Term 1 - Week 4, 2018

Moderation Day 1 - Tuesday 6 March

Moderation Day is held twice a year where all ACT Secondary Colleges meet to discuss and evaluate work samples for year 11 and 12 students from the previous semester.


As this is excellent opportunity for professional learning for our staff all memebers of the JPC teaching staff attend these days.


There will be no supervision on these days, therefore Moderation Days are a pupil free day

Youth Ministry News

2018 promises to be an exciting year for Youth Ministry at the College. Our growing senior team were presented with their team shirts this week, in recognition of their commitment to sharing their faith as ministry leaders in the community. On Thursday morning the red shirts were proudly on display at our first Thursday morning mass for the year. These masses will be led by the students, and offer a wonderful way for the community to gather for a shared Eucharistic celebration to start the day.


In addition to their work at school, many of the team members are attending conferences over the coming days run by Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA). The Youth Ministry Equipping School kicked off on Thursday afternoon, and will close with the LEAD conference next Monday. All JPC students and their families are warmly invited to join the team at the Archdiocese Youth Mass, to be held at St. Christopher’s Cathedral at 5:30pm this Sunday evening.


We look forward to updating you with more Youth Ministry news in the coming weeks.


Miss Cheryl Jones and the Youth Ministry Team

‘3 Minutes to Win It’ – Fundraising for Caritas’ Project Compassion

The student leadership team initiated the first of their weekly Lenten fundraising events for Caritas, during lunch time on Thursday this week. 3 Minutes to Win It was inspired by the struggle for water and other basic human rights across the globe, and helped contribute to our fundraising campaign for Caritas’ Project Compassion. Students and teachers worked together, in relay style, to ladle water into an empty bucket, whilst dodging balls thrown by their opposition. 

Teams had 3 fun-filled minutes to ladle their way to victory, resulting in lots of laughter and happy faces. Participants donated a gold coin upon their entry into the competition, which went towards their House’s fundraising efforts for Caritas. The Student Leadership team is running a new fundraising activity every week for the remainder of Lent, and has challenged the students to bring in a minimum of $2 every week, to achieve the school’s fundraising goal of $10,000. Next week, the student leadership team will run an intra-PC competition to give students more opportunities and fun ways to donate to this worthy cause.

To find out more about Caritas and the work of Project Compassion, visit this site:


Raghav Sharma and Hugh Dawson
Student Leaders of Justice

Learning Support Ideas

I often suggest that that students use text to speech for their devices. ‘Speech’ is a powerful tool, even for our good and average readers as it makes sure that new and unfamiliar words are read correctly so that understanding is not compromised. It is especially useful for learners who struggle to read for so many different reasons including those with dyslexia, auditory processing difficulty, reading difficulty. It even helps students who get anxious because listening to the words can deflect thoughts, just like music can. It helps students improve their reading and vocabulary through supporting word recognition.


There are online apps, some you pay for and others are free. There are also the Speech settings that come with the iPad, on the Mac and Speak comes with Windows PCs. These usually have to be set up through the Settings icon where the voice, the rate of speaking and other features can be chosen to suit. I can help load this app although many students will easily find the instructions online.


Where possible, I recommend that ‘Highlight Content’ is on. For readers who struggle elect to highlight the ‘words’ as they are spoken. Faster readers can check ‘sentences’. Students that need help with spelling can use ‘Typing feedback’ as it reads what they type. If they get confused by words that have similar sounds - ‘speak words’ and ‘hold speak predictions’ are useful.


Every student is different and some might not like the noise of this app so try different options in settings to suit. Also it would be important to use ear buds and control the volume when using this in class.


This app cannot be used in exams but it helps to develop vocabulary.


Cate Wright

Defence News...

Happy Birthday to our Australian Army!

Yesterday (March 1st) was the Australian Army’s Birthday. At this time, we acknowledge the service of our Army Personnel, both past and present, who have served our country.


Last week we held our very first Defence Students’ Meeting for 2018. We welcomed our new Defence students to our Defence family and got to know a little bit more about them. I would like to encourage all Defence students to attend our meetings. As we have grown in numbers (we are now at 90 Defence Students!) we are breaking our meetings into age groups. Years 7 and 8 Defence students will meet every Monday at Morning Tea time, on odd weeks of the school calendar. Years 9 & 10 Defence Students will also meet every Monday, however on the even weeks. Our Senior Defence Students will meet during weeks 5, 7 & 9 on a Tuesday for our newly formed Coffee Club and catch up.


Over the past few weeks, I have met with all of our new Defence students and welcomed them to our JPC community. However, if your child has not spoken with me, please contact me, as they may have been missed.  Sometimes our Defence students can fly under the radar and as such, are not identified.  I would like to ensure that all of our Defence students are receiving all the support they can, especially our newly posted ones!


