Week 4 - Term 4

Student Leadership News

Over the past 5 weeks, a group of 17 dedicated Year 11 students have been participating in a series of workshops designed to prepare them to take on senior leadership roles in 2019. These students have shown great commitment and courage in participating in this process, sharing in the process of discernment that has challenged them to reflect on their own strengths and areas for future development. Tuesday afternoon saw the culmination of this process, with our leadership nominees presenting their speeches to Year 11 and returning Year 10 students as they sought to put their case for election to the team. Each of the candidates presented an articulate and authentic overview of themselves and why they hoped to be a leader, and the calibre of the speeches was exceptional. There is no doubt that any of these students would make exceptional College leaders, and that they will all play an important role in leading as Year 12 students next year.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the following students have been elected to the Year 12 Leadership Team for 2019:

  • Bronte Froome
  • Jarrod Koenig
  • Madison Greenwood
  • Codie Haycraft
  • Chloe McGovern
  • Thomas Purton
  • Finn Salisbury
  • Lachlan Richards

These students will meet with a panel on Monday to discuss their interests in specific portfolio roles within the team. These positions will be announced at the Year 12 Farewell Assembly on Monday, 19 November.


On behalf of the College community, I would like to thank all of the nominees for taking part in this important process, and to wish the newly elected team the very best as they begin preparations for their leadership year to commence.


Mrs. Nicola Edghill

Leader of Learning and Wellbeing

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day has a special significance in 2018. This Sunday, 11 November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War (1914–18).

On this day, we will pause to remember over 60,000 Australians who never returned. We will remember the countless more Australians whose lives were changed forever by war.


A heartfelt thank you to our College Community, members of the 5000 Poppies Project Facebook, residents of The Grove and the Embroiders Guild of ACT for providing their beautifully crafted poppies for our tributes around the College.


Remembrance Day National Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial


On Remembrance Day commencing at 10.30am - 12pm, the Australian War Memorial will host the nation’s key commemoration. The ceremony includes a formal wreathlaying and is open to the public. Australia’s Federation Guard and the Band of the RMC, Duntroon will be on parade and there will be a special commemorative address. For further enquiries please email:


62,000 Poppies Display

A display of 62,000 handcrafted, red poppies on the Australian War Memorial's grounds is the centrepiece of commemorations, symbolically representing Australian lives lost in the First World War. This is a free event. This tribute will be on display until Remembrance Day, this Sunday. Times are: 9am - 10pm.


The Ode

They shall grow not old, as we who are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning;
We will remember them.
We will remember them.


Lest we Forget


Vicki Walsh

Girls Leadership Network

On Wed 24th Oct, I was invited to attend the Girls Leadership Network program. This was a wonderful opportunity to network with like-minded young women who have similar aspirations and goals as I do.

The program involved doing a single day internship at a range of different embassies. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the U.S. Embassy. On the day, I was placed with a fifth year law and politics student who was also participating in the program.


The itinerary was back-to-back with things to do, including meeting with the Chargè de Affairs (Interim Ambassador), James Carouso. We spoke about how the U.S. Embassy can encourage youth and female involvement in their mission. We were also lucky enough to speak to two female diplomats – the only two female foreign diplomats in the whole embassy! This was followed by a very successful social media takeover! In the evening, we attended a special event recognizing women excelling in leadership positions, during which, Julie Bishop was the recipient of an award, honoring Eleanor Roosevelt’s leadership.

This was a really valuable experience, and I would like to thank Mr Hanna and the Finnish Embassy for organizing and advising me of this unique opportunity.

For any girls interested, the Girls Leadership Network is open to those in years 11 and 12. Membership is free and is open at the start of each year. You can follow their facebook page for more information.

Courage Leaders

Over the last year, we, as Leaders of Courage 2018 have had the opportunity to learn about all the exciting achievements across the school in a range of areas and age groups. As we prepare to 'pass our candle' of leadership on in just over a week's time, we wanted to celebrate the achievements of all students this year. Not just those who have been formally recognised in our Key Messages component.


