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The Great Outdoors: Enhancing Wellbeing in Health Care Environments


At one time or another, virtually all of us have experienced the feelings of pain, stress, and uncertainty that accompany a heath care emergency. Whether it is your own health or that of a loved one, the process of seeking and receiving medical treatment can be incredibly stressful. 

In contrast, consider the feelings you experience when you spend time outdoors. The positive and lasting effects of interacting with nature are well-documented, especially when it comes to reducing stress. This dichotomy between the health care environment and the outdoor environment creates an opportunity for landscape architects to have a profound impact on the well-being of patients through creative, thoughtful design of outdoor areas.

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Take a 3-D Tour of Rancho Sienna's New Dog Park


RVi’s Rancho Sienna project team recently got the opportunity to test out our new Lumion software, a 3D visualization program that is allowing us to bring projects to life in new and exciting ways. The team created a fly-through video of the planned dog park at Rancho Sienna, which is being used to generate interest and anticipation among current and future residents of the community. You can watch the video here.

The dog park is the newest component of a large, thoughtfully-designed outdoor experience at Rancho Sienna, which emphasizes a relaxed and nature-focused Hill Country lifestyle.  The park features separate areas for small and large breeds, with an entry area for leashing/unleashing, washing, and doggie hydration via special water fountains.

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RViers Roll up their Sleeves for It's My Park Day


On the first Saturday of every March, thousands of Austinites gather to improve neighborhood parks and greenbelts all over the city. This clean-up day is hosted by the Austin Parks Foundation and is one of the most successful volunteer days of the entire year – with participation totaling over a quarter million dollars in labor for Austin’s parks! As with many years’ past, it was a great pleasure for RVi to be a part of the magic.

Our own Drew Carman took charge of managing RVi’s team and recruited volunteers from the office with promises of snacks, drinks, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get from giving back to the community. In addition to our volunteer effort, RVi was also an official sponsor for the event.

RVi chose to volunteer at Pease Park this year because it is a community space that is very dear to our hearts. Located close to our office and along a major corridor into Downtown, Pease Park is an important part of Austin’s urban fabric. This volunteer effort also coincided with the start of a new RVi project at Pease Park, which involves schematic design for the main entrance and gathering area. With tools and gloves in hand, our team washed spray paint from the rails of bridges, scooped trash from the bushes, and pulled invasive species from the grounds of the park. The spruce-up took our helpers about four hours to complete and came just in time for the beginning of spring.

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