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Spring Break in Belize

Spending ten days in Belize with the amazing group of people that I did helped change my perspective on life. I and a group of 20 other young people left Andrews University the day spring break started; excited about the opportunity we had to travel and share God's love. During our time in Belize we finished construction on the local school and held evangelistic meetings and a vacation bible school for the children there. 

After witnessing the simple lifestyles that most Belizeans lead, so many common stresses from back home began to seem more and more insignificant. Most of the Maya people, along with other Belize+an natives, don't enjoy such a wealthy lifestyle. Yet, they are some of the happiest individuals that anyone could ever hope to encounter in this world. Thankfully, I was blessed to be able to share in their simplicity of life, and I soon realized that all a person truly needs to be happy is sustenance, sunshine, love, good friends, and a deepening relationship with God.

Serving as a short-term missionary in such a beautiful, culturally-rich location was an immaculate blessing! I've been on three mission trips thus far, and the AU Mission to Belize is undoubtedly ranked number 1 in my book! For all those who have never enjoyed the unique experience of sharing God's love in other countries, I strongly recommend that you make it a definite part of your life. Not only will you find yourself fascinated by the many cultures and ethnic groups of our world, you'll witness the changing of those who you're sharing God's love with, and, ultimately, your own transformation.

 Andrews University Department of Campus Ministries will be ministering in Belize for the next five years. Get on board!

More information about past and upcoming mission trips can be obtained by contacting Campus Ministries at

by Bennett Shelly,  Andrews University Student


Renové Health Retreat

Take a moment and consider what your life would be like if you had  ideal health. No heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, and lots of energy.

Sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be. There are simple steps, lifestyle changes, that can revolutionize your life. You can loose that extra weight, regain that energy you used to have. 

Join us for one week of health and rejuvenation at Camp AuSable May 10-17, 2015!   Find health with Vicki Griffin, Evelyn Kissinger, and more experts in lifestyle medicine.  Go to for more details or call (877) 787-1741


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Cupcakes, Lollipops, And A Great War

Maybe it’s because I just returned from a week-long preaching mission (nine sermons) in Serbia—that land torn by the pincers of war through much of its recent history. Or perhaps it was this week’s reporting on the 70th anniversary of the Battle for Iwo Jima, the site of one of World War 2’s bloodiest onslaughts and the setting for the iconic picture of U.S. Marines hoisting their wind-whipped American flag atop Mt Suribachi. Whatever the reason, I must confess that in reading the opening line to Daniel 10 today, the phrase “a great war” instantly caught my attention and triggered a brooding chain of thoughts. . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor

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