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How Sourcery's Payment Platform Aims to Revolutionize The Way Restaurants Source Food
The platform lets restaurants, commercial kitchens and food retailers, easily place orders with multiple local suppliers and farms.

Spoon University Creates Yelp for Campus Food
Hack//Dining winner Rumble empowers students to have a voice in their campus dining experience, while providing institutions with actionable analytics on putting that feedback into practice.

10 Topics to Know Cold for The Perfect VC Pitch: Part 3
Getting ready to fundraise? Don't miss the final installment of Yummly COO's VC pitch best practices dive. 

Last Week's Juiciest Food Tech News
$510M Invested in Food Tech in Aug, Accelerator Launches to Help Sustainable Food Startups Grow + More

Food Tech Media Startup Funding, M&A and Partnerships: August 2014
6 acquisitions and 8 financings brought $510 million into the food tech and media ecosystem in August. 

Startup Resources

Pulsar Network Capital Starts New €75M Sustainable Food Fund - Pulsar Network Capital
The Dutch private equity firm  just announced its Sustainable Food Fund, a new €75 million impact investment fund focused solely on healthy and sustainable food.

The 22 Best Blogs to Help Grow Your Business (That You May Not Be Reading) - Bplans
This list offers some lesser known blogs that do a great job of providing actionable advice that you can follow to grow your business.


10 Chefs Helping to Revolutionize Sustainable Food - Food Tank
Ten chefs employ various farming and gardening techniques to supply their eateries with fresh, seasonal food.

Square Just Unveiled Something Coffee Addicts Have Been Dreaming About Forever - Fortune
The feature allows people to order coffee on their phones and visit the coffee shop during the following 24 hrs to pick up their fresh coffee. 

LimeTray Secures Series A funding from Matrix Partners - e27
The Delhi-based startup offers solutions for restaurants to manage their online presence, CRM, POS and delivieries. 

Online Catering Startup Phoodeez Gets $300K Investment from Venture Firm Project 11 - Boston Business Journal
It will use the latest funding to hire six to eight new employees and expand its offerings and footprint in the Boston area.

Restaurant Discovery Startup Zomato Expands to Toronto: 'We Have Huge Plans for Canada' - TechVibes
The India-based company is already active in 16 countries, but has yet to enter the North American market. 

Crunchbutton Aims to be the “Uber of Food Delivery” - Tech Cocktail
The delivery and logistics platform seamlessly connects a network of college kids to deliver food from your favorite restaurants to your door. 


Jet Blue to Serve Passengers Cricket Protein Bars - Eater
The airline has teamed up with AccelFoods to create a snack box of the accelerator's startups' products, including Exo cricket bars. 

There’s More to 3-D Printed Food Than Sugar Cubes - Vice
She wasn't satisfied with the limitations of food 3D printing, so she prototyped her own printer that printss beautiful, sustainable creations. 

For Foodie Entrepreneur, Networking & Tenacity Are Key Ingredients - Business News Daily
LovewithFood founder Aihui Ong had no experience in the food industry, three years later, she has a staff of 15 and has raised $2M+.

Meet Impossible Foods, Another VC-Backed Veggie Meat Startup - Gigaom
This new plant meat innovation startup has created “plant blood,” was founded by a Stanford biochemist and has raised $75M. 


Forget The Junk Food. This Startup Aims to Go National with Healthy Vending Machine Snacks (Video) - Upstart
LeanBox, which offers health vending machines to companies, launched in the Boston area, and now it's aiming to go national.

Food Shortages Are Everyone’s Responsibility - The Guardian
Can we trust retailers to provide us with healthier, more sustainable diets, or do we need verification at grassroots level?

Walmart And Whole Foods Are Slowly Killing Traditional Supermarkets - Huffington Post
The share of the grocery market held by traditional supermarkets will fall to about 37 percent in 2018 from about 40 percent in 2013. 

Food Tech Startup Pantry Labs Taps RFID for Smart Vending Machine - Xconomy
The startup that hopes to disrupt the vending machine industry chose RFID tech because it’s relatively cheap - food tags only cost 15 cents.

Order Up: Dinner-Kit Services Promise Instagram-Worthy Meals - NBC
The Dinner-Kit space is hot thanks to a combination of busy schedules, the rise of on-demand and the "Top Chef" and Instagram influence.


Adapt-N Closes $2.2M for Cloud-based Soil Prescription Technology - AgFunder
The funding came from Arthur Ventures, Cayuga Venture Fund and Armory Square Ventures and will be used to scale its teams, expand work with partners and extend its offering to more crops.

Farmers Go Digital to Confront Changing Growing Conditions -USDA
The “Useful to Usable” project helps farmers improve resilience and profitability amid irregular weather conditions and changing climate.

The Future of Food: Experts Predict How Our Plates Will Change - Time
Foodies and futurists on vertical gardens, low-carbon fridge stocks and more solutions

The Amish Farmers Reinventing Organic Agriculture - The Atalantic
By studying the immune systems of plants, they've developed a technique that eliminates the need for chemicals.

Precision Agricultural Startup Receives $1.3 Million in Funding to Further Develop Technology - Imperial Valley News
The funding came from Elevate Ventures, Foundry Investment Fund, Terra Ventures LLC, Zionsville Precision Ag Venture LLC and private investors


Americans Throw Away More Food Than Any Other Kind of Trash - Ryot
Food made up more than 20% of our overall garbage in 2012, which means we're tossing more food than plastic, paper, metal, or glass.

Morsel Raises $800K for its App That Gives Foodies a Backstage Pass to Their Favorite Chefs - ChicagoInno
The round was led by Chicago Ventures and Merrick Ventures and included an investment by GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney.

10 Ways You Can Grow a Better Food System - Food Tank
Food Tank highlights ten extra steps eaters can take to support a more environmentally sustainable food system.


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