Knowledge Exchange Newsletter May 2016

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Knowledge Exchange news

Welcome to the second Knowledge Exchange (KE) newsletter of 2016.

The purpose of Knowledge Exchange is to exchange knowledge, build expert networks and cooperate between partners. We have a special focus on Research Data and Open Access and an open eye for emerging opportunities to enhance and support an open higher education and research infrastructure.

In early 2016 we issued a number of reports and other outputs, and saw some staff changes. Please find below our latest news and developments.


Latest Publication

Report on the KE conference ‘Pathways to Open Scholarship’ (Helsinki, December 2015)


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Knowledge Exchange held a conference to collect ideas, considerations and expectations with regard to Open Scholarship. The report on this event contains views, perspectives, wishes and frustrations that participating experts have on open scholarship, as well as new and promising initiatives and approaches. The report, and a recently held consultation round with experts will inform shaping future KE activities that support our vision: to enable open scholarship by supporting an information infrastructure on an international level.

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Other Recent Outcomes

Response to NL 2016 Open Science ‘Call for Action’ event (Amsterdam, April 2016)

A number of Knowledge Exchange related experts contributed to the Open Science ‘Call for Action’ event, organised in the Netherlands. KE wrote a response to the resulting action item number 6 (Set up common e-infrastructures). In the response KE calls for a more inclusive approach, with the purpose that new modes of scientific analysis and scholarly communication obtain a safe and user-friendly environment to analyse data and other research outputs such as scientific articles and monographs.

The solutions considered by the EC, and especially the European Open Science Cloud, can only fulfill that promise if research, industry and SMEs,


as well  as public sector and society, are brought in close concert. To close the value loop between Open Science, the Digital Single Market and the Public Interest an inclusive approach is essential.

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Workshop report on Research Software Sustainability; Report on a Knowledge Exchange Workshop

This report highlights the important role that software and its sustainability plays in production, re-usability and verification of research and research results and provides a variety of perspectives on the funding, practice, responsibilities and recognition of good, sustainable research software.


Putting down roots: Securing the future of Open Access policies

This report illustrates how services that are essential to enable and monitor compliance to Open Access policies, issued by research funders and other organisations, are often not sustainable.


In the Pipeline

Funding Research Data Infrastructure

Soon to be released is a Briefing Paper on Funding Research Data Infrastructure, fruit of a collaborative effort with Science Europe. The paper paints a picture of funding practice and will provide insight in matters of coordination and diversity of funding.

Research Data Management Training & Skills

A report on our survey and workshop on RDM Training & Skills, which took place in London earlier this year is also due to be released very soon. The report identifies the need for more join up and sharing of training approaches and materials both nationally and within Europe.


Future Activities

In the Research Data focus area, KE will follow up on recent work on Funding Research Data infrastructures, Training and Skills and Research Software Sustainability, and will start work on Federated Research Infrastructures.

Within the Open Access area, after completion of a range of activities addressing several aspects of OA services, which resulted amongst others in the much discussed report Putting Down Roots, KE will work on Open Access Monographs, Monitoring of OA publications & OA publication costs, and on Financing models for gold Open Access.

The KE Senior Management, Steering Group, Partner Representatives and Office are due to meet in Berlin later this month for the annual Strategy Forum. At the Strategy Forum partners will look forward on KE’s future aims and directions, in particular with regard to Enabling Open Scholarship.

More about all this in the next Knowledge Exchange newsletter in 2016.


KE Staff Changes

This month we have said goodbye to Line Hunsbal as partner representative for DEFF, who has started a new position within the Danish Agency of Culture and a temporary goodbye to Verena Weigert, who is now on maternity leave.

In place of Verena and Line we welcome Masha Garibyan as the partner representative on behalf of Jisc covering Verena’s maternity leave and Christian Hagen Thomasen as the new partner representative for DEFF.

Masha and Christian’s photos will be added to our website very soon!


On behalf of the Knowledge Exchange team,

Bas Cordewener,                         Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

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