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To disk or not to disk

For Bp Premier users in Australia

When we bring out new releases of our software (e.g: Bp Premier Indigo) we make it available from our website immediately, as well as sending you a disk in the mail. 

Sending the DVD is how we’ve traditionally done things, but as environments and industry needs and technologies change and evolve, there might be a better way in 2019. 

We’d love to know how you would like to receive it. And if you specifically need a disk disk or USB due to connectivity or other issues, we can put you on a special data base. 

Please click here to let us know how you would like to receive new releases of our software


Feel the power of Bp Allied V6

For Bp Allied users in Australia

Great news for our Bp Allied customers with V6 about to be released.

You’ll be able to utilise some fantastic new features in your Practice that will include:
• Private health claiming through our partnership with Tyro HealthPoint
• Integration with popular financial software Xero
• New messaging functionality with our very own Bp SMS
• Medicare and DVA claiming enhancements

Keep an eye out for an Elevate email notification to let you know when V6 power is out of the starting blocks.

Free Masterclass for Bp Allied V6

For Bp Allied users in Australia

Please join us for our popular free Bp Allied Masterclass series 25th and 27th September.

There are two sessions on each day:

  • 10am til 11am 
  • 3pm til 4pm.

One of our training specialists will take you through the new features and answers any questions you may have about Bp Allied V6.

Click here for more details.


Bp VIP.net RUBY soon to be released!

For Bp VIP.net users in Australia and New Zealand

Our next release of Bp VIP.net Ruby - is in its final stages of testing .

Ruby contains many enhancements and new features across the Clinical, Administration and Financial modules, with exciting changes made to the Financial Summary in particular.

Financial enhancements include:
• Enhanced functionality of the Financial Summary to allow you to run the Billed, Payments, Condensed and Item Analysis reports on screen.
• Inclusion of an Invoice Column to allow you to track all modifications and redirections on an invoice using our brand new Invoice Number format.

Other enhancements include:
• The new Bp SMS service – a very robust practice messaging service with reduced costs in sending messages to your patients.
• New Functionality in the Appointment book and the brand new Next Appointment Recall function and report.
• Emailing using the Bp VIP.net email editor now has greater security and a report to see all sent emails through Bp VIP.net.
• Changes and Enhancements to Financial Reporting in Bp VIP.net including a new Declines report where it is easy to see all declined batches and invoices.
• A new adjustment option when receiving an overpayment on an invoice or batch.
• Increased security around adding and modifying Allergy records
• Enhanced Security Feature - Confidential Notes now contain a ‘Break Glass’ function and an audit report to view when the ‘break glass’ has been used.
• New Ophthalmology Feature –The VA format can now be recorded per right eye, left eye or both eyes

Keep an eye out for an Elevate email notification to let you know when Ruby is set to sparkle.

Free Masterclass for Ruby

For Bp VIP.net users in Australia and New Zealand

Our free Bp VIP.net Ruby Masterclass series are filling up fast. 

Book in for a time and session that suits you and your team:
18th, 19th and 20th September

  • Financial:  9am – 10am
  • Administration: 11am – 12: noon
  • Medical: 1pm – 2pm

To find out more, or to register, click here.

Bp Premier Hints and Tips

For Bp Premier users in Australia

1. If you have multiple locations, make sure the users all know the importance of logging in at the correct location as it affects invoices, payments, scripts, letters, etc
a. As per Paying accounts across multiple locations
b. Also Report Reference as all reports reference locations 

2. Check the Cancelled and Written off services and Reversed payments reports regularly to identify any users who are frequently making mistakes. This can help with identifying training that may be required and can also identify potential fraud attempts.
a. As per Report Reference under other reports for Cancelled and Written off services

Note: This report is intended as an audit of the payments reversed and cheques marked as bounced during the selected date range. These transactions are included in the various Payments and Transactions records, so there is no longer a need to adjust those reports by the value of reversed payments.

Bp Premier Users – we’re coming to Cairns!

For Bp Premier users in Australia

In the next few weeks, we will be coming up to Cairns to conduct Classroom training on our most recently released version of Bp Premier - Indigo.

If you’re a Doctor, Nurse, Practice Manager, Receptionist or in charge of Finance, we have a course that would benefit you.

This is the only time we will be in Cairns this year, so it would be to your advantage to register online for the course of your choice, before all places are taken.

The Cairns program will include: -
Day One Bp Premier Clinical Essentials
Tuesday 18th September - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Difficulty: Intermediate | Suitable for new users of Bp Premier and those needing a refresher, covering: MyHealth Record, Patient Workflow, Actions and Reminders, Templates and the Pathology Workflow.

Day Two – Bp Premier Management Essentials
Wednesday 19th September - 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Difficulty: Easy | Suitable for new users of Bp Premier and those needing a refresher, covering: Patient Management, Appointment Book Workflows, Billing (Medicare and Private), Medicare Processing and Document Scanning.

Day Two – Bp Premier Advanced Management
Wednesday 19th September - 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 pm.

Difficulty: Advanced | Suitable for users looking for more information on managing their practice effectively using Bp Premier, covering: Configuration and Preferences, Appointment Book setup and layouts, Debtor Management, Bp Utilities, SMS, Backups and Disaster Recovery.

Day Three – Bp Premier Financial Management
Thursday 20th September – 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon

Difficulty Advanced | You will learn how financials are managed in Bp Premier, including our feature to take deposits and the way adjustments are managed. We'll then focus on the advanced reporting module and look at how financial activities are captured and reported on.  This training is conducted in the Indigo version of our software.

Due to overwhelming requests, during the Management Essentials course our Training Specialist Belinda will teach you how to pay accounts using an integrated Tyro machine and how to process the Medicare Rebate to patients.

So, come and join Belinda and learn the intricacies of Best Practice Software.  To register, click here and you are on your way!

Spotlight on e-referral pilot for HealthLink’s SmartForms

A group of Sydney GPs are the first in NSW to pilot an e-referral system with Sydney Local Health District.

The pilot initially allows 32 GP clinics to replace old style fax referrals with HealthLink’s SmartForms to refer patients to haematology departments at the Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospitals.

GPs in the pilot group are using a specific e-referral from the HealthLink SmartForms interface that is widely integrated across Bp Premier. The integration is totally secure, standardised and professional, offering the pre-population of all relevant patient data from Bp Premier, as well as delivering the fastest transfer of care possible.

An additional mandatory part of the referral pathway makes it possible for the hospitals to send secure electronic status updates back to GPs to advise that the referral has been either accepted or denied. This dedicated GP to specialist communication channel for each patient referred allows for quicker referral acknowledgement, acceptance and updating. 

The pilot is a collaboration including Strata Health’s PRISM Referral Management System that enables a compliant and synchronous communication with HealthLink’s SmartForms and secure messaging system, and Central and Eastern Sydney PHN, which is providing project resources and technical support through its digital health team.