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TRG's 10th Annual Leadership Conference!

This year TRG will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary!! The theme for this year's annual conference will be, T(our)G. Our goal is to encourage our awesome students to place their future and the future of TRG into their hands. The conference will take place June 26-28th. Students will take part in the following workshops:

  • The "Who Am I" Workshop
  • The Power of Belief: Your Vision Is the Beginning of Everything Great
  • Interpersonal Relationships: Thriving in this thing called "Life"
  • 😢😑😳😖😤: Understanding and Identifying Depression and Suicide
  • Plus more!

Students will use tools from each workshop to develop a forecast of their personal goals as well as what they hope the next ten years of TRG will bring!  The conference will also culminate in a closing ceremony facilitated by TRG Alumni to keep in line with the spirit of T(our)G!  Want to know more about TRG's history and our ten-year journey? Click here. 

Meet our 2016 Volunteers!

TRG has some of the best volunteers, and this year is no exception! Here's a snapshot of who's on our awesome team this year (pictured left to right):

  • Christi Ketchum:  Owner/Founder - Our Rightful Place, LLC and Regional Coordinator - California Youth Connection
  • Lakenya McClough:  Founder - HealthTalk 360
  • Erin Thuston:  Research Program Specialist - California Department of Social Services
  • Tiffany Williams:  CEO/Creative Director - Twice Media Productions, LLC

Christi (2013), Tiffany (2013), and Erin (2015), are returning volunteers and Lakenya will be joining us for the first time. We're looking forward to creating memories!

TRG's First Women's Retreat

"If we're going to see real development in this world, then our best investment is women." - Desmond Tutu

This year, we will be hosting our first Women's Retreat. Our young alumni ladies will have an opportunity to reflect, dream, and create blueprints for their future.  By providing a space of their own to step away from the day to day, we hope our young ladies and volunteers will enjoy an evening of growth and sisterhood.

Alumni Business Plan Competition - Update

Zophila Sikhonde won our Alumni Business Plan Competition in 2015 and is well on his way to achieving his dreams of owning his own hair salon! TRG paid for his first semester of hairdressing school and provided a transportation stipend to get him to and from class. Zophila will be giving back to his community by providing free haircuts at this year's Goodwill Games.  Go Zophila!