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Ask the Experts: Landscape Architects Answer Your Top 5 FAQs

After more than three decades in business, we’ve helped guide hundreds of clients through the process of planning and designing their outdoor spaces.  While each project is unique, there are certainly some common questions that arise throughout the process.  Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

1.  Can we be green without going into the red?

“The answer to this question is always YES – there are many sustainable design choices that cost the same as (or sometimes even less than) a traditional solution.  The key to making smart, sustainable planning and design choices is early collaboration among the project team.  Some examples of cost-effective sustainable solutions include low impact stormwater management practices, using native and locally-sourced plants, and incorporating grading solutions that are respectful of the site’s original topography.  Seeing the project holistically helps the project team develop solutions that function both economically and sustainably.”

- Peter Dufrene, Project Director

2.  Being on budget is great, but what about the long-term maintenance costs?

“The mantra Think Globally, Design Locally is appropriate here.  We draw our design inspiration from around the world, but when it comes to specifying plant and products, we look close to home.  Even the best equipment will need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced in the future.  Engaging with local manufacturers helps decrease that future cost.  Additionally, strategies like plant zoning – grouping plants that have similar water needs together – can also help decrease the project’s overall water needs and help extend the life of the project.”

- Chris Lalich, Director of Project Operations


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Trees Take Center Stage at Cimarron Creek

Located along FM 1488 in Montgomery County, Cimarron Creek is a 117-acre community that is poised to capitalize on the impressive growth taking place near The Woodlands, Texas.  The community will include 310 homes on the site of two old homesteads, and will feature mature trees, an open meadow, designated wetlands, and a natural creek.

Developer and homebuilder KB Home is committed to preserving as much of the existing vegetation as possible - clearing only areas that were designated for roadways, lots, and storm water detention. RVi worked with KB Home and the tree transplant experts at Environmental Design Inc. to relocate three 50-60 year old live oaks on the site. These three iconic trees now act as a focal point in their new home at the central node of the development. KB Home has also dedicated a portion of the site for a tree farm to be used by Trees for Houston.  You can watch a video of the tree relocation here.

“We are proud of the work that is being done to preserve and restore the trees and other natural land features on site at Cimarron Creek.  This is our largest community focusing on preservation and restoration in the Houston area, and we believe the upfront effort will be well worth it for future residents to enjoy living in this beautiful natural setting,” said Mary Julia, Land Development Manager for KB Home.

A ¼ mile entry boulevard will serve as a wooded gateway, providing residents a scenic sense of arrival on their way home.  Cimarron Creek will also feature a recreation center with a pool, playground, and picnic pavilion that caters to all ages and acts as a gathering space for individual, family, and community events. A trail system will link residents to the recreation center and to a large open lawn designed for unstructured entertainment.

Cimarron Creek is currently under construction and is set to be complete in the summer of 2016.

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Let's Get Acquainted: Meet the Dallas Office

Late last year, RVi acquired NJB, a 45-year old firm with strong Dallas roots.  Since then, we've been busy getting to know our new co-workers and learning about their diverse project experience.

Over the next few months we'll be introducing you in a more formal way, but for now, we thought you might enjoy these fun facts about our Dallas compadres.

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