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Giving Made Easy

Have you ever had to rush to the ATM for cash on a Friday to get out your Sabbath’s tithes and offerings? Have you ever wanted to donate to PMC but were not sure how? Worry no more! Last week PMC’s new Giving Kiosk and app were introduced. The little white “Digital Deacon” enables tithes and offerings to be given straight from a credit or debit card. Donating is a very easy process; the kiosk features a simple, user-friendly interface. PMC's kiosk does not differ much from a tithe envelope; you can specify the exact amount you wish to give and you can also chose which church ministry to give to.

Along with the kiosk comes an even easier way of giving! The SecureGive App can be downloaded to Apple and Android phones alike, allowing you to give wherever you are. Signing up for this secure app will allow you to not only give your tithes and offerings, but to also donate to PMC’s Kingdom Growth Goals for this year.  The kiosk and the app are both ways to make partnering with Jesus easier for you! 


Soup For Students

On Tuesday, April 28 at 6 p.m., PMC will have our next Soup for Students event. The premise is simple: we would like to show our love and support to students during final’s week by giving them some warm soup. Soup For Students is a place where students can come and take a break from the stress of projects and finals, and relax.

In order to make this happen we need your help. We would like to have at least 25 pots of soup to serve to the students. Please let us know by Wednesday, April 22 in the afternoon, if you are willing to make a difference in this way.

To sign up to bring a pot of soup please call Lailane Legoh at 269-471-3543 or register by clicking here.


Reflections On Tax Day

Here’s a cheerful thought on this sunshiny Tax Day. According to the website, the governments (plural) of the United States will collect $6 trillion in revenue in 2015—$3.2 trillion for the federal government, $1.6 trillion for state governments, and $1.2 trillion for local governments. Those taxes will include income tax, social security tax, sales tax, along with fees and charges and other revenue. For a total of $6 trillion. . . read more

by Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor


Anointing Service

On Tuesday, April 21, there will be an anointing service at 7 P.M., in the PMC sanctuary. If you would like to be anointed for physical, emotional, social or spiritual healing, you are invited to participate in this ancient prayer for healing (read James 5:13-16). Teams of pastors and elders will pray with you and anoint you. Come alone or bring a friend to join you in this short but deeply meaningful experience. “. . . by His wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:6)

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