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New Student Dinner Thank You

Sabbath dinner under the trees—it doesn’t get any better than what we enjoyed last weekend at our new student welcome dinner. We thank all the 75 families who provided a home-cooked meal for our nearly 750 diners at tables spread between Pioneer and the theological seminary. The gratitude from the new (and returning) students was enthusiastic. The weather was picture perfect. And the planning and preparation were well executed—thanks to the leadership of Ben Chilson and Gerre St. Clair and their team members. Those who are asking if we could do this every week might be onto something! Blessings to all whose hard work made the dinner possible. 

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor 


GAP Ministries

Are you aware of the positive impact God’s Abundant Pantry (GAP) has on the International/graduate students attending Andrews University? Last school year GAP provided over 200 tons of supplemental food to qualified students, conservatively valued at $320,000.

Below is a link to a short video that shares an urgent, current need of this ministry that has been serving AU students over the past 35+ years. Click on the “Testimonials” tab to read more on some student testimonials

Contact Chuck Peck  with any questions or comments you may have. or 269-471-4039

by Chuck Peck, GAP Co-Director


"The Pugwash Factor"

Ever heard of Pugwash? I hadn’t either, until we ended up there this summer after a very long northeasterly drive from Berrien Springs (1500+ miles). Turns out Pugwash is a small town in Nova Scotia, on the far eastern side of Canada and perched on the red clay shores of the Northumberland Strait. Its more famous neighbor across the strait is Prince Edward Island, the home of the fabled “Anne of Green Gables” (that’s “Anne with an e”)—Lucy Maud Montgomery’s heart-tugging story of a spunky red-headed orphan who for a century now has captured the hearts of women young and old (and, not a few men as well)   . . .read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


Adventurer Registration

Do you have a child between the age of 6 and 10 who would love to learn more about Jesus?

The Adventurer Club will be having an exciting year learning about nature and Jesus. 

Register your  child today, August 26, at 6 P.M. in the PMC Commons. 

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