The date for our JPC Defence Families Welcome Breakfast is Wednesday, March 21st. Invitations will be sent home on Monday with your child. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with other Defence Families in our JPC Community and make some new connections. Please contact me if your invite goes AWOL and I will send you the details!


Permission Notes for the Birrigai Excursion went home yesterday for all Year 7 & 8 Defence students. This is an excellent day for our students to meet and bond with other Defence students from around Canberra, work on their leadership skills and have some fun. If you do not receive the Permission note, please contact me. Places are limited and they will be allocated to those students who return their note and payment first.


Some information for our Defence Families (especially our new families) …..

Anzac Day National Ceremony 2018 tickets

Are you a WWII Veteran or do you know one?  If so, you can access priority seating at this year’s ANZAC Day National Ceremony. To book, please email  or call 6206 9813. Tickets for the general public seating areas will be available to book via the free online system from March 28. Here is the link Memorial’s website

Partner Employment

Defence Community Organisation (DCO) invites ADF partners to an employment seminar. Join guest speakers and find out about such things as the Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP), improving your employment opportunities in the Canberra region, writing resumes, answering selection criterion, re-entering the workforce after a period of absence and the value of volunteering.A light lunch will be provided.


WHAT -  Partner Employment
WHERE - EQ Café, 70 Kent Street, Deakin ACT
WHEN - Wednesday 21 March 2018, 12.00pm–2.00pm


RSVP: Essential by Friday 16 March 2018 or 02 6265 8777


Welcome to Canberra & the JPC Defence Community

DFA is a not for profit organisation made up of partners of current serving members. We advocate for Defence families and advise Defence and government on the issues facing our families.   Our National Delegates are located across Australia and regularly talk with families about any concerns or issues they may have with Defence life. We have an engaging online and offline community who encourage each other throughout the ups and downs of Defence life. We want to hear your ideas and potential solutions so that all our families are able to thrive in Defence life.

Your local ACT Delegate is Emma Steil. Contact Emma on or find her on Facebook

You can also follow the national DFA page other Defence news and to connect with other Defence families

We work closely with the Defence Community Organisation (DCO).  DCO runs the Defence Family Helpline 1800 624 608 which is your first point of call for support, information and connection with your community.  You can also email the Helpline on and receive a response within 24 hours.

Another resource is the Defence Community Hub for families to find information on their posting location.

We hope you enjoy your posting to Canberra.

From DFA

I hope all our new families have settled into their new homes and are enjoying our beautiful Canberra autumn. Our Nation’s Capital is spectacular during this time of the year and makes for some stunning walks. Enjoy!


Please feel free to contact me any time if you have a concern with your child.


Vicki Walsh

Brumbies 7's

It was an outstanding showing by both boys and girls in all grades. The Year 7/8 girls took out the competition and were crowned champions which they did with limited to no bench players showing grit, tenacity and skill. Furthermore they were managed by some legendary coaches in Fleur Greaney, Charlotte Foster and Cody Haycraft on their way to the title. Their pre-game speeches before every kick – off was spine tingling which Colonel Patton would have been proud of, this obviously worked on the year 7/8 girls who fought like Amazonian warriors throughout the tournament and more importantly the Grand Final. Their saga told of Angel Skinner showing immense dedication chasing down every runner she could. Our speed demons on the wings, Gabby Jordan and Kiara Allen showing their skills, scoring a number of tries. It was so inspirational to watch our girl’s teams out on the field, giving it their best and making our school proud.


The Year 7/8 boys fought like the Spartan 300 warriors in every game but in the final battle as Xerxes delivered the final blow to the Spartans so did Saint Edmunds College as they failed to progress finishing in 3rd place like our Year 9/10 boys. Every warrior in the 7/8 team did their bit for their comrade on the battle field. Due to how organizers planned the draw they both could not have another crack at making their respective Grand finals which was unfortunate. 

The match of the tournament in the senior grade was our year 9/10 boys taking on the might of Saint Edmunds College which was laden with Brumbies Academy players. To the boys credit they played exceptionally well showing great determination, desire and hunger and in collaboration with their inspirational coaches Ian Petit, Alex Skinner and Andrew Cantlie who were all working overtime, helped the year 9/10 boys to hold the Rugby Roman Empire from the south of Canberra to only 3 tries to 1. We were the only school to do this as every other school were absolutely slaughtered by Saint Edmunds College in every game they played.


