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Medicare freeze vs. a wage freeze?!
How to avoid a staff wage freeze....

Fair Work has announced that staff wages will legally go up by 3% from 1st July 2015, even if you pay above the Award. Wages represent 60% of the overheads of a practice. 

If you are thinking of absorbing future wage increases, ensure you have properly implemented the employment laws with the right employment agreements in place, or your practice will risk fines of up to $51,000 per breach. It only takes one staff member to complain before the bad news spreads. There are better solutions. Freezing staff wages should be a last resort as it will hurt staff morale. For more ideas on how to avoid negative impacts of the wage rise for your practice read on...

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You can now cash out your excessive annual leave.
This is a win win for employers and employees

Leave entitlements are based on a staff members current wage rate. 
To help your budget you can cash out any excessive leave, which is great news. To find out how to take advantage of these new rules read on.

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How to choose a good GP/Practice and what made doctors cry!
How a patient chooses a doctor or practice

We cover some recent media coverage on what patients think of healthcare workers, medical practices, doctors and hospitals and everything in between.
This is the latest information that provides some excellent ideas on how patients and providers can empower and engage with each other.
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Excessive pathology rents under review
Your local general practice may be less viable.

A new government review in relation to excessive rents paid by pathology laboratories to general practice has just been announced. 
This was extensively reviewed in 2009. We do not believe there have been any changes in the fundamental principles that allowed for free market rent. However, it is important you ensure you have no inappropriate arrangements. Contact us for further information.

In 2009 we were involved in successfully negotiating fair market rentals with Medicare Australia. This lead to a legislative change. The new inquiry does not appear to addressing any new issues.
To find out what the new Federal inquiry is reviewing read on for more information.

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Having trouble seeing your GP afterhours?
Why we are part of another highly read national front page story.

Sadly, a new Government incentive to ensure your local GP sees you after hours does not go far enough, unless your practice is big and well organised enough to take advantage of the incentive. 
Many will have trouble meeting the criteria. Find out why you may be affected.

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Congratulations to our clients - Gorge Health and Panaceum
2015 Telstra Business Awards State Finalists

Congratulations to our clients! 
Gorge Health for being 2015 Telstra Business Awards Finalist in the Northern Territory Micro-business Award and to Panaceum as the Telstra Award Finalist for Medium and Regional enterprise in Western Australia!

We are proud of all of our clients. These success stories prove that achieving remarkable results is within the reach of your practice.

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Need a FREE and discreet second opinion?
How do you measure and manage performance?

Our clients report excellent feedback on our new services, which provide ideas on how to implement changes to your practice strategy.  

These changes will assist your practice to maximise its potential in the context of current big picture national changes.
We can offer a free review of your strategy, structures and arrangements at no obligation, just email David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.auIf you are still not sure read on at http://thebusinessofhealthcare.com.au/2015/05/12/why-restructure/

Many of our clients have taken advantage our new and free quarterly national feedback and mentoring program for our accounting clients*. You can now tap into over 23 years of national experience and advice, as well as our curated data on the 1,200 practices we have assisted over this time. We can help you to answer your most difficult questions, and provide insight into any opportunities or possibilities that you may have on your mind.

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Less pain if you restructure practice now!
5 simple reasons why you should restructure your practice today!

Make your practice succession-planning friendly, family friendly, tax friendly, asset protection friendly and investment friendly.
Setting up new business structures, systems and training takes time. The immediate cost benefits of restructuring will take effect as soon as they are implemented. Contact us now if you are serious about restructuring your practice.

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Health and Life's Web Statistics

Our numbers keep growing!
We enjoy your feedback and hope to bring more valuable content to you. Thank you to all of you who have visited our website and have contacted us with your feedback.

If you look carefully at the image, you can see that in the last three weeks readers from all over Australia like you follow us.
We thank you. Please share this email with a friend.  Please continue to visit this site.  

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2015 National Goodwill Tour
The Tour continues...

We are pleased to announce the continued success of our 2015/16 National Goodwill Tour. 

We can present a compelling series, based on real life proven cases where we have observed improved practice
performance, doctor, dental, allied health and staff contracts, successful practice models and succession planning. We can present at your next Practice Manager Meeting, at a Conference anywhere in Australia for your Primary Healthcare Network, Australian Association of Practice Managers, or local medical, dental or healthcare association. Simply ask them to email David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.au or call us on 1800 077 222.

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We can also organise a free no obligation review of your structures and arrangements and a catch up when we present at your local area. Just email David Dahm at pa@healthandlife.com.au or call us on 1800 077 222.

David Dahm Speaks at 
Australian Collaborative Education Network
SA/NT Think Tank

The event was held at Flinders University, 23 June 2015. 
It is an honour to be invited to speak to 40 selected academics and university staff from prominent Universities from all faculties, about curricula in SA/NT and how students can increase their job prospects after graduating.

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and Thank you

Pro bono: we would like to promote those organisations that have provided or currently provide pro bono support to us.

It is our small way of saying thank you. If we have missed you let us know.
Medical Observer 
Australian Doctor 

AAPM Events 
Primary Healthcare Networks – from 1st July 2015 
Inner East Melbourne Medicare PHN – Victoria – Koustas 
Medicare Local KIAMA, NSW 
Dental Association  SA – Adelaide University

Medi Protect
Australian Medical and Dental Finance
Tonic Health Media
Kaplan Business School
Torrens University 
Adelaide University 
University of South Australia  
CPA Australia

Health and Life's
2015 Employment Template Kit (
updated) including the new GP Registrar minimum terms and conditions.

This Fair Work friendly tested employment package has letter of offer and job description templates. 

This includes the new 2015 GP Registrar employment terms and conditions. 
Clients report this template has significantly reduced costs, disputes and potential fines of up to $51,000 per breach for non compliance. Free upgrades are available to practices that have bought our kit in the last 12 months. A small upgrade fee applies to clients who have purchased a copy greater than 12 months ago. 

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