Knowledge Exchange Newsletter March 2016
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Knowledge Exchange news

Welcome to the first Knowledge Exchange (KE) newsletter of 2016.

The purpose of Knowledge Exchange is to exchange knowledge, build expert networks and cooperate between partners. We have a special focus on Research Data and Open Access and an open eye for emerging opportunities to enhance and support an open higher education and research infrastructure.

In 2015 we celebrated our 10th anniversary, signed a new Collaboration Agreement between our five partners for three more years, renewed our vision and mission and launched a new website. Please find below our latest news and developments.


Latest Publication


Workshop report on Research Software Sustainability


Knowledge Exchange brought experts and expert organisations together and published the outcomes in Research Software Sustainability; Report on a Knowledge Exchange workshop.

The report highlights the important, often overlooked role that software and its sustainability plays in production, re-usability and verification of research and research results. The report provides a variety of perspectives on the funding, practice, responsibilities and recognition of good, sustainable research software. A range of technical and societal recommendations are listed in the report that is now published on the KE website.



Other Recent Outcomes


Study and workshop on Dependence of Open Access Policies & Services - demonstrating the vulnerability for OA policy compliance! 


The report on the study ‘Putting down Roots: securing the future of Open Access policies’ and the workshop ‘Key Risks to Open Access Policies’ is the fruit of an analysis and consequent expert and policy maker's discussion. It illustrates how services that are essential to enable and monitor compliance to Open Access policies, issued by research


funders and other organisations, are often not sustainable. Conclusions and recommendations with respect to governing, funding and coordinating such services, point at ways to mitigate for this perilous situation.

As a result next steps will be discussed at the Open Science event taking place on the 4th and 5th April in Amsterdam organised by the Dutch Government as part of their presidency of the EC. These next steps will include a proposal for a coordinating body to promote the sustainability of open-access services. The proposal addresses the urgency, the mission, objectives and the activities for a coordinating international body, and lists the principles that it should be based upon.


Workshop Report: Researcher Identifiers - National approaches to ORCID and ISNI implementation


In June 2015 Knowledge Exchange brought together representatives from its five partner countries for a workshop to share national perspectives on ORCID and ISNI. The workshop included the challenges, solutions and lessons learned with regards to implementation of ORCID and ISNI on a national scale and reflecting on the progress of ORCID and ISNI adoption internationally.

The workshop report includes snapshot updates from ORCID, ISNI and the five Knowledge Exchange Partner Countries and addresses


challenges and possible solutions and future directions were discussed at the meeting.


Enabling Open Scholarship

The Knowledge Exchange partners CSC (Finland),  DEFF (Denmark), DFG (Germany), Jisc (United Kingdom) and SURF (Netherlands) recently renewed the collaboration agreement for three more years. The work of Knowledge Exchange will be guided by the new vision ‘to enable open scholarship by supporting an information infrastructure on an international level.’

As a first exploration of the new vision and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the initiative, experts in the field of digital technologies in research and higher education were invited to the first Knowledge Exchange conference. Participants explored "Pathways to Open Scholarship", focusing on four themes: ‘Benefits, risks and limitations of Open Scholarship’; ‘Success as a researcher’; ‘Technology’ and ‘Publishing and publication services’.

A report on this animated event will guide Knowledge Exchange to identify new areas of activity and will be available shortly. In the meantime further details about the event are available on the KE website.


New website launched

After ten years the original KE website has been replaced by a newly developed, attractive site that meets the requirements to inform and engage with you, our audience. We trust that you will be better informed and can easily find information you’d be interested in. There’s a recent news section, publications are available for download, and recent tweets about Knowledge Exchange are featured. You are invited to take a look!


Future Activities

We look forward to sharing the results of our work on Funding Research Data Infrastructures, expected in the first quarter of 2016. Soon we will finalise the Annual Plan for 2016, with activities in our focus areas Open Access and Research Data, activities supporting the mission to Enable Open Scholarship and approaches to increase the impact of our work in Europe. We will share more about these in the next Knowledge Exchange newsletter in 2016.


On behalf of the Knowledge Exchange team,

Bas Cordewener,               Knowledge Exchange Coordinator


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