The battle was epic harkened back to the dual between Hector and Achilles whereby Hector battled valiantly but the brute force and power of Achilles was to much to handle. The Report that their General Ian Petit gave was their first game against Campbell Blue High School saw tries from JR Skinner and Austin Vowles with a strong attacking game with no dropped balls and terrific backup play. Max also crossed the line and was unlucky to not be awarded a try. Rhys completed some fierce tackling. Second game vs St Edmunds was terrific as the team defended effectively throughout the game. Most importantly the first few minutes of the game saw JPC players powerfully tackling the opposition effectively unsettling the opposition. The final game was won conclusively by the team.


Our Year 9/10 girls performed well throughout the tournament and came close on numerous occasions to recording some wins but fought gallantly throughout like William Wallace on his war with the English Monarchy. The key players were Jasmine Kelly, taking some huge hits and always backing up to support her team. Abbie Forester made tackle after tackle, pulling girls down half her size. Amazing encouragement and guidance from Coach Charlotte “Fozzie” Foster and Cody Haycraft.


Mr Yanuyanutawa

Canberra Raiders visit JPC Students

On Friday the 23rd of February, Year 7 and 8 students were greeted by members of the Canberra Raiders as part of the clubs community program.


Lead by development office Adam Kyle, Players Sam Williams, Elliot Whitehead and Iosia Soliola shared their childhood dreams and detailed how they came to be playing for the Canberra Raiders.


They discussed the importance of goal setting and encouraged all students to think about their aspirations and what they can do to achieve them. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, have one on one conversations, take pictures and gain the autographs of some of their idols.


Thank you very much to the NRL and the Canberra Raiders for making it possible!

Ashlee Turner

Meet Mr Burns

I am a new teacher at JPC and here is a little bit about me!


Why did I become a teacher?
I have always enjoyed learning about Social Sciences and I have always wanted to continue learning in whatever job I decided to do. I was not sure what I wanted to do when I finished my university degree so I decided to give teaching a try because it allowed me to keep learning. I found that I loved it and I never looked back! I am also a people person so I enjoy spending time learning with/from all of the interesting staff and students around the school.


An Interesting fact about me.
When I am not teaching I enjoy walking my dog, a poodle called Pete!

Gift of Life DonateLife Walk

While most of us were reaching for the snooze button, Mr Boyle, Ms Zorzi & Mr Woodman were up early on 28 February to trek around Lake Burley Griffin to raise awareness for Organ Donation.


Last year in the Australian Capital Territory 14 generous people and their families gave the gift of organ donation and the lives of 30 Australians were saved and transformed.”


You can become an organ donor on this link:

Senior Blazer Order

Forms and Payment need to be submitted by 9am Thursday 8 March.


New blazers will not be available from local providers and will need to be ordered through the school.


To order: 

  • Go to the Student Hub during Morning Tea or Lunch ONLY to arrange a fitting and collect an order form (If parents wish to attend the fitting, you are welcome to come 8.30-9.00am or 3.35-4.30 every day up to the 8 March)
  • Form to be taken home, completed then returned with payment to the School Office
  • Confirmation of your order will be sent once payment has been received
  • All orders to be received by 9am Thursday 8 March 2018 - future blazers can only be ordered when the next bulk order is placed
  • Blazers are a compulsory uniform item for Term 2 & 3

Please note that the current version of the blazer are no longer available for sale.

It is not mandatory for current Year 12 students to purchase the new version of the blazer, the old version can be worn for 2018

If you have any questions with regards to your order, please contact

Gungahlin Bus Station Platform closure effective

Monday 5 March 2018

This is to advise that School Routes 421, 575, 580, 630, 802, 804, 808 will see diversions in place from Monday 5 March 2018.


Effective Saturday 3 March 2018, Platform 1 Hibberson Street will close to allow for continued works within the Gungahlin Place precinct.


As a result of Hibberson Street closing, Platform 1 will relocate to Gozzard Street (opposite the Raiders Club). Platform 2 will remain temporarily on Gozzard Street. On the completion of works the Gungahlin Bus Station will move to its permanent location at Gungahlin Place.


Commencing: Monday 5 March 2018 (for school services) until further notice.


Reason: Platform 1 closure on Hibberson Street to allow for continued works within the Gungahlin Place precinct.

Parents and students are able to use our NXTBUS system to view live bus information for selected stops or stations.


Transport Canberra

For quicker, hassle-free school payments

Qkr! is an easy-to-use phone app that gives you the flexibility to place orders at a time and place that suits you.

  • Saves you time by letting you order and pay for school items directly from your phone
  • Reduces the need for your child to bring chas to school
  • Fees, excursions, canteen money and more can be paid via Qkr!

All payments made before 10am will be available for your child to use in the canteen on the same day

Continuing families -please remember to update your childs year level

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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