant made her outstanding debut as Event Director. Congratulations to Marli and her team on a great event. Marli was assisted by Deb McNicol and Iole to run a seamless event, which resulted in a friendly and highly successful competition. Riders from all over the country and New Zealand competed at all levels from Prelim to GP. This year saw the inclusion of HRCAV competing on the Sunday and many enjoyed watching the EV Riders and shopping in the trade village. 

Discussion about participation membership continues with regular tele-conferences between the member states. Coming up with an answer that suits all states is not easy. What would suit our Victorian participation members would not work in another state.

On the WPNEC front the three EV Board members who are also on the WPNEC Board have been exploring options with Polo to look for the best way forward. Caroline Stanners, Director Commercial and Tourism of Parks Victoria visited the center and the last meeting this month was held at WPNEC. Parks has made it quite clear that there is no intention of selling the site and there is a strong mutual desire for an ongoing relationship to re develop WPNEC into a modern equestrian venue. Hopefully the next stage will give us the parameters with in which we need to work and then we can go to the various user groups to seek your thoughts.

Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed in any way this last twelve months. The entire organization is dependent on volunteers – without you Equestrian Victoria would not be able to host the vast range of fantastic events – something that is fairly exclusive to Victoria. Heartfelt thanks go to our generous sponsors and dedicated and hard working Discipline Committees and staff.

Take care and stay safe in the bush fire season everyone. Remember that the yards at Werribee Park are open for those in need of refuge and seeking shelter for your equine partners. Please call the duty phone on 0418 685 312 to let us know you will be heading to the venue as it is locked until Janurary the 4th.

Have a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

University/Tertiary Leaderboard

Pictured Above: Emily O'Connell & Hannah Basetti at the Equestrian Victoria Awards Night
ATTENTION : Victorian Equestrian University/Tertiary Riders

Are you studying at university, riding and working part time? Struggling to fit in competing and pursuing your goals whilst completing higher education?

UniTer is a new and exciting concept  that will allow university students to compete throughout the semesters and balance their study, work and riding commitments.

In 2016 we are rolling out a leader board for a high point for the individual rider and the overall high point University.

Potentially there will be  opportunities in the future for University Students to compete in UniTer Games in both Australia and Internationally. We hope to see this develop and grow to provide a pathway for University students to juggle the stresses of studying and competing.

For further information or if you would like to get involved please contact Hannah Basetti and Emily O'Connell at and LIKE our Facebook page "Victorian Equestrian University/Tertiary Games"

Show Horse

Wow what a big year 2015 has been for Show Horse in Victoria!

The Show Horse committee have been working very well together, putting skills, knowledge and experience together to achieve some great outcomes.  Our main objectives have been to improve equality, transparency, fairness, growth and prosperity in Victoria. These objectives aren’t simple and can’t be achieved overnight, taking consistent work, effort and input from both the committee and members but we are certainly well on the way to improving Equestrian Victoria Show Horse.  

Nationals 2015

What an event! We are incredibly pleased with how the Nationals looked, ran and felt, the event had a great atmosphere and we were very lucky to be blessed with lovely weather.
As always the quality and calibre of the horses was simply amazing, making the event a true National show.
We are incredibly proud of Team Victoria, the camaraderie, companionability and sportsmanship shown was simply amazing. The Team had a very stylish and classy uniform as well as a stand out stable design, all officials found the team pleasant and as a result Team Vic was given the team award for 2015, WELL DONE TEAM VIC!!
Victoria had a very successful show bringing home multiple broad sashes and flowers, confirming just how strong the quality of show horses are in Victoria.

A very big thank you to all the volunteers who donated hours before, during and after the event ensuring its success, without these wonderful people a show like the Nationals just wouldn’t be possible.
For all results please Click Here

Barastoc 2016

Entries have now closed for Barastoc 2016, some of the breed societies (who run their own rings) entries are still open, please check our Official Web Page for more information.
We are really pleased with the entry growth for 2016 and the children’s classes have been well supported for their maiden year. The event’s planning is well underway, now that the final numbers are confirmed entries can be checked/verified and timetables can be confirmed.
We look forward to being able to extend the event to three days for 2016, it’s great to see the show growing and developing again.

