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TRANSIT INTERVIEW → L'art Pour L'art → By: Baha Danesh

From found materials sourced from abandoned structures in the city of Los Angeles, to hyper-colored, fragmented portraits, Ceci Romero, discovered her passion at a young age. She is a Los Angeles-based multi-talented painter, illustrator, and musician. This hardworking artist is known for her distinctive and provocative style, and was able to take some time to share her inspiring thoughts with us.

Baha - When did you first start creating? What made you interested in art?

Ceci - I've been interested in art my whole life! I've been creating art since I was in diapers. Creative self-expression has always been a significant part of my life and my growth as a human being.

Baha - Where do you get the materials for your art? How did you become interested in your subject matter?

Ceci - For the most part, I enjoy hunting the streets for scraps of wood and old street signs. Anything that I can re-create and reuse makes a unique canvas. Turning something ugly & trashy into something beautiful & colorful is a whole art of it's own.

I've always been intrigued by art. As a young child, growing up in L.A., my dad would constantly take me to new art openings at local art museums and galleries. Seeing all of the unique and inspiring styles of art was contagious and left me addicted to the art scene.

Throughout my childhood I constantly was making new sketches and paintings and soon discovered as a young teen, that I absolutely loved faces! All the emotion and feelings that reside in portraits, reflect a story or mystery within. This is what first struck me and still continues to inspire my art.

Baha - What do you like best about the creative process?

Ceci -  I love when a vision appears in my mind and then soon after, bring that vision to life by manifesting what I see in my head on to a sketchbook, canvas, or wall. I also love the messy creative process of painting because I feel it brings out more creativity and inspiration by fully letting go and immersing myself into my art.

Baha - What do you like least?

Ceci - I'd say the thing I like least about the creative process is being stuck or un-inspired for a certain amount of time. Although, eventually you always get past that. There's so much out there in life that can keep inspiring you through out your creative journey.

Baha - What motivates you to keep creating?

Ceci -  My strong passion and dedication for art is definitely a key motivator for creating new works. Also making music is a great motivator for me, and often helps me overcome obstacles if I'm feeling stuck or un-inspired

Baha -  Has art connected you to other people?

Ceci - Art might be an isolating profession for some, but for me it's definitely led me to constantly meet and collaborate with other artists and creative people like myself. I've definitely fallen in love with the art of mural making, because it fully exposes me to the world. Painting public walls creates beauty, positivity, and inspiration to everyone around or passing by. I've witnessed how people stop in their footsteps, taking just a moment out of their everyday, hectic lives, to admire and breathe in the healing beauty and boldness that murals portray. Seeing people of all ages stopping by to watch me paint, or coming up to me to compliment or cheer me on, is forever priceless. I've witnessed how painting murals can affect everyone, to anyone around. Healing people through art with their eyes and hearts is why I continue to keep striving to create new murals for the public eye.

Baha - Is being an artist your main profession?

Ceci - Absolutely. Being an artist will always be my main profession, no matter how many part time jobs I might need on the side. It can definitely be a challenge and struggle at times, but I've learned it's okay to work other jobs in order to supplement my freelance work. It's all about keeping the balance and inspiration while consistently creating new works of art!

Baha - What are your creative dreams? (if anything is possible, what would you want to have happen?

Ceci - My creative dreams seem to be endless! There are all kinds of creative dreams I have inside my head just waiting for the right time to burst and manifest into reality. Definitely a big part of my creative dream is to continue painting murals and eventually painting murals all around the world!

I love to travel and paint. so why not explore the blissfulness of both?! I want to help beautify foreign neighborhoods, by putting art on a huge scale for everyone to enjoy and admire. I want to bring happiness and inspiration to people of all ages, races, sizes, shapes and colors. Everyone deserves to see colorful, creative art pieces no matter where they live or where they're from. There's definitely an amazing healing attribute in art, so why not share it with the world?

I would love to completely make a living doing what I love, (who wouldn't?), but I don't create art for money; that would just be a perk. I create art so my soul can speak, so I can inspire and create an exploration of my consciousness!




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