Every student has achieved incredible things this year, whether it be in sport, academics, community or personal and even though we couldn't highlight all of them, we are so proud to see the growth in all this year.

As our final key messages component, thank you for all the support from staff, students and families with our aim to highlight student achievement, we can't wait to see what you all continue to achieve.


Thank you for this opportunity,


Emily Watt and Maximus Leskien

High Tea

On Wednesday the 7th of November, the hospitality team worked tirelessly to prepare and serve small treats for a high tea for teachers and visitors. It was an emotional time for us as it was the last time our year 12 hospitality students would be participating in a function. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.


Thank you Mrs Hadjuk for organizing us!


Eryn, Gemma, Tom, Aspen, Tara and Zoe

Outdoor Education Camp

Semester 2, 2018

On Wednesday morning bright and early, 44 year 9 and 10 Outdoor Ed students jumped on a bus bound for Broulee. The sun was shining and the students were buzzing with excitement. We arrived and set up camp, which was a breeze for some, and an ordeal for others. The students were responsible for all of their own camping gear, all of their meals and their own equipment. They were working in groups of four, and had to design their own meal plans and prepare their own food. Throughout the three days there were a lot of burnt sausages, two-minute noodles and rice bubbles.


Students participated in three main activities, including two surf lessons, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. We also walked around Broulee Island and had some time for recreational activities at the beach.


The two classes were fantastic, giving every activity a go and showing a mature approach to the camp. Throughout the three days, we saw many students grow in resilience and develop their sense of responsibility for themselves and their belongings, a huge learning experience for some.


A big thank you to Miss Ashlee Turner and Mr. Dave Boyle who made the camp run so smoothly and provided some light entertainment for the students with their attempts at surfing!


Ms Greaney

JPC Hosts Hypnotist Gerard V

On Wednesday afternoon JPC’s Senior Exercise Science, Psychology, Sociology & Religion classes were lucky enough to have famous Kiwi Hypnotist; Gerard V ( come and perform.

In their respective classes, the students have all been looking at how the brain works and the impacts in relation to their relevant subjects. Gerard V was engaging and had the volunteers completing a number of humourous actions, from pretending to be household appliances like toasters and blenders, to singing nursery rhymes in styles like opera and heavy metal. Beyond the entertainment, Gerard was able to give students some valuable insights into how hypnotism works, what is happening in the brain and what it can be used for in relation to sports, therapy and general wellbeing.


All involved were thoroughly amused and have taken some valuable lessons from this experience. It was also a great experience for a number of Gungahlin College students who were invited to join the show.


Students sleeping on command

Students hanging onto helium balloons and trying not to be lifted off their chairs


3 of our Aboriginal students went to the University of Canberra for the year 7/8 Australian Indigenous mentoring experience (AIME) day with Mr Petit and had a great day.


Sports News


The Value of Hard Work

Congratulations to Tilly Bean, in Year 8, who features in a Her Canberra article this week, regarding the Canberra Capitals “Rising Capitals”. Tilly was selected for the Under 16s National Team and the Pacific School Games. Playing basketball has taught her resilience and the value of hard work.

Tilly is also a member of the Talent Passion Project here at JPC, a unique program which identifies and supports young aspiring athletes. In the article, Tilly speaks of her determination and the challenges of an aspiring professional sportswoman.


