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Performing Arts Iceland, PAI, is the umbrella organization of all main players in Icelandic performing arts, institutions, free groups, arts academy, unions, festivals and others. PAI is a member of various networks and works to promote the work of Icelandic artists on the international scene.
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Wilderness dance has "officially" started with the arrival of the Latvian group Swufus in Iceland.
You see them here on arrival at Keflavik airport Iceland - ready to take on the wilderness of south-east Iceland during their three week stay at Höfn í Hornafirði.
Their residency in Höfn is in co-operation with The Cultural centre of Höfn.  Their artistic research during the time will center around ideas of human identity. 

You can follow the Wilderness artists blog on tumblr.com

Swufus is the first of 10 Wilderness dance companies to start their residency work. Next comes the pan Nordic / Baltic group Foreign mountain who willl stay at Fljotdalsherad, east of Iceland for the best part of Febuary.  Their residency is in collboration with the Slaughterhouse, cultural centre.  More on Kedja.net


Breakers by Salka Guðmundsdóttir will be premiering on stage at Adelaide Fringe in Australia. PAI interviewed Salka about her latest work. Check out the interview here on our website stage.is

Punch by Sticks& Stones premiers at L.A. Premiers in end of February at Akureyri Theater Company. PAI interviewed the group about Punch. Check out the interview here on our website stage.is

Icelandic performances on tour

Lazyblood on Tour - The Erna Omarsdottir and Valdimar Johannsson's band are on tour with their Opera/rock performance project Lazyblood. They will be performing in Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany on the 1st of February. For tickets and more info check out Thalia Theatre website

Later in February they will be taking Lazyblood to Buda in Kortrijk, Belgium on the 22nd of February. For tickets and more info check out the Buda website
For more info on Erna Omarsdottir projects check out her newsletter here

Upcoming premiers on stage in Iceland

Nóttin nærist á deginum - Night feeds on day  

by playwright Jón Atli Jón premiers in Reykjavik City Theater  on 1st February 2013. It is produced by and presented at the Reykjavik City theatre.

Night feeds on day is a theatre piece about broken dreams and optimism gone too far within the “after-economy crash” Icelandic reality.
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Segðu mér satt - Tell me the truth  by playwright Hávar Sigurjónsson premiers on the 7st of February.  

The work is produced by the theatre group Geirfugl and presented  at the National Theatre. Tell me the truth is a brand new Icelandic play about roleplaying and sexchanging, murder and  too much love.

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Karma fyrir fugla - Karma for Birds by two young playwrights Kristín Eiríksdóttir and Kari Ósk Grétudóttir premiers on 1st of March 2013. It is produced by and presented at the National Theater of Iceland.
Karma for birds is a startling, beautiful, humorous and polemic first play by two young women about the consequences of violence.
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Icelandic productions on stage

Jónsmessunótt- Midsummernight / premiered on 11.10.2012 ath the National Theatre of Iceland. 

A brand new social comedy, full of witty and sarcastic humour. Three generations of the same family meet up at the family's summerhouse to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of the oldest couple. In a post-economic crash environment, all values are under scrutiny and the play poses the question when did the moral degeneration really begin? Was it 5 years ago, maybe 20 or even 50?

"Fantastic show that tickles your laugh and inquires the audience aggressively about the present and human nature"                        A.Þ. - Fréttabladið newspaper

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Gullregn – Laburnum / premiered on 1.11.2012 at Reykjavik City Theatre

It is a brand new Icelandic play by playwright Ragnar Bragason about a single mom living of the Icelandic system in her suburban council estate. Her world is flipped upside down when her precious Laburnum is meant for distruction.

"An unpleasant mirror on society - Playwright Ragnar Bragason satisfies his audience expectations with a classy team of artists. Humor and pain all mixed up"
Fréttablaðið Newspaper - November 7th 2012

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Hjartaspaðar- Heart of Spades / premiered in Gaflaraleikhúsið Theatre on the 12th of January 2013.

It is a unique theater performance where no words are spoken and no faces revealed since it relates to the old greek tradition of wearing specially created masks.

"What better way is there to confront the ravages of old age, the reality of time and the final years of ones life than by slapping on some crazy masks and simulating group sex? Honestly, we´re stumped! This new silent play directed by Ágústa Skúladóttir and created by the ensamble  flips the table on the typical depressing script that accompanies the narrative of the elderly, replacing it with ridiculousness, toilet humor, slapstick and farce. No word is spoken aloud, no human face is shown unmasked; silence and anonymity are better anyway." RL The Grapevine - January 2013

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Tamam Shud by Theater Company One premiered on the 18th of January in The Theatre at Funalind 2, Kópavogur.
The play is based on a true mistery case that took place in South Australia in 1948 when the body of an unidentified man was found on Somerton beach. The widower Guðmundur has devoted his life to this mistery case and has decorated his garage to make it look like the crime scene. Guðmundur takes the audience on a journey to the year 1948 as he tries to solve this mistery case.

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Já elskan - Yes dear / National Theatre of Iceland December 28th 2012.
Yes dear, a dance piece by the Icelandic choroegrapher Steinunn Ketilsdóttir is produced by Galdur productions and staged at the National Theater. In this work Steinunn takes on a new approach by creating an evening-long group piece in which she examines the construction of families. Asking questions on how do families function and what does it mean to be dysfunctional? How and why do we alter and adjust ourselves in our interactions with our loved ones? Where do we draw the line and how far will we go?

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