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18 September 2015

NewsLine is a short weekly summary of stories that may be of interest to those involved in the Māori Tourism community.


Government Tourism Statistics

MBIE has shared its future plans for how tourism data will be published, including better graphics and better access via smart applications. MBIE’s new interactive web apps will allow users to easily view and manipulate data from the various tourism datasets. MBIE has just published an updated version of the interactive web app for the tourism forecasts 2015.  Interactive web apps for the other tourism datasets will made available throughout the rest of this year, including a ‘grand unified tourism dashboard’, incorporating a wide range of relevant datasets available to stakeholders, all in one place. See more here.


City on the move

It was just a few days ago I wrote about Rotorua and the district's growing attraction for out-of town investors.

I was writing about a proposed 100-room, four-star hotel planned for the suburb of Koutu and a recent economic report that stated Rotorua was the fastest-growing region in New Zealand.

This week, the Rotorua Daily Post reveals that one of the central city's iconic sites, the old Woodcorp building, now know as the Zen Centre, is to be purchased by property investors the Chow brothers.

They want to convert it into a new 150-room, four-star hotel as they expand their property portfolio, and said they could see Rotorua's potential, especially for the burgeoning Asian tourism market. Read more here.


Tourism fund opens for fourth round

Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism John Key this week announced the opening of the fourth funding round of the Tourism Growth Partnership.

“Under the Tourism Growth Partnership, the Government is making $8 million per annum available to boost innovation and lift productivity in the tourism sector to ensure New Zealand gains more from international visitors’ spend,” says Mr Key.

The Tourism Growth Partnership is a contestable co-investment fund that allows the Government to work in partnership with the tourism industry. Read more here.

Māori work-life balance leads world

Māori fulltime workers feel they have better work-life balance than workers in six other cultures globally, a new study has found.

Two-thirds of Māori workers in the study rated their work-life balance as above average, higher than NZ Europeans and workers in China, Malaysia, France, Italy and Spain. Read more here.



Congratulations to TIME Unlimited Tours with their win of the ‘Meaningful’ exhibitor award at the Luxperience Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held in Sydney recently.

CEO Q&A: Christopher Luxon, Air New Zealand chief executive

You have an interest and passion for causes that go beyond business. Why are you so interested and where does it leave you long term?

The thing for me is recognising that, as a business leader, you have a responsibility to lead a company for the future, leaving it in a better place in five, 10, 15, or 20 years' time. My job is to make sure that commercials are strong, the customer experience is great, the culture of the organisation is constantly improving. But actually, companies should be used for a bigger mission for the society that it's a part of. Read more here.