Amateur Show 2016

Preliminary planning for the Amateur show 2016 has begun. The programme will be very similar this year, we hope that like ‘Barastoc’ entry levels will increase and enable the show to grow and develop.

The Equestrian Victoria Show Horse Committee would like to sincerely thank all of our members who have supported us over the last twelve months, your input and constructive feedback has been key to improving our sport and shaping its future.
We would like to wish all members a very merry Christmas and a happy new year, please stay safe over the festive season and enjoy your holidays. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to working with you all again in 2016.


Saddleworld Dressage Festival a resounding success

Everybody who is part of Dressage in Victoria should be proud of the celebration of our sport that took place at WPNEC over the last week.
There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire show. Numerous riders stopped to tell me how well it all went. The crew of international and interstate judges had a great time. They thought that this year's Saddleworld Dressage Festival was the friendliest they had attended.
As Chairman of DV, I am grateful to SDF Director Marli Plant for so professionally taking on such a huge challenge. Marli worked seamlessly with our experienced EMG crew. She had great support from her "besties" Heidi and Sharyn who ran the volunteers office with a permanent smile. All riders owe a huge debt to John Nevett who for the third year, has groomed the arenas nonstop for 5 days.
Iole and Deb were a great support to Marli in the lead up and during the heat of competition.
We all wish to thank the dozens of judges, pencillers, stewards, gear checkers, sheet runners and our valued sponsors.
Saddleworld have been naming sponsors of this event for many years. They supplied all the place getters with generous prizes.
Ellanbrae Park were the enthusiastic sponsors of the Grand Prix classes, Pryde's Easifeed supported the small tour and Marcus Oldham supported the Aachen Challenge.
Thanks to all the Victorian Dressage clubs who supported the event.
A crowd approaching 800 enjoyed the Pacific League final on Saturday night. Congratulations to Mary Hanna for not only winning this year but for her remarkable capacity to return successfully each year. I was very pleased with the attendance at the Rider's Meeting. Some important topics were aired in a constructive atmosphere.
The Macclesfield Adult Riding Club were a great addition to the event. The HRCAV riders had a successful day on Sunday with plenty of smiling faces at the podium.
Congratulations to all the Champions and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.
Season's greetings,
Michael Bragge

ESI Victorian Young Rider Dressage Championships 2016

The ESI Victorian Young Rider Dressage Championships will be held at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre 31 March – 2 April 2016.  The Organising Committee are immensely grateful to leading insurance company National Commercial Insurance Solutions (NCIS) for their support of the event through their specialist Equestrian Sport Insurance Division ESI.

The Organising Committee is largely the same group that ran a very successful NCIS Australian Young Rider Championships in 2015 and they look forward to focusing their attention on our Victorian riders.  Event Directors Jan Smith and Nerida Sadler will bring a range of experience to their shared position.  Jan is currently coaching co-ordinator for the Saddleworld Young Rider Dressage Squads and Development Program and Nerida is the mother of a young rider, a critical care nurse and a senior Manager at University Hospital Geelong.

The event will offer a range of classes to suit all levels of riders with attractive entry conditions.  Riders up to age 25 will also be catered for to reflect Equestrian Australia’s Youth Development initiative.  As well as EA classes up to U25-GP, there will be special encouragement classes that will require no qualifying performances.  The Organising Committee really want to encourage riders of all levels to experience the attraction of riding at Championship level at a high class venue with experienced accredited judges.

The schedule for the event will be available mid January 2016.  For the first time the Victorian Interschools Championships will run immediately after the NCIS Victorian Young Rider Dressage Championships which will offer riders the opportunity to compete in both events without additional travelling.

Long time sponsors Hamag, Ellanbrae Park, Marcus Oldham, Hamid Brothers and Kevin Hitchins have already expressed their support for the event.



Enquires to:

Jan Smith
Nerida Sadler

Dressage Festival Riders Meeting Report

Approximately 60 people in attendance

Firstly, a big thank you to the organisers, judges, stewards, staff and all the volunteers and behind the scenes people that made the DF possible- without you there would be no State Championships!

Items discussed:

1. That rising trot be allowed where there are medical issues; back surgery, hips, degenerative disease etc. Given that there is a large older demographic enjoying dressage where these issues may impact, would it make a difference if rising trot were allowed at all levels? With the exception of CDI, State Championships etc. Welfare of the horse and participation are two other factors supporting this. Perhaps a topic that needs to be taken away and thought about.

