Report on CEP's 10th Conference on Electronic Monitoring in Europe

Over the years the CEP EM conference has become known as the platform par excellence for being updated about the newest technical developments in EM, to hear the latest experiences with EM from the different probation services, and to exchange ideas on the topic.

In April 2016 the City of Riga, Latvia welcomed delegates to the 10th CEP conference on Electronic Monitoring. The theme of the conference was ‘Back to the Future’. Delegates included businesses representatives, government policy makers, practitioners, academics and researchers some of whom attended the first CEP conference on EM in 1998.

As the use of EM has expanded and as EM technology has evolved the reach and impact of the CEP conference on EM has grown. This was reflected by the conference being held for the first time in one of the Baltic States where the use of EM is developing recently. The aim of the conference was to take stock of the knowledge gained from the use of EM so far, to identify good practices whilst utilising this knowledge to have an informed debate about possible futures for EM.

Here you can download the full report that provides an overview of the main speakers and workshop sessions which took places.




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