Read the article here

'Arts Up Front'


Media at JPC

It has been a huge term for Media studies. Our first Year 9 & 10 cohort have been working hard building new creative and technological skills to produce some fabulous and often hilarious products! They have been developing their knowledge and understanding of the main codes in Media: camera, acting, mise-en-scene (composition), lighting, acting and sound. Below are some of the wonderful pieces they’ve produced:

Paloma Alves (Y10) - Lighting Experiments: Slashed Lighting, Backlighting, Spotlighting

Sarah Grieb (Y10) – ‘Amber’ Horror Radio Play - Link here


The majority of the sound effects used in the audio story were created with household objects. To create the sounds of the planchette moving around and being dropped onto the Ouija board, a wooden coaster and a bracelet were moved across a wooden table at various speeds. To create the water sound effects when the spirit mentions drawing, a plastic cup was filled with water, which was dripped into a sink

Short Film - Emily Burgess-Orton, Emily Cullinan, Lee Feliciano, Amber Telford (Y10) - Link here

Top: Absurdum Vitae – Shade Williams (Y12), A Turn of Events – Madison Searle (Y12),

White Noise – Thomas Mugridge (Y12)
Middle: 12 Years – Celeste Gibbs (Y12), Detective Collins – Luca Papa (Y12), (un)conscious – Phoebe Nguyen (Y11)
Bottom: 2 Be Continued – Laura Cantlie (Y11), Accidental Hero – Jasmine Chong (Y11),

Decay Day – Fletcher Bean (Y11)

Mrs Charlotte O’Shea
Media Teacher

The Mother Teresa Talent Show!

On Thursday the 8th of November J.P.C II held the Mother Teresa talent show and it was amazing! So many talented students performed, 26 students to be exact. Throughout the show we saw many different acts including, singers, dancers, acrobats and even a DJ! It was a very fun evening, and everyone loved it. We are so lucky, to have seen so much amazing talent.  
The tech crew also participated in the event mapping, plotting, mixing and working on some crazy lights, without them we would not have been able to do this. We would like to thank the Mother Teresa staff; Craig Hart, Kari Turnbull, Angie Connelly, Susan Curbishley, and the amazing Mother Teresa students who performed. We would also like to thank our amazing production crew which consisted of: Nicholas Dale (Sound), Tom Mugridge (Stage Manager), Emily Watt (Assistant Stage Manager and Creative Director), Jordan Skerrit (Lights), Cullen Savle (Lights) for helping with the tech and backstage side of the performances. Also a big congratulations to Ivy Keeting and Shelby Ruthenberg for performing during the interval.

Cullen Savle and Jordan Skerritt

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday the 7th of November the Senior and Junior Vocal Group went over to Holy Spirit Primary School to perform alongside their choir at their Remembrance Day assembly. We had a lot of fun singing Lest we Forget and Flanders Fields, it was a very peaceful and respectful assembly. Thank you to Mrs.Walsh and Miss Taylor for allowing us to collaborate on this very special event.


Bella Brusensky Webb and Mackenzie Lane

Year 7 Immunisation - Round 2


The ACT Health Immunisation team will be returning to JPC next Friday, 16 November, for the second round of Yr 7 immunisations for this year.


In this round, the students will be receiving the dTpa (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) vaccine and the HPC (human papillomavirus) vaccine. Please ensure your child has had a good breakfast and drinks plenty of water throughout the day.


For more information on the free high school immunisation program, head to

Students Not Returning to JPC for 2019

If you know your child/children are not returning to JPC in 2019 and you have not notified the college office, please send us an email as soon as possible.

(Year 10 & 12 Students do not need to email)


Email -


Thank you


The Spirit Junior Youth Group, for young people at school in years 5-6 meet at Holy Spirit Parish, Amaroo on weeks 1,3,5,7 and 9 of the school term at 5pm. This group is a way for young people to come together and learn a bit more about their faith. Contact or 0403425239 for more information.

The Spirit Youth Group, for young people at school in years 7-12 meet after the 5:30pm Mass at Holy Spirit Parish, Amaroo on weeks 1,3,5,7 and 9 of the school term. This group is a way for high school students to come together learn about the Church and continue to deepen their faith. Contact or 0403425239

Young Adults Mass and Gathering: Are you 18-35+ years old and is interested in growing your faith and forming friendships with other like-minded people? If the answer was yes, then contact Theivani and Frances on ! Our Mass and Gathering is every six weeks!

1021 Gungahlin Drive Nicholls ACT  |  Ph: (02) 6163 4800
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