2. Snaffle being allowed at FEI. This was voted on and had a large majority in support.
Reasons given:

  • Evidence of good ‘unforced’ training
  • Welfare of horse- no chain or leverage with shank
  • Some horses mouths are just too small for all that extra metal
  • Other countries such as US, Britain, some European shows and NZ allow this but not for CDI or International ranked events
  • One of the attendees of the meeting was from NZ and she said it was completely optional and there was no onus on OC’s re monitoring. If horses were to be included in squad, (NZ) they were asked to ride in a double for the selectors. Some coaches feel strongly that riders should be competing in the double in order for inclusion into the squad
  • Members of EA and riders are requesting it!

3. AOR. All agreed a great initiative. Formal thank you to Bianca Dolly Joyce for being instrumental in its implementation here in Victoria.

4. Medium FEI tour at the Dressage Festival
Voted unanimously that it be implemented in 2016

5. Pony height deferred. It was explained that this rule should be done on a National level, not an adhoc state by state, so this was deferred until next year.

6. Ordering of feed and bedding to hopefully be streamlined. Riders prefer to have freedom of choice where they source their bedding etc.

7. Quarantining funds for specific areas such as squads- make an incorporated body so it can have its own bank account- There was some discussion but no real resolution or action. Apparently quite difficult. Many riders would like to see this type of thing happening so funds raised don’t go to amorphous general revenue.


Ingrid Green- Chair of WP, spoke on the future of WP and where it has come from- financially and politically.

Michael Bragge- Chair of DV spoke on future of Vic dressage –participation and new clubs

Stuart Archibald- spoke on the fantastic time he had in SA competing in the Equestrian Grand Final
Sharyn McCombe


We have had a fantastic response to Squad applications for 2016. 156 riders will be taking part in squad weekends in Prydes Senior, Equissage Young Rider & Development throughout the year.
Our squads are open to all squad members except the pre Melbourne one which is only for squad members competing at the event.
Our first Squad takes place on the weekend of January 30 & 31st and Heath Ryan is coming down to help us kick start the season. As well as taking the upper level riders throughout the day he will be joining us for a BBQ dinner & chat on the Saturday night.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year Year from Eventing Victoria 😊


Have you saved the date for the 2016 Equestrian Victoria Interschool State Championships?  The event has moved to Monday 4th April to Friday 8th April 2016 to be held at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre.

In 2016 there are additional opportunities for Secondary school riders to be part of the Victoria Team. Preliminary dressage for Intermediate and Senior ages and Combined Training 60cm, 80cm and 95cm have been included in the Australian Championships.

The organising committee of the Victorian Interschool State Championships highly recommends that riders have participated at an Interschool event prior to entering. Competing at local Interschool events provides riders the opportunity to gain valuable experience at the level they plan to compete and an understanding of the Equestrian Australia (EA) Rules. It also demonstrates riders have a commitment to Interschool events.

The VEIS calendar of Regional Interschool Events can be found here with the first 2016 event being on the 14th February hosted by Geelong Grammar. These events also provide a qualification pathway to selection in dressage and show jumping on the Victorian Team.

For eventing there are six (6) opportunities on the EV eventing calendar at which riders can earn points, to veiw the calendar please Click Here. The riders three (3) best event scores will be used on the leader board, the top four (4) riders in each level will qualify for the Interschool Australian Championships. In the event that a rider competes on the same horse in different levels the points remain at the level they are earned, eg, if earned 4 points at Prelim and then commence competing at EVA105, the 4 points stay at Prelim.  Subject to achieving a (MER) see below, placing in Interschool section of class will earn the following points: 1st =4pts,  2nd= 3pts, 3rd = 2pts, 4th = 1pt

Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER) to earn points.

Minimum of 50% in dressage
Clear of XC jumping penalties (you may have time penalties and in one MER you can have 20 XC penalties)
No more than 16 Show jumping penalties

Entries for the State Championships will open late January and will close the end of February, sponsorship and trade village opportunities are now open for booking, if you would like information please email

We hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you at the State Championships at Werribee 4th to 8th April  2016.  Stay up to date with all the news any questions please email.

EV Interschool Committee


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